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Thread: Buying a brand new car

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    Nibs - "Also love your avatar- Pretty "deep"! Likely one of the best pics ever taken! For sure!"
    .................................................. ..................
    nibs, that is the first comment I have received on my avatar. Probably not everyone recognizes, as you did, that it is a screenshot from the Hubble Ultra Deep Field. Both of the Deep Fields just blow me away. There is just no way for us to actually comprehend the "immensity of infinity", as it is displayed in the Universe "spacial speck" of the Hubble Deep Fields - seeing out to a "radius distance" of about 13 billion light years, so far. I just say WOW!!

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    In my opinion....
    The 'Camry Hybrid' is the best for your dollar.
    (High 30mpg and you can get it into the 40's if you drive it correctly...Like using the 'B Gear', etc)

    The Prius has better MPG but, the Camry is a LOT more comfortable and is pretty darn quick off the line.
    One thing about a Hybrid like a Camry is the Electric Engine has zero lag with it comes to torque.
    It will GO!

    You do lose some trunk space.
    That is a given but, it is roomy (Interior) and a LOT more comfortable then the Prius.
    Not to mention it is a LOT faster when needed.
    The interior of the Camry is the very similar space as my Buick Park Avenue.
    When I tell people that they do not believe me but it is true.
    My 07 XLE Camry is actually a tad bigger on the inside then the Park Ave due to it's Rear Reclining Seats.

    I purchased GM for 35+ years. They finally ticked me off enough to look elsewhere with their shoddy Fit & Finish and silly dumb repairs that never should have happened.
    (Like the Pass-Through Key System' they use to have. I ended up having to replace the whole darn thing for $900.00 just to START my car up again.
    And to top it off it was never a viable Security Device to begin with)
    That was just ONE dumb ridiculous repair out of MANY.
    I am not talking about Brakes, Oil Changes, Struts, etc...That goes with any vehicle.

    When I was shopping I wanted another Buick. A LeSabre Limited again. With the 3.8L engine.
    To me that is the best 'overall engine' GM ever built.
    And they KILLED that even....
    They killed the LeSabre along with the Century and the Park Ave.
    So I looked at the Camry which to me is the Buick Century that should of been.
    (The Avalon is more like the LeSabre and the Park Ave)

    I have had no real complaints with the Camry. The Service Department where I take my car has been outstanding.
    I know this depends on where you live but for me I have been very fortunate.
    I even take the two Buick's I own there now too.
    GM shot themselves in the foot being on a SUV/Truck Drunk for too many years and forgot how to build a decent CAR.
    They have gotten better in the last few years but, with me they lost my business...

    EDIT TWO: My advice to anyone buy any vehicle is to check up on the 'Back of the House'.
    A lot of people do not think of this when purchasing their vehicle.
    They are too concerned with the 'deal' in the 'Front of the House'.
    (You will only work with the sales staff for a short amount of your life )

    The Service Department of whatever dealership you are thinking about purchasing from.
    That is where you will be after you purchase your vehicle.
    If not for warranty fixes and TSA's or even oil changes.
    To me a 'Good Dealer' is one that has a reputable Service Department.
    No matter what 'deal' you get on a vehicle.
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