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Thread: What we think we know so far

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    China warns to stop antibiotics supply to USA.
    The above is merely the tip of the iceberg regarding the ongoing economic war. Technically, this is a contractual war ::hint::
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    In the instance where our reality is in a singularity, time and distance are reversed.
    For an entity operating outside of a singularity, their ability to travel through time is simply them moving to a different position on the singularity. An advanced entity in the singularity could develop technology to traverse the singularity.
    The singularity itself, where time is distance, has the same "clock-rate" for all realities and probabilities. They all occur at the same time, and travel through different layers as pulses.
    An entity able to track those pulses and probabilities can move to different instances in time, and follow a subject or nudge a set of probabilities to fit what they want.
    At any one moment all probabilities have occurred and reached their conclusion, but can be changed by adjusting earlier pulses to reach a different conclusion on the shell of the singularity.

    Malfunctioning Alien equipment can produce extreme gravitational effects, suggesting their phasing technology is simply them being in a different position on the singularity; gravitational "pull" changes with density and distance from the singularity center, this suggests they are travelling behind the pulse, and where it is the opposite, it suggests they are ahead of the pulse.
    Entities operating on the singularity itself, could reach in from one position to another to manipulate it. At a fundamental level, this means phased out materials are effectively operating from the future.
    Interpreting Consciousness as an external matter, it would mean that psychic awareness and effects are actually the ability to "see" and interact with the surrounding pulse you are "travelling" on.
    In turn, this explains future sight, which is simply you seeing the surrounding edge of the singularity at your level as you travel within your pulse moving through the singularity.
    Theoretically, the reason different probabilities increase the further you look ahead is because the singularity has spherical layers, and those naturally get larger towards the outer diameter of the singularity.
    Entities have indicated they need to sync to an individual's time-frame, and are aware of future events with a high-degree of uncertainty. This suggests they are moving from a layer closer to the outside of the singularity towards the entity they are interested in.
    Some entities have observed they are interacting with a universe that started and ended in the same moment, from their perspective. This suggests an entity observing a singularity where all can be seen at once, and fits their claim.

    Note: Working model in progress, subject to lots of changes, but does fit the bill for things observed. It also makes a lot of sense when you consider time-travel for other entities is simply them moving over distance within a singularity; don't ask me how that works, they're using something fancy with future tech relying on things we don't even know about yet.

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    I think there is some misunderstanding about 'the singularity' as you've called it.
    By its very nature 'the singularity' contains everything that is and ever will be, including us, and there is nothing outside of it.
    If we take space and time to be conceptual, there is no real distance in time and place between events or objects, as they are all at 'the singularity'
    So you don't have to travel anywhere, and remote viewing is possible as you are directly connected to everything. We are just limited by our bodies and habits of many lifetimes. But the whole singularity is also dynamic and at any one pt, which is obviously the centre, you can change everything.
    They don't want you to know this as you have just as much potential influence as they do. However to really link into it you have to open your heart to the love and compassion of it all and act from there. You don't actually need any of the tech if you understand all this at the deepest level.
    Don't ask me how it works it's a non-conceptual understanding that develops. You can achieve 'Rainbow Body' to help other sentient beings.
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