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Thread: USS Nimitz - Tic tac UFO

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    Highlights from the Nimitz panel at Megacon great writeup by UFO Joe
    Now it seems there was sonar...

    Full article

    ...Dave Beaty spoke about the submarine, USS Louisville, involved in the exercise and that in the official reports, the Captain said there was no sonar contact. Beaty recounted that one time, he was asking Gary Voorhis about this and Voorhis said that he was told there was sonar connect but that it was from, “the other sub?” Wait, what? The other sub? As Beaty noted, there is no record of another sub.

    In these previous conversations with Beaty, Voorhis explained that he could go into CIC since he was a technician but he really didn’t have a need to be in the sonar room unless something was broken. But since some of that equipment needed maintenance at various times, he would find a way to place himself in there so he could hear stuff going on. And that’s how he heard one of the sonar guys mention the contact they had picked up.

    Day joked that Voorhis was hiding behind his console. Voorhis jokingly confessed that sometimes, he was. He explained that the area where the sonar guys sit is a perfect spot in CIC where you can hear everything and nobody can see you. He’s good friends with the all the sonar guys so he used to sit there, wait and just listen. And then one night, they started talking and saying that they had contact. They had an actual contact through those waters.

    Beaty asked him if it was his understanding that one of these objects went from 28,000 feet, down to the sea and just kept going?

    Gary Voorhis: Yeah. It didn’t stop. Now, I will say that is secondhand information given to me directly to me by the sonar technicians. You know, they were like, ‘No, it didn’t stop. They’ve got contacts under water, too.’ And I just..I thought that was absolutely amazing. And then when these guys (Turner, Hughes and Day) are saying, ‘We didn’t know that.’ And I thought that everybody did. Everybody I knew.”...

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    Dave Beatty has updated his Nimitz Encounters film

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    Also today the SCU have published thier 270pg report on the USS Nimitz Incident

    There’s a link to it on this page

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    Dave Beatty’s revamped Nimitz Encounters
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    From Huffington Post
    Navy Confirms: Those UFO Videos Are Real And Never Should have Been Released
    The part about about the videos "Should Never have Been Released" stands out.
    My inner Mulder wants to believe, but my inner Scully remains skeptical.

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