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    I am concerned with the effects of these vaccines on "psychically" inclined individuals. I'm seeing an increasingly number of posts on Reddit describing a feeling of being "cut off" from the spiritual and other effects which are suggestive of something screwing with peoples psychic structures.
    I have taken medication that had this effect on me, it is exactly like being cut off from spiritual things. I have heard a few people say they don't feel themselves anymore after getting this vax. My wife had a "strange" feeling for weeks from J&J. Some of the effects you listed sound like mild autism, which some claim vaccines can cause. I am shocked by the determination of governments to get everyone, of any age, vaccinated, for something with such a high survival rate. There is no claim of efficacy by these vaccines to prevent transmission, only severity. Until that claim can be made, there shouldn't be this expectation that 100% vaccination is going to end the stream of variants. So when I hear that the vax mandate is to protect the vaxed from the unvaxed it's hard not to think the worst when their actions don't match their claimed motivations. Something just feels like walking into a spiders web.
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