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Thread: Interview with Lyn Buchanan former US Army CRV

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wansen View Post
    Mitchell clearly says he never saw anything...

    But if there is indeed massive artificially made structures on the dark/far side of the moon, wouldn't Mitchell have seen them?

    Perhaps the structures are located in a relatively remote portion on the dark side and not visible from Apollo 14's orbital flight-path?

    What about the other Apollo missions? Surely if the structures are there, they were spotted by at least one of them?

    Even Buchanan's response can be logically inferred as an affirmative to the question.

    The mysterious moon! So many questions, too few answers!
    It must be realized that the so called "dark side of the moon" is only dark while we on Earth are seeing the reflected sun light during the moon's phases.

    So, it stands to reason that during a New Moon phase when the moon is on the sunny side of Earth, the dark side is actually illuminated by the sun . . . during that time span I'm sure NASA has fabulous images of the side that never faces Earth!

    Makes sense right?

    Ha, But we never get to see them.

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    During a New Moon, therefore, when the hemisphere of the moon which faces us is dark, the entire far side of the Moon is illuminated by the Sun. Ultimately, the far side of the moon is bright for exactly the same length of time as the near side! The lunar farside as seen by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera.

    So the far side of the moon is as bright for the same length of time as the near side but my question is, how long is that?

    Need to google that up.
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    Although both sides of the moon experience two weeks of sunlight followed by two weeks of night, the far side is sometimes erroneously called the "dark side of the Moon," referring to the inability to communicate with terrestrial radios.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wansen View Post
    Very interesting critique Fore.

    Being that this is a relatively new subject for me, I'm not qualified to assess Buchanan's abilities but it's fascinating nonetheless.
    Sorry if I came off as too straightforward on the analysis.

    Certain things jump out at you when you've had hands on experience in the subject.

    For example, implementing ciphers make no sense if you consider several facts about how straightforward psychic targeting is carried out.
    Like C3Gamma means absolutely nothing. Both to the CRV team nor their psychic components and extended awareness.

    C3Gamma is what you'd understand as a pointer/cipher. Something that substitutes for something else. A reference.
    By itself it is useless. Sort of like a nick name that has nothing associated with it. It means nothing.

    Unless a particular neurological datapoint inside a person or post-processed (psychic imprinted) information is associated with a piece of data with the term "C3Gamma". It is essentially a term without meaning.


    Now, if you associate a datapoint (C3Gamma) with a kinetic weapon on some sub in the Navy. That can be meaningful as a CRV/RV target.
    It all depends on whether the CRV team can query the cipher and have it associated with targeting data.
    For example, "a location" that someone knows what C3Gamma refers to or what it represents.
    And additional properties (lines of association) like what it is, what it does, where it is, who knows of it, where are the XXXX devices located.

    As you probably are reading this, you can figure out what you are actually doing is querying remote sources of information (usually human) to transform a nick name into actual targeting descriptions or vectors that isolate the identity of a target.

    From there you spread out accessing human beings thoughts and knowledge base on what C3Gamma represents.
    That is where CRV (probably in a different implementation than this guy describes) would jot down what they gather about human nodes with disparate piece of data. So it is basically espionage without a physical presence.

    Except your either observing the external world if you know where you are looking; or your are remotely running queries against the person with targeting information. Either in their organic memories or their post-processed psychic imprints of those organic memories. (less noticeable to your average individual)

    From querying each node, and it's post-processed (psychic data). You can figure out how big is the kinetic missile, what properties it has (tons, color, shape, volume, details like speed or deployment issues), or any number of things. Anything the target knows, the CRV'er should assimilate and absorb as their own knowledge.

    Putting all the pieces together they should eventually know as much as the (human) nodes combined.


    Of course the ET explain pretty plainly in lessons that to circumvent this vulnerability, the average project has multiple individuals who are compartmentalized and each team knows the same project by different names and different details and teams are often not allowed to associate with one another for reasons beyond their understanding. (protocol)

    So a group of 6 teams may know the same project under various names that do not coincide with one another. Usually the ET explain the human protocols are made so that they do not need to become aware of that fact. In fact, the lessons the ET give you about how to understand this is that cover stories are given to compartments so that they do not really fully know what they are supposedly working on.

    Lines of association and psychic targeting techniques break between teams because there should not be (in the explanations given by the ET on common knowledge) any Rosetta stone in common between the project teams. What one team calls "Eagle Break" the next team calls "Figure Pusher". Even if they are in the same room on different sides. They don't know (according to the ET examples) what the project is called and the names are throw away terms.

    And that is only on white world secrecy.


    When they explain black world secrecy and unknown projects the designs of the projects are inhumane.

