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Thread: Predictions 2018

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    Predictions 2018

    Predictions 2018

    In the United States:

    Additional covert legislation that protects Corporations from legal actions and intended to strengthen the Corporate Coup that has overtaken the US.

    Net Neutrality will not be saved by Congress, the 60 day time period from when FCC changed the rules will have elapsed. As the midterm election progresses, GOP will brush it off as “internet providers aren’t throttling websites”. Keep in mind that internet providers aren’t stupid and won’t start messing with the internet during an election cycle.

    Legislation for an increase in the federal gasoline tax to cover cost of infrastructure projects, and diesel fuel to be exempt from tax increases. Because of the election cycle it is unclear if legislation will pass.

    Talk of a Federal Sales Taxes, however due to election cycle any suggestion of it will be sort lived.

    Continued “stop gap budgets”, and GOP will blame Democrats for it.

    The Wall between US and Mexico will get a small amount of money, but not nearly what GOP wants.

    GOP will continue attacking Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

    Investigation into Russian collusion and GOP will continue. GOP will increase their pressure to end it.

    “September - October Surprise", that could influence the outcome of Midterm Elections. It is unclear what political party it would favor, and or if any type of pre-election surprise would backfire.

    Israeli and Palestine issues will be used as political pawns in the United States to further divide the country, and attempt pull in voters favoring the GOP to the polls.

    The pre-election surprise could be related to moving US Embassy to Jerusalem, with hope it would accomplish two things: 1) Satisfy far extreme religious base of the GOP. 2) Poking at religious extremists in the Middle East, hoping for an attack that would unite voters behind the GOP.

    Middle East:

    Expect a race between three or four nations as to who will move their Embassy to Jerusalem first. This will spark a short lived conflict that almost pulls Russia and China into it. It’s possible the Dome of the Rock will be destroyed, if not in 2018 in the very near future, and or a discovery the Dome of the Rock wasn’t built on Solomon’s Temple.

    More talk regarding rebuilding Solomon’s Temple.

    Renewed push for ending usage of the US Petro Dollar to set oil prices.

    High probability of renewed and update of treaties between Russia, China and Middle East Nations. This could involve promises of military support.


    More released videos, and more former government officials speaking publically. Expect to hear more of “violation our airspace and national security” as an issue in regards to UFOs.

    Minor censorship on social media regarding what is said… Example, if someone starts claiming that the Muslim Religion is the result of Alien Contamination and Interference they will their account suspended.

    Unclear the escalated Disclosure would be part of October Surprise in US midterm elections. It is a possibility, yet not expected.

    What may be called "A possible broadcast signal" detected from outer space.


    Discovery leads to cancer new trials for cancer treatment.

    US healthcare cost will rise, as will cost for certain prescription drugs.

    Lab-work in outer space will give hope for a couple of diseases.
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    By next year America may be at war with North Korea, If the US strikes first then China may come to Korea's defense and this may lead to world war 3, however if Korea strikes first then the US could 'justify' retaliation.
    More states may legalize marijuana this year, though it will likely still be illegal on a national scale.
    It will be interesting to see what we learn about the exoplanet Kepler-1625b, whether it has a large moon or may even qualify as a double planet. Also possible news of planet 9.
    Within the next few years scientist may detect spectroscopic evidence for life on an exoplanet, but with the James Webb telescope launch delayed until 2019, this may be further down the road.
    My inner Mulder wants to believe, but my inner Scully remains skeptical.

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