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Thread: USS Nimitz - Tic tac UFO

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    Jeremy Corbell's witness Kevin radar operator on the Nimitz

    He saw guncamera footage of a disc shaped craft, he saw it dip in and out of the water and when they slowed footage of it accelerating, the AAV skipped frames

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    Everyone should listen to this.
    Mp3 of the KGRA show now uploaded from last night -John Burroughs did a really good interview with him.

    It was just WOW! Amazing revelations I won't give anything away yet

    2nd Radar operator in two days!
    Chief Petty Officer Kevin Day was in charge of the SPY1 radar on the Princeton probably the most advanced radar on the planet at the time.
    He could track it no problem everyone else it wasn't so easy...

    He's being interviewed by George Knapp on Sunday

    Kevin Day is a retired United States Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer, a former Operations Specialist and TOPGUN Air Intercept Controller with more than 20 years’ experience in Strike Group air defense including war-time operations.
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    Apologies Trevor was Jeremy's witness.

    Here are some of Kevin Day's Revelations for the KGRA show

    Over the 6 days there were approximately 100 of these objects, they would vector in to same area at 24,000 ft then drift south at 100mph.

    All the radar stations and the whole Cruiser Battle Group knew about them.

    They came in fleets moving in in formation like snow on the radar screen moving south

    Kevin Day discussed it with the Capt of Princeton and it was on a big displays on Princeton 'even people surface-side were seeing these things'

    After Fravor shouted 'We are engaged' loads of planes went to check out these things @ one pt 8 air crews were trying to engage with them (ie 16 planes.)

    Showed no intention of engaging just avoided the F-18s the carried on whatever they were doing. They were benign. Doesn't think they are ETs more like drones.

    He mentioned missing time but wouldn't talk about it. The 8 layers of an optical disc recorder had time markers on but no audio of the event? Weird could have been swapped out?

    Recommended reading part of his book - the short story called The See'r
    "it kinda encapsulates what happened there although it’s fictional everything that happened in the combat information center is accurate, inside my short story."
    Free to read here:

    About someone, a See'r who can change and overwrite reality, because they are a perfect observer. A Gray calls him 'God.'
    Just like I keep banging on about, we are all potentially able to affect reality on that level, as we co-created it. That's perhaps why they are here? Did we create them of did they create us?

    Well worth listening to Peter Levanda on KGRA as well
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    Kevin Day was on C2C last night

    Didn't reveal much more , except they always came in fleets of 8-10, there were a lot more than a hundred over the 6 days.

    He trying to pull together more witnesses and a couple have agreed to talk...

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    Many thanks Longeyes. Quality information this.

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    Jeremy Corbell interview with Dave Fravor

    JC seems to gave used sound clips from tapes with original sound from the event.
    No idea were he got that from?
    Might be mistaken but the FLIR looks different too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    Jeremy Corbell interview with Dave Fravor

    JC seems to gave used sound clips from tapes with original sound from the event.
    No idea were he got that from?
    Might be mistaken but the FLIR looks different too

    Hi Longeyes. Thanks for great coverage of links in this thread.
    Just a small correction. Those are not sound clips from the tapes. It is just Jeremy's creative touch that he made for dramatization purpose. I checked with Jeremy directly. Hope that helps. Best wishes Longeyes and keep up the great work.

    Btw, Jeremy just released part 2 of his important interview with Fravor.

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    Thanks Ufo radio

    Seems crew members may have been sent letters asking to appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee to testify about the Nimitz incident. Two members of the battle group have discussed in Keith Baterfield's blog

    "CybereyeAugust 16, 2018 at 5:09 AM
    I have the email from Kirk McConnell confirming the Senate Armed Services Committee is interviewing all known to be involved with the Nimitz incident."

    Kevin Day's email from McConnell posted here...
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    Kevin Day iv basically reveals the he has increased ' abilities' after the Tic Tac incident just like Tom Delonge mentions in the last Sekret Machines book.
    Day reports premonitions , wishing what he wants comes true, healing his dog.

    He thinks it might be quantum consciousness the ETs effecting micro tubules in the brain at the base frequency of our minds. Somehow changing us.

    He heard about microtuble from listening to Peter Levanda on KGRA Phenomenon Radio

    John Burroughs mentions in the show that Kit Green and Hal told him 1THz radiation had caused his wired heart condition. Garry Nolan also helped.
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