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Thread: Covid 19 bill started a 180 day countdown for UFO disclosure....

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    Covid 19 bill started a 180 day countdown for UFO disclosure....

    President Trumpís signature Sunday on the $2.3 trillion COVID-19 relief and government funding bill started a 180 day countdown for the Pentagon and spy agencies to say what they know about UFOs.

    Advanced Aerial Threats

    (3rd paragraph under section Section 513. Sense of Congress on Third Option Foundation)

    The Committee supports the efforts of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force at the Office of Naval ntelligence to standardize collection and reporting on unidentified aerial phenomenon, any links they have to adversarial foreign governments, and the threat they pose to U.S. military assets and installations. However, the Committee remains concerned that there is no unified, comprehensive process within the Federal Government for collecting and analyzing intelligence on unidentified aerial phenomena, despite the potential threat.


    The Committee further directs the report to include:
    1. A detailed analysis of unidentified aerial phenomena data and intelligence reporting collected or held by the Office of Naval Intelligence, including data and intelligence reporting held by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force;

    2. A detailed analysis of unidentified phenomena data collected by:
    a. geospatial intelligence;
    b. signals intelligence;
    c. human intelligence; and
    d. measurement and signals intelligence;
    3. A detailed analysis of data of the FBI, which was derived from investigations of intrusions of unidentified aerial phenomena data over restricted United States airspace;

    4. A detailed description of an interagency process for ensuring timely data collection and centralized analysis of all unidentified aerial phenomena reporting for the Federal Government, regardless of which service or agency acquired the information;

    5. Identification of an official accountable for the process described in paragraph 4;

    6. Identification of potential aerospace or other threats posed by the unidentified aerial phenomena to national security, and an assessment of whether this unidentified aerial phenomena activity may be attributed to one or more foreign adversaries;

    7. Identification of any incidents or patterns that indicate a potential adversary may have achieved breakthrough aerospace capabilities that could put United States strategic or conventional forces at risk;


    8. Recommendations regarding increased collection of data, enhanced research and development, and additional funding and other resources.

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    AFAIK the COVID-19 Relief/Stimulus package for $900B was signed last weekend by President Trump after some delay.

    However; President Trump vetoed the $2.3T "National Defense Authorization Act" (NDAA for Fiscal Year 2021) bill.
    It was severed and sent back to Congress the following week, where the veto was overturned by Congressional vote.

    That is to say; your quote was probably not from the "COVID-19 bill", but rather the "NDAA 2021" military funding bill.
    If your quote proves to be true (didn't get red lined or deleted) then we should be getting some pretty interesting FOIA responses about AATIP in the near future!
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    Well I'm no expert in figuring out of the spending messes in the swamp area.

    I would think the "National Defense Authorization Act" would be direct military spending mostly preformed by the Pentagon. The "INTELLIGENCE AUTHORIZATION ACT" on the other hand would be overseen by the State Department.

    Ha! the way the money slithers around in Washington, who really knows. Plus most of those three letter entities have other revenue making activities on the side. Some legal, some maybe not.

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    Military and spy agencies accused of stiff-arming investigators on UFO sightings

    03/25/2021 06:53 PM EDT

    A public accounting is proving to be an "onerous job of trying get everyone to come clean," one government adviser said.

    The truth may be out there. But don't expect the feds to share what they know anytime soon on the recent spate of UFO sightings.

    Some military and spy agencies are blocking or simply ignoring the effort to catalog what they have on "unidentified aerial phenomenon," according to multiple current and former government officials. And as a result, the Biden administration will likely delay a much-anticipated public report to Congress.

    The Senate Intelligence Committee has asked the director of national intelligence to work with the Defense Department to provide a public accounting by June 25 on unexplained sightings of advanced aircraft and drones that have been reported by military personnel or captured by radar, satellites and other surveillance systems.

    The request came after revelations in 2017 that the Pentagon was researching a series of unexplained intrusions into military airspace, including high-performance vehicles captured on video stalking Navy ships.

    But those advising the investigations are advocating for significantly more time and resources to retrieve information from agencies that in some cases have shown reluctance, if not outright resistance, to sharing classified information. And they worry that without high-level involvement, it will be difficult to compel agencies to release what they have.

    "Just getting access to the information, because of all the different security bureaucracies, that's an ordeal in itself," said Christopher Mellon, a former Pentagon intelligence official who lobbied for the disclosure provision and is continuing to advise policymakers on the issue.

    Read the whole story here:

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    The following seems to be a good summary for the goings on of the last year or two with respect to UAPs . . .

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