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Thread: Jacque Vallee's Witness of Another World

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    Jacque Vallee's Witness of Another World

    Jacque Vallee's Witness of Another World

    Supposed to be pretty good out now on Vimeo Itunes all kinds of media platforms

    Vallee's talks a little bit about it and other cases he's been looking at here

    And last Sunday was on C2C with George Knapp promoting it.

    Ufology pioneer Jacques Vallee met Juan Perez when he was a teenager, after having a close encounter with beings from somewhere else. Filmmaker Alan Stivelman, moved by the story of Perez, decided to investigate more about the event, and he and Vallee discussed this extraordinary case and what it was like for Vallee to meet Perez again decades later. In 1978, Perez, then 14, had gone out early in the morning to herd some horses near his home in rural Argentina when he saw a mysterious object fly overhead. When the round craft landed, he saw a tall being beckoning him to enter the ship, Stivelman recounted. Upon entered of his own volition, he saw a smaller being that was robot-like and seemed to be cutting the leg of an animal, though there was no blood, Vallee detailed. The taller being telepathically communicated with Perez, he continued, which is similar to the reports of many American alien abductions....

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    This is on Amazon Prime now if you have it would highly recommend

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