The comment thread was rather interesting after I threw this question in at 47:48 [live comments tend to appear 24hrs later, but it threw a few people who realised they'd not even considered the implications of the ongoing UAP confirmations]:

@Fore, it also appears another member of a similar program to your own popped up there, shares same elements. Looking at the time-frame, I suspect that there was a wide-spread program to bring back a considerable amount of people to the late 1970 and early 1980 timeframe, probably part of an evac from a failed timeline.
I reckon we'll probably do the loop quite a few times until the right outcome appears; I mean, how would we count it unless we ask them? I doubt they'd give a sensible answer. However, also suggests positioning of assets to salvage/prevent or rescue a bad situation.
Never was able to shake that feeling, despite the current situation, that I'm on "holiday." Might also explain why I feel tired and old... I mean, far more than I should, even when I was young.