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Thread: Redefining Reality

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    I think the best frame work for thinking is our own material layer. We know that there are layers to what we call natural reality. Below the physical world is a world of fields and forces that provide the foundation for all material in the world, and above the physical world is a world of consciousness that gives volition to the material world. These three layers make up what we call natural reality.

    Just as we can use the material world to discover and describe the upper and lower layers of what we call natural reality, we can also use those layers to discover and describe supernatural reality.

    Aside from metaphysical naturalism, scientific pursuit has revealed a world with teleology in every inch.
    • The fundamental constants and forces of the universe fall into a very narrow range of fundamental values that make life possible. For example. If one of those constants was altered even a bit, matter would cease to exist.
    • Earth is in positioned at or near the center of the mass in the universe
    • The Earths plane of the ecliptic (the tilt that forms the zodiac) is in alignment with the early rapid expansion of the big bang.
    • As children we grow up with an innate belief in teleology for the natural world.
    • Even the nature of life is complex, robust, and enriched with creative touches - laughter, music, art, fiction, philosophy.

    Just as the layer of fields and forces below the material world under-girds the material world these layers outside of natural reality must serve a teleological role that explains the teleology of natural reality. All these layers are interconnected, each one supporting, serving, under-girding and together forming an ultimate reality. It is only in these interconnections that I think we can begin to see the true shape and purpose of the ultimate reality.

    I think confusion begins when we start looking at these layers as incidental, rather than parts of a whole system.
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    Your post reminds me of what Jim Marrs once explained.

    He said let's look at an atom with an electron orbiting around the nucleus... that other than that, an atom is 98% empty space. So, for example, you can look at a table and even though it's solid, it's nothing more than atoms crammed together yet it's mostly empty space. But if we could get our frequencies in alignment with the frequencies of the atoms of the table, theoretically, you could put your hand right through the table. And maybe this explains why ET's walk through walls. (which I have seen, btw)

    So here you see all three layers of natural reality in synch with each other resulting in the para-physical effect of putting ones hand through a table or walking through walls.
    For humanity to be able to do anything like that, there would have to be a shift in our consciousness that accepts that such things are possible. That would be the first step.
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