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Thread: What we think we know so far

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    This rather interesting document, where blackout was forgotten, popped up:
    From Witness Citizen while I was watching it:

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    Strategically, I wonder if the Chinese will choose not to address the problem, as it would be advantageous to their own goods and Military, while being deleterious to worldwide militaries in the event of war; which can't be that far off, really.

    While the above is indeed a resource shortage, I must admit that one caught me completely off-guard, it's not exactly been that well covered. I can't imagine things will be good in the states for that either, but I'm not 100% on the strategic resource production systems still operating in the USA.

    @lycaeus, I've been looking through the photos. Some of the work appears to have been done properly, which is why the healing seems to be reasonable, whereas the other examples look like sloppy work (I suspect hair caused problems due to follicle ingress.) One thing to keep in mind, I suspect abductees are given various treatments to ensure there are no allergic reactions. Your friend and yourself might not have received a correct dose [likely different teams dealing with males and females + maybe your team was having a bad day, or the Greys concerned are faulty]. Reason I bring that up, is most of my general allergies disappeared after the first encounter. I'd be interested if similar happened to you? (I'm thinking of things like hayfever, some skin allergies etc.)

    You might find this really interesting, one photo is of what happens when a person is injected using a syringe, unwillingly. Note the bruising, especially the spread, and also that this is standard earth tech:
    ET devices seem to produce highly local bruising to the site, which suggests a slightly different mechanism of operation; I'm thinking the compressing/pushing of material down, rather than slicing and pushing it physically aside.

    I also sometimes wonder about ET hygiene practices... Ahhhh, serious risk of COVID19 spread due to alien abduction with their poor medical practices, random strains and infections turning up all over the place in abductees; see what I did there?
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