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Thread: Luis Elizondo and Jacques Vallee on Coast to Coast AM

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    Luis Elizondo and Jacques Vallee on Coast to Coast AM

    From the C2C app. This should be interesting.


    Sun, 26 May 2019
    Pentagon's UFO Program / Encounters & Research

    First Hour: Former military intelligence official Luis Elizondo joins George Knapp to discuss his work with the Pentagon's secret UFO program, AATIP, his current position with To the Stars Academy, and the upcoming History Channel TV series "Unidentified."

    Hours 2 & 3: Dr. Jacques Vallee, pioneer in the field of UFOs, will present details of new research into an astonishing encounter case and share excerpts from his new book, which covers UFO research in the 1990s, including the creation of Robert Bigelow's research organization, NIDS

    Last hour: Dr. John Alexander is a leading advocate for the development of non-lethal weapons. During his varied career, he held many key positions in research and development, special operations and intelligence. He will discuss the latest developments in the search for the secrets behind UFOs and the U.S. government’s hand in this effort.

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