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Thread: TTSA ADAM Project - Physical Evidence

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    TTSA ADAM Project - Physical Evidence

    As many of you know To The Stars Academy (TTSA) started the ADAM Project an attempt to analyse physical samples of alleged craft or other anamolous samples related to off world origin.

    So started this thread to post to post related media...

    Article by George Knapp

    I-Team: Race is on to solve the mystery of unknown materials

    LAS VEGAS - A global scramble is underway to identify and perhaps replicate unidentified mystery materials that have been collected at multiple sites around the world.

    A few of the samples have defied analysis by leading scientists, who say they don't know how the material was engineered, or why, or by whom?

    Some of the metamaterial was allegedly collected in connection with UFO incidents, which gives the whole endeavor an otherworldly glow....
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    Great article by Danny Silva about the meta-materials

    Also Diane Pasulka’s work

    According to George Knapp it had the debunkers floundering

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    Hal Puthoff spoke the legend that is Keith Basterfield obtained a copy and compared notes with a talk he did last year with pretty much the same title, this one was called "DOD Unidentified Aerial Phenomena: The Back Story, The Forward Story."


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    UAP Task Force For 2021

    A bill written by Marco Rubio and others is now on the agenda for Fiscal Year 2021. It includes references to UAP and Advanced Aerial Threats. The work that TTSA and the current UAP program have done to brief politicians and others has worked. However, now the bill has to be approved and become an Act. Contrary to previous directions to contact lawmakers, the UFO community must now give these lawmakers space to work and get this bill approved. Otherwise the lawmakers and politicians may become overwhelmed and drop the effort.

    The meat of the matter is on pages 11 & 12 of the link below:

    The Committee understands that the relevant intelligence may be sensitive; nevertheless, the Committee finds that the information sharing and coordination across the Intelligence Community has been inconsistent, and this issue has lacked attention from senior leaders.

    Therefore, the Committee directs the DNI, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense and the heads of such other agencies as the Director and Secretary jointly consider relevant, to submit a report within 180 days of the date of enactment of the Act, to the congressional intelligence and armed services committees on unidentified aerial phenomena (also known as ‘‘anomalous aerial vehicles’’), including observed airborne objects that have not been identified.
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    Tom DeLonge tweet:

    Working on the first plans for @TTSAcademy’s first anti-gravitic experiment. More to come.
    5:51 PM · Jul 25, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

    Wow good news

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