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Thread: What we think we know so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fore View Post
    I have been researching my memories of all the various tests I have done and I can't say I have through psychic means.

    What I have done is ask them about what they did before (like as in yesterday). And they respond naturally with a certain story. So for them, there is continuity.
    Thanks for the info. I asked about scanning them psychically since it would be interesting if it turns out they had your own signature, or maybe no life signature at all.

    In other repeat dreams, the characters remember what you and they did and recall what was done months or years prior in the last encounter. How is that possible? I dunno. (a total mystery)
    Related one is dreaming up memories themselves. Like you'll "remember" being in a place before, having a certain history there, but upon waking and looking back you realize that you never actually previously dreamt the contents of that history. Yet it felt real. Makes me wonder about our waking memory/history sometimes...

    I think anything you allow to touch your mind is also going to leave behind traces of it's experiences from Real Life embedded in your inner workings.
    Good point. I think abductions can leave traces like this in the dreamscape even if the events were erased or compartmentalized away from the conscious mind.

    When the dead touch your dreamscape it seems like there is alot of pursuit going on and other dead beings constantly accosting you. They also almost 25% of the time always have a dark place within the dream that is like a scary abyss. It's always represented as an out of the way location which is full of absolute terrors.
    Spot on, have had phantom and demon dreams occasionally. I can go weeks/months without them, then for several days it's phantom city. Not sure what determines the timing of that. If one follows me back from someplace I've been, or someone I've interacted with (per lines of association) or something dumb I did that earned retraction of spiritual protection or what.

    And that thing where they lay down next to you and spoon to presumably feed off your lifeforce. That can manifest in a dream in disguised ways.

    I've had the dreams about dark labyrinthine basements and sub-basements, the old creepy doorways or hatches, and overall morbid dreadful vibe. Also had a few about being around dead people coming/exiting through portals. They seemed a bit loopy to put it mildly. Your dead dreams were more intense than mine though.

    After I knew of God, the few intrusions that do occur, are now handled with a prayer within the dream. As far as I know, God seems to always be closeby even somehow capable of seeing what is happening inside of the dreamscape. When I have an intrusion by some entity and a prayer brings God around, the entity seems to lock up and freezes (not like a dream freeze) as if something truly strong has it in an invisible grip. They feel...I dunno...terror? Reckoning? I don't know.
    Interesting, will keep that in mind.

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    fore said:
    .... I wonder if Calikid will screw up an upgrade or something. I decided not to pre-empt the topic for fear of offending the admins.....
    Well fore here's hoping your Angel friends do NOT use me as an instrument of Forum destruction (as a method to eliminate your historic posts).

    Happy the last upgrade went smoothly, even if it did take awhile.

    From the outside looking in, I'd say "the cats out of the bag". What is published is done. Erasing it wouldn't make much difference. "The Way Back Machine" knows/remembers all.
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    Form Closer to truth

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    Where did everyone go ? ? ?

    I know . . . Post it and they will come . . .

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    Mmm, well, ahh, who knows?

    I would like to say one thing though.
    There has been talk that we are part of a hive mind, I would differ and offer that I think we a more likely part of a Co-Op. Just a thought

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    Just accidentally clicked on the page 100 when I was going to come here to the very last, and there it was, old gang discussing at full speed about the essence of psi-fields, their manipulation, possible vulnerabilities and what psi-active aliens might eat and why. Odd jello cubes and greys in nutrient baths. Good stuff.
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