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Thread: Corona Virus and Disclosure - Public Reactions

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    Sounds like quite the ordeal, but at least you got the first shot.
    Down here in Cali there is something of a shortage of vaccines. "They" are just finishing up the Front Line medical ppl & 75yo and older ppl.
    Hopefully they will move onto the next group soon, and more vaccine shipments will arrive.
    No first shot for me yet.
    Well both my parents are over 70 and I live with them, But since I'm only 48 I'm not sure if I would have been eligible if I had lived alone.
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    A tragic milestone.
    Biden Holds National Remembrance For 500,000 Lives Lost To COVID-19 In The U.S.
    By Tamara Keith
    The United States hit a devastating milestone today - 500,000 people now dead from COVID-19. That's according to the tally kept by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. Well, while infections have been falling and vaccinations have been ramping up, about 2,000 people are still dying from the virus in this country each day. President Biden led the nation in remembering and mourning those deaths this evening at the White House.
    Story Continues
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