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Thread: Skype announces intent to add RECORD CALLS feature

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    Skype announces intent to add RECORD CALLS feature

    It will be nice to host a few video interviews with special guest, and be able to archive and share here at TOP.

    Skype is Finally Making it Easier to Record Video Calls
    by Brad Sams

    Despite the negativity it often receives, Microsoft’s Skype platform is one of the few pieces of software that makes it easy to host video calls from nearly any platform. While FaceTime is popular with iOS users, it’s limited to the Apple ecosystem and Google keeps launching new video apps which can difficult to align all parties with the correct application.

    And yes, apps like Discord and even Slack offer the functionality too but Skype has streamlined the experience over the years to create a product that works, most of the time. And there is good news too as the company is adding more features to the video portion of the service, the ability to record calls.

    Announced late on a Friday, because that’s apparently the best time to announce new features for your communications platform, Skype will soon provide clean feeds of all group-call participants to third-party software that supports NewTek NDI. While that protocol may not sound familiar, apps like Xsplit, Vmix, and Wirecast are named as supporting the feed.

    Microsoft is calling this feature Skype for Content Creators and once I get my hands on the functionality, I’ll be curious to see if it is able to improve our podcasting process... story continues
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    I don't know how many of you have watched PBS Frontline, three part documentary "United States of Secrets," but I highly recommend it. Three hours well spent.

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