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Thread: David Adair - 17yr old Fusion Rocket Engineer

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    David Adair - 17yr old Fusion Rocket Engineer

    David Adair seems to have disappeared.
    Anyone know what has happened to him?

    Few of years ago (2017) he released a DVD documentary which found a lot of proof of his remarkable story.

    'America's Fall from Space'

    The website for it has gone. The DVD is nowhere to be found.
    Is seems a little odd. Came across a rumour that Elon Musk had scooped him up?

    Anyone know anything?

    David Adair interviewed by Art Bell 17th Nov 1997
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    David Adair was interviewed on Gaia TV in 2019 and looked pretty good, great interviews btw.

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    I just find it weird three years after it was released you can't buy it anywhere and the websites down

    See he was on coast 2 coast Feb 2018

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