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Thread: Whitley Strieber

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    Whitley Strieber

    Really interesting interview with Whitley Strieber

    Iíve never read any of his books but this is a wonderful interview.
    He has long been in contact with NHE, and claims that his wife Anne has contacted after she passed away.

    I donít think heís 100% correct here but maybe 70% he says some great things which Iím sure are right.

    That the contact process and the afterlife and connected. (NDE and abductions have been shown to produce similar effects. Kit Green and Garry Nolan Ďs research)

    He asked for his wife ĎWhy am I here what can I do?í
    She replied something like fill yourself completely with love to become enlightened.
    ( Iíve heard the same thing from Buddhist masters, that you naturally attain enlightenment when you have had no bad thoughts for a certain amount of time)

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    Thanks. I'll still have to watch it.

    I like Whitley Strieber. I used to read his online journal, and read two of his books on his (and others') experiences. He's got a good head on his shoulders, and some interesting insights.
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