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Thread: Nazca Tomb - Mummified ETs or Live ETs

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    Nazca Tomb - Mummified ETs or Live ETs

    Surely if this is true we could hope for some actual footage of them?

    ‘Aliens’ found living where ‘mummified ETs discovered’ in Nazca tomb, Peru
    LIVING alien beings were seen inside a tomb where more than 20 alleged mummified extraterrestrial bodies were found, it has extraordinarily been claimed...

    ...There was even claims of discoverers seeing live entities fleeing down tunnels on arrival.”

    A larger three-fingered creature and a child were said to be found buried nearby.

    The new video, released on YouTube in the UAMN TV channel, shows an interview between Mr Mera and people from the institute, including president Thierry Jamin.

    Flor Amanowicz, of alternative news source Nexus Magazine, translated for Mr Jamin.

    She said: “And they also saw live biological beings… entities two metres in size, but they escaped.”...

    Full Article here

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    I know this has been written off largely because Jamie Massau is involved but more stuff seems to be coming out ...
    there are now claims metal like that found at Roswell

    Nazca Tomb: Shock 'Roswell link' made in '20 alien bodies found in tomb' probe
    INVESTIGATORS looking at claims live and mummified aliens have been found in a tomb in a remote part of Peru say a link to the Roswell UFO case has now been unearthed...

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    Perhaps this all fits in with the Nazca Lines, the were only ever visible from the skies, maybe these people built them so they could be picked up.

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    For anyone interested in Steve Mara and Barry Fitzgerald s investigation of it very decent write up here

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