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Thread: What we think we know so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by pontificator View Post
    He's certainly picking up now:
    A ridiculous aside: I have an old bed-sheet which has given up the ghost, it's simply worn out. However, I also realised that about 7 ish years ago a grey ("The Vet") crawled over it. Do you think there is a market, and how much could it potentially be worth?

    Well you could try putting that on ebay, I've found that people buy just about anything on there!!!

    Also I see there is severe flooding in your area, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by epo333 View Post
    Well you could try putting that on ebay, I've found that people buy just about anything on there!!!

    Also I see there is severe flooding in your area, right?
    Thankfully I've not had that up this way, the Milford Sound area is a fair bit south of Auckland (and on the other island). As it is, I really could do with a bit of rain as I have some wild grapes growing; I've been cultivating these a bit as they are one of the few things that actually grows for me, even if they are a bit strong.

    Maybe I should put it on eBay and see what happens, for a lark... can't take it seriously, after all

    A whole pile of evacuees arrived in NZ from China, so they are now in quarantine.

    BTW, look at this:
    If those dates are correct, then she could only have caught it in NZ, assuming that is what she has.

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    If you have not stocked up on long-term storage ration packs, then I recommend you do so now. A good quality set of water filters and water storage would be a good idea as well. You can probably get everything else through exploration later.
    In several weeks, we will see the first wave of business closures due to Chinese parts not being available for the JIT [just in time] economy most countries run.
    While I'm not absolutely sure on how bad things will get, I'm pretty sure we're not far off now. If you can, stock some long-term stable Antibiotics, it's a good idea to have those anyway.

    Even if everything blows over, you'll be prepared for problems, so it's a good exercise all round. I've been getting pieces of gear for years, for a simpler kind of life Also, if it requires power, batteries, gas, or fuel oil, then it's only good for the short-term. Things break and wear-out, so keep in mind that if you rely on something like that for survival, and no help is coming, then your days are very much numbered.

    Oh, and make sure you know where all your friends actually live, and how to get there on foot, and also make sure you all have a common meeting spot. You may very well need to group up.

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    I'd been wondering for years how/why the 2020s were going to be so rough as "foretold." Well here we are with a black swan event that may kick things off. Hoping it fizzles out, but at the moment it's still gaining momentum.

    I've heard it said in multiple places that governments have to weigh the consequences of telling people to prepare and thereby risk inciting a panic that collapses the economy (which would kill an untold number), versus keeping it quiet to maintain order and economic stability while covertly preparing until the very last moment (which would kill those who die because they failed to prepare in time).

    Since the latter option seems safer to some authorities, there are now reports of gag orders and news and social media censorship (under the guise of combatting fake news) not only in China but western countries too. This means you won't necessarily get timely accurate information from the big mainstream news sources.

    Here are a couple places to stay updated on the latest:

    Dr. John Campbell - YouTube

    Peak Prosperity - YouTube

    Reddit - r/coronavirus

    Reddit - r/china_flu

    Here's a general prepping guide I wrote for my site a while back, updated periodically:

    Survival and Emergency Preparedness

    The problem with prepping used to be that you didn't know what to prep for exactly, since anything could happen. Well, here's a rare situation where based on what's happened/happening in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, and Iran you have a preview of what could happen in your country if things aren't handled there. Mostly it's been food and daily essentials like toiletries, hygiene products, disinfection products, and personal protective equipment (N95 masks and such) that have been running out.

    The supply chain issue is a big deal like Pontif said. China's been trying to start up factories again but immediately new infections are detected among the workers and the factory goes into lockdown again. It's going to be tough for them to get things running with that happening over and over. So much of the international economy depends on China for its cheap labor, raw materials, and manufacturing.

    China shutting down is like stopping the heart, which then stops the other organs. Most antibiotics and medical supplies used in U.S. hospitals are made in China. Generic drugs manufactured in India are made from chemicals made in China. Electronics and auto manufacturers often depend on Chinese components. If it takes them 6 months to get back online, that's going to create an economic earthquake elsewhere.

    That's compounded by potential shortages caused by panic buying once authorities admit there's a problem and begin implementing regional quarantines. Further, hospitals are already understaffed and overburdened; can't imagine they're well prepared to handle double the volume due to coronavirus.

    This whole thing is stress-testing the system in every way.
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    Glad to see you two paying attention to the pandemic coming in the days ahead. (How many Italys, South Koreas, Irans or Japans are there in other parts of China?)

    I finally secured a box/10 N95 masks from Lowes today. They were bought out of N100 and N95 two weeks ago by someone who shipped them all to China. A person I worked with there a few years ago let me know when the bulk delivery was coming, That store received about 20bx/10ea.

    This site below is normally a financial site!! (YouTube)

    In Italy, South Korea, Iran and Japan, there are rapidly increasing clusters of cases, threatening to get out of control. Yet they all stemmed directly or indirectly from someone who'd come from China, and who was infected.

    Just one infectious person can start an outbreak.

    But before Wuhan was locked down, five million Chinese traveled... not to Italy, South Korea, Iran or Japan, but to other parts of China.

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