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Thread: Corona Virus and Disclosure - Public Reactions

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    Quote Originally Posted by calikid View Post
    Sounds like quite the ordeal, but at least you got the first shot.
    Down here in Cali there is something of a shortage of vaccines. "They" are just finishing up the Front Line medical ppl & 75yo and older ppl.
    Hopefully they will move onto the next group soon, and more vaccine shipments will arrive.
    No first shot for me yet.
    Well both my parents are over 70 and I live with them, But since I'm only 48 I'm not sure if I would have been eligible if I had lived alone.
    My inner Mulder wants to believe, but my inner Scully remains skeptical.

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    A tragic milestone.
    Biden Holds National Remembrance For 500,000 Lives Lost To COVID-19 In The U.S.
    By Tamara Keith
    The United States hit a devastating milestone today - 500,000 people now dead from COVID-19. That's according to the tally kept by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. Well, while infections have been falling and vaccinations have been ramping up, about 2,000 people are still dying from the virus in this country each day. President Biden led the nation in remembering and mourning those deaths this evening at the White House.
    Story Continues
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    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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    This is the size of the rubber bullets the Australian People are being shot with | And what it looks like to be shot with one | Some still think they are doing this for our own health.

    Rubber bullet looks more like a grenade round!

    What it looks like to be hit by one.

    9 Shots to the back? OUCH!

    WOW! All this because of a virus!!!

    Lately I honestly feel our planet has been hit with a sledge hammer!

    Mandates vs people who will lose their jobs if not vaccinated coming Monday here in New York State.

    I think if this escalates in the U.S.A. the rubber bullets may become obsolete in a short order.

    . . . I would really like to know if the guy with 9 clean shots to the back was standing his ground . . . or held in place.

    Seems as though there is an immense darkness shrouding our planet, tuned to the human condition. I noticed for years the news organizations broadcast about 97% bad news and 3% good news. Go figure!
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    The 1st photo may be from Melbourne, but the 2nd and 4th ones are from the USA and the 3rd one from Argentina in 2015. Haven't seen any actual photos of injuries from Melbourne so far.

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    So this is fake news . . . Didn't know about the origins of the photos!!!

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    Any website with truth in its title is probably misleading

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    I'll just put this here, apparently people have been having a hard-time finding it to watch:

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    Come on, she is just an anti vaxxer expressing political views. According to the article her role was non operational in gender equity. This article has zero to do with Victorian police being fed up with it, and just a few expressing their opinions.

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