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Thread: STORM AREA51 or not.

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    STORM AREA51 or not.

    Today Friday, September 20, 2019 was the day. BUT....

    The "Storm Area 51" Event Didn't Live Up To The Hype But Alien Believers Still Found Their People

    RACHEL, Nevada — For hundreds of people who believe, it was Area 51 or bust. And bust it largely turned out to be.

    Despite all the viral hype on Facebook, there was no storming of the highly secretive Area 51 facility on Friday. And all the supposed alien life forms that hundreds of thousands of people on social media vowed to free remained secret.

    But wearing tinfoil hats, Naruto headbands, and alien antennas, people from across the US still found their people in the small, remote town of Rachel, Nevada.

    The event was originally billed as "Storm Area 51," a Facebook joke that quickly attracted millions of followers. However, after warnings of little to no infrastructure, it was canceled, with the original organizers saying they feared a “possible humanitarian disaster” akin to the infamous Fyre Festival.
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    At least it didn't make us look like complete idiots. The UFO community.

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