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Thread: USS Nimitz - Tic tac UFO

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    Amazing thing Kevin is doing is talking about the after effects of contact with these UAPs. Premonitions, enhanced empathy, healing powers...
    1hr 20mins in Kevin says the similiar stuff in his book actually happened 'The See'r', two spooks trek to meet him, he had the ability determine reality some kind of quantum entanglement.
    In story spooks told him 'You invoked a different reality' Stuff has paralleled the story since the event. Doesn't believe it himself.

    1hr 31' 00" Kevin is going to be on stage in April next year at Mega UFO Con, Lauglin with witnesses for Nimitz Tic Tac UFO and Gimbal maybe as many 6-8 interivewees
    1 hr 36' 00" Some big is happening in "Last week in March, i believe a bunch of stuff is about to come out'

    This is a pretty big hint something pretty massive is planned for end of next March.
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    Kevin Day recently posted a photo to TDL, Luis Elizondo an interviewee and film crew and apparently
    According to Kevin Day, we might find out what they are up to on Nov 14th the anniversary of the TIC TAC encounter?

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    Remember remember the 14th November!

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