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Thread: What we think we know so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fore View Post
    Though you should understand that not all emotions your human body can synthesize is universal as an experience. There are some expressions of consciousness that won't be found in a human body or a human experience.
    Hmm, I've experienced a few interesting emotions outside normal experience during encounters as well, which has always made me wonder ever since what the "full" gambit of human emotions can potentially be. The normal ones I've experienced as part of general life, but the odd ones which only occur during encounters would suggest either my biology has support for them [ given that the entities appeared to be operating at the organic level], or there is something specific that has to be bridged for my biology to actually gain access to additional emotional strata.

    There is also the possibility it is simply an effect of having translation tables capable of handling additional emotions. However, that also opens up a can of worms as to what the spectrum is at the spiritual level for a human being, and I'm not sure we've actually gone over that topic yet [nor the spectrum of emotions that are not available to humans.]

    Things are still very busy my end, hope to get back to posting more regularly in the future.

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    Well I can't narrow down my post when it comes to angels and demons but anything you know would be cool. I just have an interest in their 'culture' so to speak.

    One time, with the deceased lady I had told you about, Karen La Rue Moye, she was channeling my 'Guides' and I asked her a question 'what does the music from the planet I originated sound like'. To which I got a reply of her in a trance making some weird electronic frequency sounds out of her body...Lol, I sure she never had anyone pose her such a question while channeling, god bless her, wonderful woman. It definitely didn't sound human and I got the wonderful opportunity to experience ET music from a humans biological perspective.

    But I guess the point I'm trying to make is that the ET, Angelic, and Demon, culture and whatever others there are I find very interesting. I know I had a friend who supposedly remember life on a planet where the majority of the population was of miniature, red, joker like people...Lol, sounds like the devil.

    @Pontificator, how would you describe the emotions that exist outside of your body? Would you describe them more as paradigms or legit feelings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minnette View Post
    Well I can't narrow down my post when it comes to angels and demons but anything you know would be cool. I just have an interest in their 'culture' so to speak.
    I can really only say a number of pretty limited insights into that specific topic.

    Demons are pretty loose in everything except their mental agenda. They are compulsive in their habits of getting back to their reason for being there. They are deceptive in so many ways...that if you can imagine it....they have pretty much done it. They seem to follow a hierarchy but I wouldn't say it is out of sheer respect. I have noted that demons tend to speak of "more important demons" in a sort of [perverse] reverence. I don't yet fully understand that aspect of them other than the feelings and thoughts that cross their minds.

    Thier hierarchy is based on a strict level of fear and a type of [implied] control. It is implicit that when someone higher than them shows up they have to roll over and give up whatever they have. (in this case, mostly influence..."psychic energy")
    If some higher up shows up and tells them to do something then that is their "new angle" in their persistent existence.

    They don't have anything more important to do other than to eek out an existence by conning whatever person they are near and/or carry out a specific agenda within a certain scope over time. Some are the types that go from one person to another. Some are the type that go from one generation to another. Others are they type that go and make connections in the living world in order to round up some "dummies" who they can promise something to (and actually be believed on a given premise) that they are truly misunderstood, or they are the "good guys" who are "beat up" and treated unfairly.

    They [Demons] suffer continuously. If they are low end (of a certain type) they can't move around or very far for very long. There are types that need to anchor themselves to a small prepared area that they can return to on a continuing basis. Other types can hold their field together long enough to traverse linear distances for a period of time but suffer greatly in the ambient influence of normalized nature.

    (Note: Imagine the ordeal of walking from one room to another in a new house you have your sights on (as a demon). The air stings and burns from the clean [normalized] environment, your body dissolves continuously. Everything you "touch" [like doors, knobs, floors etc] hurts and leaves a bit of your body on it. But touch it many times and stains of your presence remain on these surfaces and in the air. If you go back and forth again and again over the same area it burns slightly less and less everytime. (thats why some like to pace day and night...especially ghosts.)

    If you touch water with [what passes for] your fingers...imagine if your "finger tips" dissolve in the water as if you put your hand through acid for a moment. Therefore they avoid water the great liquid sandpaper to their existence.

