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Thread: Roswell Crash Site Open to Public for First Time

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    Roswell Crash Site Open to Public for First Time

    UFO Crash Site Gets Great Turnout.
    By Roswell Daily Record

    An estimated 275 people last week took advantage of a first-time opportunity for UFO Festival-goers, a chance to visit the alleged 1947 UFO crash site on the Bogle Ranch northwest of Roswell.
    While the site has been open in the past to documentary crews and researchers, this marked the first time the family has made it available to festival attendees.
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    prior to roswell there was an incident involving a craft of extraterestrial origin found in the foothills of mt ararat in turkey in late 1930s. the people of that region had known about it for a long time. the craft had been known to have been there for centuries and despite a crash event the craft was in a functional disposition. germans somehow moved into the area and transported the craft through the balkans in great secrecy just as worldwar two broke out. the craft was taken to undisclosed quarters in munich and attempts were made to understand the technology. it is said that there was a seat with no attachments to any part of the craft interior (suspended in air) obviously functioning with some sort of magnetic field. american forces entered munich and took possesion of the craft during the later years ofthe war. ultimately the craft was transported across the atlantic to an undisclosed location in the united states. by the time of the roswell incident the united states was well informed of the technology and the measures to be taken in the event of such an encounter. united states government will need to report on fate and status of the craft in the course of disclosure and related issues.

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