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Thread: Evidence for parallel universe going backwards in time

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    Evidence for parallel universe going backwards in time

    We may have spotted a parallel universe going backwards in time

    Strange particles observed by an experiment in Antarctica could be evidence of an alternative reality where everything is upside down

    IN THE Antarctic, things happen at a glacial pace. Just ask Peter Gorham. For a month at a time, he and his colleagues would watch a giant balloon carrying a collection of antennas float high above the ice, scanning over a million square kilometres of the frozen landscape for evidence of high-energy particles arriving from space.

    When the experiment returned to the ground after its first flight, it had nothing to show for itself, bar the odd flash of background noise. It was the same story after the second flight more than a year later.

    While the balloon was in the sky for the third time, the researchers decided to go over the past data again, particularly those signals dismissed as noise. It was lucky they did. Examined more carefully, one signal seemed to be the signature of a high-energy particle. But it wasn’t what they were looking for. Moreover, it seemed impossible. Rather than bearing down from above, this particle was exploding out of the ground.

    That strange finding was made in 2016. Since then, all sorts of suggestions rooted in known physics have been put forward to account for the perplexing signal, and all have been ruled out. What’s left is shocking in its implications. Explaining this signal requires the existence of a topsy-turvy universe created in the same big bang as our own and existing in parallel with it. In this mirror world, positive is negative, left is right and time runs backwards. It is perhaps the most mind-melting idea ever to have emerged from the Antarctic ice **– but it might just be true...

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    The likely correct explanation is much more mundane

    It is true that scientists have found anomalies that may defy our current understanding of physics. But they are all sure that it has no connection to a parallel universe. Rather , it is an issue with how particles interact with the ice.

    According to Alex Pizzuto of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, who also has written a research paper on the ANITA anomalies found in 2016: "Lately, some of the systematic explanations have looked really promising. These include things like weird features in Antarctic ice that could distort the signal of otherwise innocuous cosmic rays."

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    Welcome Raymondo
    It's only a theory at present they are a long way off confirming it.
    what is creating these very high energy particles coming from inside the earth?

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