    This goes on continuously until they have polluted [and denormalized] the "influence" environment enough that it doesn't burn as much anymore. Then they "make" a sort of man sized (sometimes larger) "influence cocoon" against a wall, a corner, or some other area that isn't receiving much attention (usually the darkness beneath the floor board, or above the inner roof or a darkened closet that barely receives any activity...burns them alot less and makes a good place for a cocoon-like space to dwell in). They make this "cocoon" of their own "influence" from inside them....they literally hemorrhage and release a part of themselves over and over again in a confined space until it builds up layers of insulating "influence" made of "themselves". Their own energy doesn't hurt them, and it stops the normalized environment from continually burning them.

    (It is also why ghosts, phantoms, demons hate it when you spring clean and move things about and rearrange the environment. It distorts the normalizing features of the room. Burning Incense is even worse as it distills a different kind of influence into the air which causes even more normalizing effects. They also seem to come out at the darkest portion of the night as it seems to (apparently) burn them less intensely. (3 to 5 am) )

    They then hide within it to stay out of the burning ambience. They then prod their victim over and over again. Over years, months, days, etc. Depending on the state of their influence, they can experience the passage of time at a rate of 1/100th the speed that a normal living person does.

    So for 1 hour in real human time, most demons will experience 100 hours of their time. Mostly they see things happening in slow motion. If they change their state (which consumes their "usable" influence much faster) they can make themselves experience close to real time, but it exhausts them immensely.

    Most ghosts experience about 1/10th the same experience. It varies from demon to demon.

    So 1 year is...a long time of perpetual suffering.


    Worse yet, if the victim they have in their sights calls out to God, then from their (demonic) perspective they see...sometimes a white mist, other times they see a mist like light. When it touches them, the pain they experience is much more intense. Something akin to having a blow torch exposed to whatever part of their body that intersects it.

    Some of the demons become frozen in place when someone calls on a higher authority to intervene for them and they can't move very much and then the burning presence surrounds them while they are paralyzed. Like a blow torch from every angle.

    Others are strong enough to throw off the mist temporarily and struggle with it for (real earthly time) hours and days...

    I have seen them lose a third of their size after every encounter, obviously a very taxing experience....years and years of collecting activities from their living victims gone in a very short span of time.

    If the mist of the holy presence succeeds in capturing them then they are taken elsewhere and dumped into the ambient environment. Other times I have been told they are taken into another place where they are thrown into a proverbial prison of intense suffering. Suffering so intense, let me be clear, that it scares/angers them to even hear of it being used as a threat.

    I don't understand fully how intense the suffering is, but I only know from what they have let on and what the angels have said that it is usually very dark and there are many there. The demons I have met strongly imply suffering in the world of the living is preferable to suffering "there". (I call it the "Void" others call it "The Abyss" others call it "hell".)

    They will struggle for hours in perpetual agony in the grips of some angel (if they are that lucky) and expend every measure and ounce of influence they have at their disposal...if it means avoiding a return to that place. The place seems to be isolated from the living world and it seems to be like a virtual prison from which they can't easily escape.

    Some demon types dedicate themselves to making bridges to "that place" by coaxing living human "dummies" into creating an invitation to bring their superiors over. Securing people and resources "as needed" to keep doing it over and over again. The human beings end up as one end point and a specific (or non-specific) demon(s) who fall within the other end point.

    Supposedly, according to some of the demons rancid memories, their "names are important" for that specific reason. Even innocent bystanders can be used as bridges to and from that "place" if they think about that demon by name.

    I noticed that it has become a popular pastime of some entertainment circles to craft characters with demonic names. Yesh, they should really know better.


    Another tidbit I have learned in the last month...typically in Christian culture the exorcist demands the demons name and pressures it by command to give up the info. Apparently the spoken name is not particularly important (as far as I can tell) as long as the reference is valid.

    So if you can perceive the demon psychically, that "mental perception" is apparently just as good as "a name". It refers to one specific thing and the holy spirit takes it on when identified.

    I now tell my family that casting out demons and other malevolent presences is a process of identifying it's particular characteristic in the environment and then praying for it to be removed.

    Like a soldier with a laser pointing at a target, minutes later the holy presence shows up like a slow but surely guided missile to wipe it off the face of the earth. Good riddance IMO. Though, I have also slowly figured out why priests do prayers in a specific sequence and protect themselves before bringing in spiritual help. Those very same demons throw a tantrum knowing what about to happen next.