    People are scanned psychically on a regular basis and precognitive assessed on a repeated basis (never known when they are being scanned)*(only aware that they are being monitored at all times). They don't even think freely within themselves and are described as living under extreme ongoing tension.

    People who are at risk of defecting even if not in present time are passed on to a different (human) team by the ET's and they are "discharged" (dead, or "re-purposed"). They have no right to live or decide anything important about where they do the next job. The main strategy is to recycle individuals until they burn out. They explained that vast majority end up as corpses one way or another. The ones who live are never going to see common society due to risks of leaking information.

    The ET's said the ones who are extremely "lucky" (handful) and are favorably treated have the option of being implanted with invasive false memories and starting a new life as a disinformation agent. They explained that is considered something like an honorable discharge that very (VERY) few obtain from pretty evil ET project managers.


    The unknown projects (unknown to the ET but assumed to exist) are completely invisible and are largely unknown in details. They are human led and they are impossible to find by psychic means. Several of the ET's mentioned over the years that human installations (as a standard) use light security measure like generating noise on a non-physical level to disrupt parts of the psychic targeting methods.

    Others supposedly use a disruptive phenomena (that I think) is electrical or physical in nature to isolate facilities from psychic intrusion. And some heads of state in the white world have wearable devices (never seen it) that looks like a short pen which generates scattering noise. They also mentioned the intelligence agencies also supposedly use electrical (physical) phenomena to broadcast noise surrounding facilities to disrupt certain ranges of phenomena (less sophisticated). (different from targeting disruption) I found out this was actually true in several documentaries about how NSA and CIA buildings have countermeasure for electronic spying.


    Anyway, if you can imagine, the ciphers by themselves mean nothing. So if the man implied they use ciphers, then there is logically a third party or "a system" in place to connect the cipher with the target.

    It doesn't automatically work by itself.

    What is the third party? Who knows. If they are getting 70% hit ratios in a group, then they either have a third party who is talented and is projecting the data into them so they can jot it down. Either that or the USA must have something that is capable of targeting a large scope of people and running queries to see what comes up.

    Honestly, do not know what the missing element might be. But from the way he describes his activity, either he is lying (understandable) or he doesn't know what feeds him the information. The setup doesn't make sense without the missing component.


    He seems to have performed RV as he describes it, but notices that "CRV" is less detectable.

    So it implies there is a different implementation at work when they are doing CRV. Nothing he shared seems to imply he knows what exactly the missing element might be.
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    As a footnote,
    Also wanted to mention a curiosity towards the end of his interview.
    He mentioned ET's having a limited range and technically I could see that being the case if you analyzed certain moments in an abduction and noticed the reduced capacity of an ET performing a certain job at greater and greater physical distances.

    But I also noticed he made it sound like human being could project any distance as if there weren't any natural barrier or issues in doing so.

    One of the issues I have noticed is that above a certain distance from the surface of the ground you can pick up the intense interference generated near the upper atmosphere. Above a certain distance all you can sense is the intense electrical activity and it makes targeting really difficult. So I am pretty sure that in space the limitation would be the intense radiation and electrical activity occurring at any given portion of the sky.

    Processing anything coherently during that kind of intense activity seems kinda difficult. And so I am always confused by how CRV or RV'er who say they can project themselves to distant worlds can actually achieve that. (maybe there is a trick to it?<Shrug>)

    Which once again raises my suspicion that there is possibly some kind of missing element they have access to.

    Is it Perhaps some kind of artificial psychic platform developed in secret that can handle such rapid fluctuations and filter them out?
    I dunno, but I notice they never seem to describe the real life challenges of projecting into a noisy environment that is unlike the surface of the earth.
    Even the area around Jupiters moons has an intense ionic rings that would be like remote viewing into the center of a nuclear reactor.
    Heck I used to notice the solar flares affecting the noise of the environment in the higher/lower layers of our atmosphere.

    Yet strangely, I don't hear these guys talking about challenges of a noisy environment or uncomfortable environment for the human mind to process as an experience.

    Very strange....
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    So RV stands for remote viewing, but what does the C stand for?
    My inner Mulder wants to believe, but my inner Scully remains skeptical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    So RV stands for remote viewing, but what does the C stand for?
    In the context of Ingo Swann, it stands for Coordinate.
    In the context of Lyn Buchanan, it stands for Controlled.
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    Oh, I didn't know that. Interesting. Seems like it's yet, just another case of someone (or a group, like the military or cia) coming up with their own 'term' for the same term to rebrand the concept and/or process as their own.
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    It grew historically, as the protocols they were using changed over time, and were given different names.
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    - Jef Mallett

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    Then in that case, that word change is justified. Thanks for the info.
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