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Thread: What we think we know so far

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    Off topic, but this site is being flagged by Google as bad for you:

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    The staff has been aware of this issue, and on going attempts at corrections are still in progress...

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    We are running a slightly older version of vBull, the Forum software, and have plans to upgrade in the near future (probably October 2017).
    The older version has some vulnerabilities, so Google has flagged our URL.
    Note Google's use of the word "MAY", as in possibly but not definitively, "trick you...".

    As Epo333 mentioned, a work in progress.
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    I have been getting a redirect from this site to another one for pretty much all this year. When I first go to it it always redirect s to another site. Then when i close it out it goes to the right site. In the last month two different antivirus have been reporting it as an attack site. There may be something going on because I get the redirect on 5 different computers, even brand new computers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sansanoy View Post
    I have been getting a redirect from this site to another one for pretty much all this year. When I first go to it it always redirect s to another site. Then when i close it out it goes to the right site. In the last month two different antivirus have been reporting it as an attack site. There may be something going on because I get the redirect on 5 different computers, even brand new computers.
    I believe I have seen this happen once, at the time it appeared to take the link to an advertisement page of some kind; the bad kind, if you are familiar with link sites.

    @epo333, Personally, in this situation, I'd just get it done (in terms of the upgrade) as whether or not you are in a maintenance period or not will make no difference to the traffic level right now; I run plenty of websites, and have dealt with some interesting compromises on some I was tasked to sort out. I would also assume that the compromise that is causing this danger flag can be actively exploited, and as such it is likely that automated compromises could hit at any time. Just make sure you have good backups

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    Here is a question I need your thoughts on.

    Assuming a person wanted to create a telepathic channel with another person, what would they really need (or we would assume they might need) in order to place a "mental impression" as a form of communication upon someone else?

    So far, my hypothesis is that you need at least two people (duh).
    I also tackle the problem from the point of view that at least one of them has to be a psychic (the transmitter) in the classical sense. The transmitters dense influence field has to envelop the second person in order for there to be a platform for the communication. At least in a very rudimentary way.


    But when I had tried this in real life what I found was that the crossing of my fields through another person doesn't necessarily impart coherent information. It appears to me that telepathy itself seems to require more than just a substantial field running through one or more individuals. One ET who was watching a long time ago gave me a hint that the problem was that I wasn't formatting the communication into the field and therefore there was an absence of some actual of information for the interaction.

    I have been thinking about it lately, because I feel in the background of my mind like someone is pushing me to write this so that someone else can observe it and apparently I suppose do something with it. (the keys and lock system?)

    So my thoughts are somewhat aimless and a best guess in every point.

    My guess is that ETs must have an "easy enough" way to format information in a standard way that probably works across different bodies. Sorta like some kind of packet of information that an influence field can carry along and be read at the other end as some kind of sensation.

    My assumption is that (like that ET from long ago hinted) some kind of higher consciousness injection or synthesis of information that can then trickle into that second persons body and be processed as audioable speech/mental content/visual or sensation content. I assume they must use some kind of "process or directives" in their higher mind that can do this. And it seems to be too easy for it to be a lengthy process.

    It seemed to be as easy as breathing for them.


    So I have spent maybe an hour thinking about what I do know vs what I don't know.

    I know that when I crossed my field with other people in my family, sharing influence with them seems to make them psychic. I also noticed that they seem to be in sync with what I am thinking and what I witness on the invisible spectrum. So that, I perceive, means we had an established platform for sharing information.

    Often when I was distracted and thinking internally, they would experience an audioable voice but without intelligible speech. They seemed to think I was speaking aloud. So they seemed to recognize me as the source (identity information and directed communication) but they never understood the actual content because they always asked me to repeat it even though I hadn't said anything aloud.

    My assumption is that the platform was once there. So at least you need one person with a dense influence field and a second individual who is affected by it. Sorta like a psychic bridge. But communication seems to be a different matter.

    I noticed during each episode there was a specific sensation during my internal wanderings (pay attention to this point) where I felt a "funny/strange" feeling like my thoughts were just slightly outside or further away from the center of my head. Is that some kind of unintentional projection phenomena?

    So do ET's project their thoughts in a certain direction? (my instincts say thats probably not it)


    As when we used to communicate telepathically, (even without line of sight) all I used to do was think briefly of their pattern and intend to talk to that individual. And they seemed to pick up on it. But I also noticed that multiple people could pick up on my conversation despite it being directed at someone in particular. Thats when I learned that they used some channel system where they could add and leave out certain individuals from what the group was talking about.

    For example, in my youth when they would block me from perceiving their internal communication with each other; it felt as if I could perceive the largest _vague_ elements of the conversations between them but was not able to resolve the actual conversation itself. It's sorta like going to talk on a different psychic stream between themselves and leaving you on an unbonded channel.

    Or like in more human terms you can say it is like parents going to another room and you can hear the intonation of an argument between individuals but not the actual content and conversation. So you are aware of them and their spatial relationship (usually) to each other and in reference to you, but you can't observe remotely what the content actually is behind that back and forth.


    So I can infer that rather than the thoughts being projected in a certain direction like as if you are talking with a physical voice which you raise towards someones general direction. It is more likely that telepathy involves targeting the intended recipient before actually communicating. And if I still recall, that pretty much what I remember.

    I guess you just know where the other person is (spatially) as the psychic connection itself (usually) reveals where the sender is and what they are (assuming the identity isn't obfuscated).

    But with family I wasn't targeting anyone nor intending to communicate yet they could hear an audioable voice phenomena that they couldn't decipher as actual language. So the primary issue seems to be the format of the communication.


    I noticed during influence experiments with Chris (an Admin still I think) that my initial wordless (intent) seemed to reach him while my thoughts did not. We both found it strange that pre-thought intention seemed to effectively make it over the bridge but not purposefully thought out content. Hmm.

    Maybe the formated influence data is not effective as processed thought but some kind intent? Or does it mean that the higher components are the primary means of communication and the lower mental components are simply for personal reception of telepathy?? That may be what that ET was hinting at long ago.
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