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Thread: Pentagon UFO Study - Archiving media wave

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    Thank you for posting this, uforadio. I was wondering how the Symposium did this year.

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    I'm not sure whether this was posted here already: Greenwald sees problems with the AAWSAP / AATIP timeline of events:
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    I admire his thoroughness but not sure there's an inherent problem there. Quite what the exact timelines were will hopefully come out in due course but I don't think it undermines the work Luis Elizondo and TTSA have done. From what I've read AAWSAP was more general and involved looking at the paranormal, like Skin Walker Ranch and AATIP came from it. I did read recently that Senator Reid made up one acronym, not sure that was either AAWSAP or AATIP, might have been another related to the projects.
    Perhaps it just illustrates what a mess these stove pipes are?

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