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Thread: Grant Cameron MJ 12 Disclosure

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    Grant Cameron MJ 12 Disclosure

    Grant Cameron has been given something so explosive he's been reluctant to release it.
    Thinks about it 2hrs a day.

    Great interview

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    [@12'19"] "So at the end of 2018 we have this situation where I get two news stories and, one is just an experiment I'm gonna
    run, and one is the biggest story I've ever seen, is the the most amazing thing I've ever seen in since 1975. And I was just I was actually writing it up today
    because I'm gonna put it in the be on Managing Magic(his book?) and it's basically the story that we talked about all the time I remember dealing with Billy Cox"

    [@13'56"]What happens if you actually got handed 'the disclosure story' and I think that the, the material that I've gotten, and I only saw some of it. I was approached to, I guess make a release, or they didn't know what to do with it ,and they showed it to me and I can say it is absolutely the most dramatic thing I've ever seen.

    Apparently confirms Majestic 12, with heads in all the places where Tom De Longe's contacts are/were NRO DIA etc

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