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Thread: Pyramid on Mars claimed to be artificial

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    Pyramid on Mars claimed to be artificial

    From C2C January 11th 2018

    Founding investigator of the Mars research group, The Cydonia Institute, George Haas, and geoscientist Bill Saunders talked about their study of a three-sided pyramid on Mars (view related slides). They've concluded that the object shows definite evidence of artificial construction, and published their findings in a science paper (co-written by James Miller and Michael Dale) in a recent issue of the Journal of Space Exploration. The pyramid was initially discovered in a 2001 image from the Mars Global Surveyor, and sits alone in a canyon area, leading Saunders to speculate it may have once been part of an island surrounded by water.
    The three faces of the pyramid are very symmetrical, Haas noted, and later NASA images provided even more clarity of the "exquisite geometry" of the structure which is about 470 ft. high and 950 ft. across. How do you end up with three sides that are the same mathematically in an area that has nothing like that? Saunders pondered. "I don't know how anything like this would form in nature," he added. Slide D, which features an enlargement of the pyramid wall, appears to show a kind of building block material, they pointed out.

    Copy of the paper submitted to the "Journal of Space Exploration"

    Discussion with George Haas and Bill Saunders conducted by George Noory

    Hour 3

    Hour 4

    My comments:

    While I find the paper interesting reading, Haas and Saunders do not include BOTH the stereo MRO images of the pyramidal "Spire" location which, when the two stereo images are forged into a 3D anaglyph as I have done below, in my opinion show clearly an unusual pyramid albeit natural formation. Sorry George, but you should have included both stereo MRO images for such an important discovery and analysis.

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