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Thread: Pentagon UFO Study - Archiving media wave

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    Dear colleagues,

    Main Index media page updated:
    Please bear in mind that index is getting huge so it will take some time until web page completely loads in your browser.

    Latest Media Batch:

    2018-05-18 - I-Team Exclusive: Confidential report analyzes Tic Tac UFO incidents –
    by George Knapp (Video embedded on the Original Article)

    2018-05-18 - I-Team Exclusive: Tic Tac UFO Executive Report (PDF)

    2018-04-14 - Trailer for XXIII Brazilian UFO Congress with Luis Elizondo

    And one left-over-audio gem discovered from December 17th, 2017:
    2017-12-17 - WGBG - Boston Public Radio-News Commentary & Open Lines on the Pentagon UFO Study
    In the studio talking about the Pentagon UFO Study: Shannon O'Brien, former state treasurer and Democratic nominee for governor
    with Joe Malone, former state treasurer commenting
    Audio Clipping:
    Audio Source:


    Companion pieces regarding new I-Team Exclusive on Tic Tac UFO Executive Report from previous media archives:

    2018-01-11-KGRA-Phenomenon-Interview with Eric Davis
    Eric Davis reads part of the Executive Summary document from 24.30 minute

    2018-01-28-Coast to Coast-Pentagon UFO Study-George Knapp interviews Eric W. Davis and Hall Puthoff
    Eric Davis reads part of the Executive Summary document from 21.50 minute (Hour 1)

    Transcription of the partial Executive Summary document based on the Eric Davis’ reading during his media interviews:

    Best wishes.

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    Plus one addendum to the previous batch:
    (Thanks to Stig Agermose for this lead):

    2018-05-16 - The Conway Daily Sun: Maura Sullivan states her case for Congress:
    Democratic candidate Maura Sullivan comments the USS Nimitz UFO Incident

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