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Thread: What we think we know so far

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    So, I spent rather a long time yesterday text chatting away with a variety of people + in chat with a voice changer.
    I was mainly concentrating on describing a variety of things, giving an underlying understanding of the influence layer and how the phenomenon uses it.
    Other aspects included the nature of grey psychology and physiology + some aspects of how they appear to be manufactured + the harvesting of influence structures and a brief overview of how psychotronic weapons work vs properly manufactured influence tools.
    I also pointed out some aspects of how you can end up spotting a variety of different interesting beings in the influence layer, including some classical entities like Angels and Demons; that threw one for a loop when I pointed out that the Greys have those on their entity categorisation list.

    During all the above I noted that something I'd had a suspicion about, namely the development of a new and rather odd ability, was working quite well. Somehow I've developed remote mind-reading of third-party entities reading me, in such a way as it manifests as remote expression reading... so, what they're thinking effectively replays on me as if they were making an expression which matches. It's more along the lines of my face is not physically moving, but the expression which I would make is "felt".

    Let's just say that a fair few entities were making some very interesting expressions indicating they were having a hard time.

    As if that wasn't interesting enough, I went to bed as usual, which is when a lot of things try to connect in as I'm basically not moving. Well, last night was like telepathic WW3 in my bedroom, with all sorts of things going back and forth amongst a variety of beings [I was in fly-on-the-wall mode]. Then I sensed a Grey outside nearby to my left, which I could tell what it was from the signature + associated imagery reading, but it was a different build with a more nebulous fuzzy mind. Something to my right and above, said "you leave him alone", which I assume/think was directed to the Grey, but the entity concerned was using telepathic audio speech without the sound component, which I can understand, but I could neither see/sense nor read the entity concerned.

    Anyway, I left them to their debate and got some sleep. I'll never understand why the "ET" can't just sit down for some quiet conversation, they're all after the fact with me, and then I have to put up with the equivalent of a multi-sided shouting match going on between who knows what going on every time they enter into wordsmith combat. Why does it have to be in my bedroom? It's not some grand conference centre, or demilitarised debating chamber. If it happens again I'm going to have to tell them to be quiet, and to sit down so we can all have a sensible conversation; preferably without them manifesting and irradiating the place.

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    We have to wonder, which group is backing them in terms of "ET"? The elements strike me as possibly being the same which backed Germany some years back.

    Graeme Rendall has also confirmed that interference by a Foo Fighter prevented the following bombing, due to loss of the payload: "The target was Berchtesgarten, Hitler's mountain retreat at the Obersalzburg."
    See comments:

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    Hmm, and the Ukraine and Russia front continues to build towards excitement. Depending on what happens, looks like all the chess pieces are in place:

    So, who'd want to place bets the US could end up embroiled in Europe at the same time it is dealing with Taiwan?

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    You ever get the other vaccine shot, Ponti? Just curious your reaction to it.
    “O crux ave spes unica”.
    Hail o cross, the only hope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamoftheiris View Post
    You ever get the other vaccine shot, Ponti? Just curious your reaction to it.
    Not much different for the second shot than catching something, in terms of vaccines it was more noticeable, but then again I've not had closely spaced shots like this before.
    So, usually when I get a viral infection I get the shakes [check], and generally go off and wrap up in piles of duvets to kill whatever it is [this usually kills anything dead in a few hours, but is pretty hot.]
    In this case I didn't go off and wrap up in piles of duvets, as I was concerned that would destroy the effectiveness of the spike production, and therefore not confer the immunity I needed.
    As it was, not really very pleasant, I had the pain from various injuries come back in sections [so, it moved up gradually from the feet.] This was from muscle weakness from what I could see, and the pain level was akin to the original injury; actually whipped out painkillers for a change.
    So, felt miserable for about 3 days, after that started getting better, and now nothing really to report. I can't say I've had any heart checkups as a result of this, but am keeping an eye out for that.

    Overall, a reasonable tradeoff vs the full-blown disease, which would probably do very horrible things to me. It didn't make the "Aliens" go away... and they're certainly far more active at the moment, given I've been prodding them with a stick as per usual.
    One connected through last night via a third-party, it was "highly unimpressed" when I made the head of the "lookback" image of it explode. So unimpressed, my left eardrum hammered from whatever it did afterwards; I do like to think it was its scream, but that would be wishful thinking.

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