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Thread: UFO report to Congress 6/25/21

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    During the UAP/UFO Hearings the "Wilson Document" was mentioned and entered into Official Record. It opens the door to learn if the document is legitimate. June 20, 2019: Jimmy Church interviewed Grant Cameron about how the document was leaked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garuda View Post
    I've said it before. What we are witnessing is not real disclosure or the end of the truth embargo. It's merely a transition to truth embargo 2.0.

    The Pentagon discovered it could get more funds if it shifted the narrative from 'UFOs? Don't be ridiculous' to 'UAP are a potential threat'. So they're releasing just enough info to get that message across.

    The people in this new UAP task force are new to the job, had no prior knowledge and lack the clearances to know about non-acknowledged special access programs.

    I hope to be proven wrong, but I'm not optimistic.
    This video agrees with your point, and fairly convincing.

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    Looks like there are more Congressional hearing in the pipeline and soon. Garry Nolan says it’s now 80-90% certain that witnesses will get immunity if they testify

    Stick Lue or Chris Melon in one of those hearings and Boom!
    Looks like we could be in for the big D

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