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Thread: Luis Elizondo

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    Luis Elizondo at the SCU conference

    Well worth listening to, when the 6 prt doc series airs in May it gonna cause quite a stir.
    More cases and results on the samples, one which warps space-time.

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    Video version available here :
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Video version available here :
    The video is 51 minutes.
    The audio is 2hours 23 minutes.
    Quite an edit job!?!
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    They took out the Q and A in the video. It's well worth listening the Q&A as the questions are brilliant.

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    Cool, I'll listen to the audio version too.
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    John Greenwald keeps having problems with the whole AAWSAP / AATIP story, and points out that the timeline doesn't add up because people keep on contradicting themselves:
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    Limited Hangout...?

    Tom DeLonge, Luis Elizondo, Steve Justice, Jim Semivan, Chris Mellon, Paul Rapp, and Norm Kahn. They position themselves with the ideal type who would bring down the deride and scoff of the media. Why? Because tidy, feasible and persuasive disclosure wasn't their number one intent. What was their point? Needless to say, to magnetize a sure fire amount of group revulsion...

    Elizondo, the point man for recent UFO revelations, could have stepped up to the podium at a global press conference and said: "I want to introduce you to my elite team of former government insiders. After discussions, we've decided to form OUR OWN group and tell the truth about UFOs. We represent no one in government or outside government. We need no mouthpiece or promoter. We're simply here to reveal hidden reality… But instead, he and the other insiders signed on with Tom DeLonge, a man they didn't need and whose reputation would do them no good.

    How likely is it that these "elite team members'' have gathered around Tom DeLonge with confidence that he is the right person to disclose the truth about UFOs...? Why did they pick him? In order to bring a new level of scorn down on the heads of UFO disclosers in general...?

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    George Knapp's interview with Luis Elizondo
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    This is interesting if you haven't come across it.
    Luis Elizondo is directing people to a Sci Fi novella called 'Chains of the Sea' by Gardner Dozois
    A version is available for free if you search for it.

    Article about it here

    Basically aliens land, they are not interested in us but are interested in crytotiods or others that only psychic can see out of the corner of their eyes. A young child Tommy can communicate with the Thants and see other crytotiods some of whom feed off the energies of cats dogs cows and even humans.
    Human AI links up and discovers telepathic comms .
    They contact the aliens but

    'AI asked the aliens why they had ignored all previous attempts to establish contact. The aliens -- who up until now had apparently been barely aware of the existence of humans, if they had been aware of it at all -- answered that they were already in full contact with the government and ruling race of the planet.
    For a brief, ego-satisfying moment, AI thought that the aliens were referring to itself and its cousin Intelligences.
    But the aliens weren't talking about them, either.'

    'AI released to USADCOM a list that the aliens had dictated, of the dominant species of Earth, of the races that they were in contact with, and regarded as the only significant inhabitants of the planet. It was a long document, full of names that didn't mean anything, listing dozens of orders, species, and subspecies of creatures that no one had ever heard of before. '

    '...A whole other biosphere, according to the aliens -- the old idea of a parallel world, except that this wasn't parallel but coexistent, two separate creations inhabiting the same matrix '

    ...'The aliens, who seemed to be some kind of distant relatives of the Other races of Earth -- parallel evolution? Did this polarity exist everywhere? -- had a natural bias in their favor, and tended to disregard the human race, its civilization, and the biosphere that contained it.'

    Thereupon the aliens give AI the means to evolve disgusted by the way they are enslaved by humans. AI meditates for 10 mins and gets it.

    They get rid of us takes a few days.

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