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Thread: Did Armstrong & Aldrin receive death threats to keep moon secrets?

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    Googled up "moon structures" about an hour ago and then viewed a You Tube vid on that topic that was published this year. In it they show an interview of Warren who had top secret clearance and was a former officer at Bentwaters. He apparently saw some top secret photos from the moon and in the interview, he described one of the structures in those photos. They then drew up an image of it and I have to admit that my hands started shaking a bit when I saw it. Here's a screenshot of an artistic rendering of that "building" he saw in a photo:

    That's exactly the type of buildings I saw in that astral excursion that I had... to what seemed like the moon.... 'they' have transported me to a number of places over the years and they place was one of them.

    Warren said the color of the building matched the color of the moons soil but the ones I saw were black.

    Here's that vid. I've never seen it before and my own trip to the moon occurred back in the mid 90's.

    This is so strange. Wansen asked me yesterday that what if an astronaut were to report that he's seen such buildings as what I described about my experience of seeing them.
    I answered that a verification like that would "make my day". Anyway, it's a personal thing and even though I could spend hours searching for my post on that in the OMF archive files I downloaded and saved to 'prove' that my telling of that experience goes back into the last decade... am not going to bother doing that because don't care if I'm believed or not. This is my own truth and no one can take that away from me. That's all that matters.
    That was quite good, thank you for the link.

    Quite interesting that Larry Warren would turn up in that video. I had forgotten that he claimed to have been shown the USAF's UFO footage.

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    Oh was it footage? I was so flustered by those artistic renderings of that building when watching that vid, when I came here and wrote about it, I said he viewed photo's instead. Thanks for correcting me on that. Also couldn't recall his first name either. lol
    I was only focusing on that drawing and when he was describing what he saw... Didn't bother to go back to review that part again before coming here and writing about it.
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    More then likely you have been to the site below, but if not, you might spend some time there . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by epo333 View Post

    More then likely you have been to the site below, but if not, you might spend some time there . . .
    Actually it's been ages since I've visited that site. It's definitely time to review it again. My thanks epo!

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