    I have [with the immense support and help of God] gradually gotten rid of quite a few (permanently, I hope) longstanding eyesores that remained in the last 20 days. I have at every step even learned amazing things in the process.

    There is still one Demon that I am having trouble with...but who is not doing so hot at every attempt it shows up. Unlike God it has very finite resources....and man are those resources running out quickly for it every day this continues. I hope to run it ragged.

    Next are the Angels and what they are like.
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    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fore View Post
    Apparently, it's part of the marketing campaign for the new Carrie movie (well, the remake, that is).
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    I'm still laughing. Had to share that one on facebook. lol.


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    That Carrie promo is cute.

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    Fore I have many many things I want to ask you. First of all thanks for taking the time to write all these things, it won't only be an interesting read but probably helpful to many people. You really do know a lot on these subjects. If you have time, I was wondering if you could explain a few more things and not just the angelic, higher entities.

    About your post, what I liked the most about it was the demons concept and paradigm of hierarchy. That I find the most interesting and enlightening. It's very cool and enlightening that you can scan a target and read or experience their mndset. The mindset of a demon is very interesting. The way you describe the demons reminds of a few people I've known... Forming an understanding of their motivations and feelings is really what I look for what it comes to studying things and people. Maybe that is why I developed the sensitivity I have which leads me to more questions. I told you about my experiences and you explained to me that I was dealing with two things and they were that I was reading the quality of a persons consciousness and that I was getting psychic feedback that I didn't ask for. I don't know why I'm getting this unwanted psychic information. I definitely not an advanced psychic but lately it's been happening a lot. I felt an animals fear and concern for something going on to their left, other peoples anger, and etc. What happened a few times was that right before a few people wanted to tell me something I would feel them or see their image in my head and then get an idea of what about was to be said and then right after that they'd say or do it.

    I also have a question on this very strange man Padma Aon Praksha. Without going into to much detail I was just wondering what you felt when you looked at his picture. He claims to know god, and in interviews explains that he was born with a full head of hair and was a child prodigy. I have a strange history with him. Seeing him and his wife in my dreams and feeling like I actually was in their presence. A friend of mine, who is psychic, said that I have to be afraid of him because when they look at him they say it's not like anyone they've seen before. Like he's never died or something and in his consciousness there is an extreme magnitude of experience. They even said they wouldn't be surprised if he didn't age and he's lying about who he is. I have a strange history with him.

    Anyway, I look forward to your post about angels as I'm sure all your first hand experience will be very enlightening for everyone here. I have been told by a psychic once that my guardian was the "Arch Angel Michael" and also "Saint Michael" I don't know if there is a difference between the two.
    Also I had no idea a demons life is so much suffering. But it makes sense when you eplain it, the fact being that they are so negative and out of sync with the environment. But that makes me wonder then that they must be happy in a place like hell then and the void that you talk about mustn't be hell but something else. I bet you it's something positive which is why it makes them suffer so much. I guess that is hell and 'fire and brimstone' for them. I went to catholic school and had to study the bible and just to let you know their are biblical references to what you are talking about btw.

    Also I've read many articles on things termed the 'void' and there are many different ideas about it. I've read that "The Goddess" (whatever that is) is the void and the great mystery. I've read other things that I don't remember but it always centers around complete nothing-ness and emptiness. Strange stuff.

    I have so many more questions, I've been planning on asking you since the weekend, but it is only on the weekday, preferrably tuesdays, that I have access to the internet.

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    Sorry I haven't yet written the next part. Just stepping in a moment to say I saw something strange this afternoon through a window. I saw a white sphere traveling slowly across the sky east to west. Speed was at about the pace you would expect from a bird only it flew straight and was round and spherical. No sounds.
    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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    One thing for sure is that Demons fear being placed in The Abyss. They want no part of it in any way. The Abyss restricts them to a confined area void of an ability to infiltrate a subject.

    They are no different than we humans in a desire to move about as we please,as well as influence and control. Open human body temples for infiltration is their goal. Demons lust to influence and control a body they no longer have. Once they take control of the mind of the subject the many members of the body move as directed.

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