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Thread: Pentagon UFO Study - Archiving media wave

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    Pentagon UFO Study - Archiving media wave

    Dear colleagues.

    Sorry that I couldn't chime in earlier but last 5 days were extremely busy and you can now see the results.

    Audio/Video media wave is archived here:

    ...and you can follow daily updates there. I'll also post here new updates as they come after this post.

    Best wishes.


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    And here are the latest pieces:

    2017-12-19 - I-Team Exclusive: Interview with Senator Harry Reid by George Knapp (video embedded on the link)

    2017-12-19 - CNN Erin Burnett OutFront: New Interview with Navy Pilot David Fravor (USS Nimitz UFO Incident)
    (My edit and upload)

    2017-12-19 - CNN Anderson Cooper: News Comment on Pentagon UFO study and shorter interview with navy pilot David Fravor
    (My capture, edit and upload)

    2017-12-20 - CNN Don Lemon - Interview with Leslie Kean
    (My capture, edit and upload)

    Video/Audio index page is also updated:

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    New video uploaded this moment.
    New interview with eloquent Luis Elizondo.
    Subjects discussed: (CE2K cases / SETI approach / Data vs Neil Tyson’s pre-recorded views)

    2017-12-20 - MLN: S.E. Cupp Unfiltered: Interview with Luis Elizondo
    My capture and edit.

    Index Page updated

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    New piece. My capture and edit:

    2017-12-20 - CNN Erin Burnett OutFront: Interview with Chris Mellon on USS Nimitz UFO Incident
    Big thanks to Robert Hastings for the lead!

    Video/Audio index page is also updated:

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    Here is the largest batch so far. I have also included all of your links too.
    Audio/Video Media index page updated:

    2017-12-21 - AM View From The Hill: Interview with Jordan Fabian - White House Reporter who asked a question about Pentagon UFO Study
    Thanks to Grant Cameron and Dave Haith for the lead!
    Clipped Audio:
    Source Uncut Audio:
    White house journalist Justin Fabian talks about latest Press Conference where he asked UFO question.
    Justin: “I had a private conversation with Sarah after the briefing in which I just basically said: ‘Well, you know, sorry to catch you off the guard. Wont be asked about UFOs again.’ And she said that actually had come up at their pre-briefing where you know the staff talks about the stories of the day that may came up on camera and they discussed this NY Times story and they decided: ‘Well I don’t think anyone will ask about that one.’ They were wrong.”
    Companion Video:

    2017-12-20 - I-Team: UFO Study Focused on U.S. Military Encounters by George Knapp (video embedded on the link)

    2017-12-20 - The Glenn Beck Program: Interview with Luis Elizondo - Audio embedded on the link
    Thanks to Leslie Kean for the lead!

    2017-12-20 - FOX News - Tucker Carlson Tonight: Interview with pilot David Fravor on USS Nimitz UFO Incident

    2017-12-18 - FOX News - Tucker Carlson Tonight: Brett Larson Comments Pentagon UFO Study

    2017-12-19 - "On Team" for NPR: A Secret Pentagon UFO Program Searches for the Unexplained: Interviews with Leslie Kean, Luis Elizondo, Susan Lepselter & Cheryl Costa (Audio embedded on the link):
    Thanks to Leslie Kean for the lead!

    2017-12-19 - Florida Live: Interview with Ralph Blumenthal - Audio embedded on the link
    Thanks to Leslie Kean for the lead!

    2017-12-17 - Channel 4 News: Interview with Nick Pope about Pentagon UFO Study

    2017-12-20 - CBC Radio: Interviews with Nick Pope, Seth Shostak and Mark Fenster about Pentagon UFO Study
    Thanks to Nick Pope for the lead!
    Source Audio and Transcript:
    The Current did request an interview with Canada's Department of National Defence, but it declined. However, a spokesperson from the department did sent them this statement, superimposed on an image: "While we understand your interest in the subject of UFO shows, we are not able to provide an interview as you request is outside the scope of our operations. The Canadian Armed Forces focuses on credible threats. We do not comment or facilitate interviews on speculative matters such as this."
    This is the image sent by Canada’s Department of National Defence which shows their sense of humor:

    2017-12-20 - CNN: Neil Tyson comments Pentagon UFO Study
    Companion piece (Newsweek reached to White House for comment but no reply yet):

    2017-12-18 - RT: Watching the Hawks: Former NASA astronaut and ISS commander Leroy Chiao discusses the Pentagon UFO Study

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    2 new videos added – these are from few days ago but detected right now:

    2017-12-19 - CNN: Interview with James Fox about Pentagon UFO Study

    2017-12-18 - WGBH News: Adam Reilly was joined by Kelly Beatty, Senior Editor of Sky and Telescope Magazine - Discussion about Pentagon UFO Study

    Audio/Video Media index page updated:

    Best wishes.

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    Thank you for posting this, uforadio. I was wondering how the Symposium did this year.

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