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Thread: What we think we know so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by pontificator View Post
    I'm still typing things up, and getting my dates right

    @Fore, would there be any problem with posting the full transcript of the skype meeting a pile of us had in '09? I rediscovered the file, and it's seriously live, something physical was also nearby and took a good long hard look at matters; when they do that it sets off a very specific pattern of background notes and a single transient tone, the tone itself only seems to come into effect when something living and psychic is nearby. I also note that I recognised that it was a grey, and one that I seem to have a bit of fear of judging by the fact I almost bolted from the room (they can cover up as much memory as they like, but they cannot get rid of that.)
    I don't mind if you share any skype meeting. I am currently facing a number of issues at the moment. So I will be missing in action for the most part.

    Edit: Forgive me, for anyone who reads through what I skype with a ton of typos and shorthand.
    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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    I am sure they will survive :) Note: I have substituted my other account name with "pontifs_other_account" in the transcript.

    Now, onto a Skype meeting from 09...

    [16/09/2009 10:11:50 a.m.] *** Fore added arkwright.omf, Echo / Sound Test Service, epo333, freedom.dove, hazuyo, lillian.e.waters, nietzsche.., pontificator.omf, wingsofcrystal ***
    [16/09/2009 10:12:03 a.m.] Fore: can you guys see this?
    [16/09/2009 10:12:07 a.m.] Fore: (gals too)
    [16/09/2009 10:12:37 a.m.] epo333: yes
    [16/09/2009 10:12:40 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: Thank you fore. Hi everyone
    [16/09/2009 10:12:52 a.m.] Fore: Hi lily
    [16/09/2009 10:12:58 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: yes
    [16/09/2009 10:13:08 a.m.] hazuyo: hi everyone : )
    [16/09/2009 10:13:17 a.m.] Fore: Wow you have a catchy name, like a writer or something ;)
    [16/09/2009 10:13:28 a.m.] freedom.dove: Hey guys. Yeah, Fore, I saw that message okay.
    [16/09/2009 10:13:31 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: hi hazuyo
    [16/09/2009 10:13:35 a.m.] Fore: hi hazuka
    [16/09/2009 10:13:43 a.m.] Fore: hi @ all
    [16/09/2009 10:14:16 a.m.] Fore: Dove can you see me?
    [16/09/2009 10:14:33 a.m.] freedom.dove: yeah
    [16/09/2009 10:15:04 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: hi Dove
    [16/09/2009 10:15:20 a.m.] freedom.dove: hello. are you from OM?
    [16/09/2009 10:15:30 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: yes. i'm newyorklily
    [16/09/2009 10:15:47 a.m.] freedom.dove: oh, sorry about that. :P
    [16/09/2009 10:15:50 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: np
    [16/09/2009 10:15:54 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: lol
    [16/09/2009 10:16:09 a.m.] Fore: hey dove
    [16/09/2009 10:16:14 a.m.] Fore: good everyones over here
    [16/09/2009 10:16:35 a.m.] *** Fore ejected Echo / Sound Test Service from this conversation. ***
    [16/09/2009 10:16:39 a.m.] freedom.dove: is aragami going to be able to make it?
    [16/09/2009 10:17:12 a.m.] Fore: dunno
    [16/09/2009 10:17:20 a.m.] Fore: maybe they got the timezones wrong?
    [16/09/2009 10:17:27 a.m.] Fore: or maybe they are just busy with work
    [16/09/2009 10:17:45 a.m.] Fore: next time I will set it even later so they don't have any schedule conflicts
    [16/09/2009 10:18:14 a.m.] freedom.dove: it's close to his work time right now
    [16/09/2009 10:18:27 a.m.] Fore: Epo, you there?
    [16/09/2009 10:18:58 a.m.] hazuyo: well, it s 11pm for me so later could be a problem (depending which day it happen...)
    [16/09/2009 10:19:14 a.m.] Fore: where are you in the world?
    [16/09/2009 10:19:21 a.m.] hazuyo: France
    [16/09/2009 10:19:46 a.m.] epo333: Should I display the current list of folks who were to attend?
    [16/09/2009 10:19:54 a.m.] Fore: sure
    [16/09/2009 10:20:04 a.m.] Fore: some didn't want their names on the public list
    [16/09/2009 10:20:22 a.m.] epo333: So I should not...
    [16/09/2009 10:20:38 a.m.] Fore: Sure you can
    [16/09/2009 10:21:02 a.m.] Fore: it's just that I'll inform you in a PM about the people who intend to watch but don't want their names to be known
    [16/09/2009 10:21:35 a.m.] freedom.dove: where's shads?
    [16/09/2009 10:21:44 a.m.] Fore: thats what I was wondering
    [16/09/2009 10:21:53 a.m.] Fore: I reminded him just an hour ago while he was online
    [16/09/2009 10:22:21 a.m.] freedom.dove: hey nietzsche
    [16/09/2009 10:22:42 a.m.] Fore: he appears to be offline
    [16/09/2009 10:22:55 a.m.] freedom.dove: okay
    [16/09/2009 10:23:52 a.m.] freedom.dove: where can i find the stats? is it only available to those that have added you as a contact?
    [16/09/2009 10:25:07 a.m.] hazuyo: you mean status ? yeah you can only see the status of your contacts
    [16/09/2009 10:25:37 a.m.] freedom.dove: yeah, that's what i meant. thank you. :)
    [16/09/2009 10:25:58 a.m.] hazuyo: you re welcome
    [16/09/2009 10:26:14 a.m.] *** Fore added platinumlurker ***
    [16/09/2009 10:26:27 a.m.] Fore: the mole shads has joined us!
    [16/09/2009 10:26:28 a.m.] Fore: :O
    [16/09/2009 10:26:30 a.m.] Fore: hehe
    [16/09/2009 10:26:47 a.m.] epo333: Here is the list I have:
    [16/09/2009 10:26:50 a.m.] Fore: I dunno about contact detaisl
    [16/09/2009 10:26:54 a.m.] Fore: I don't share any as far as I know
    [16/09/2009 10:26:59 a.m.] epo333: 1) pontificator
    2) Arkwright
    3) Nietzsche PR
    4) magooolo
    5) hazuka
    6) aragami
    7) TheShadow
    8) sombra
    9) Boppie
    [16/09/2009 10:27:16 a.m.] platinumlurker: LOL The mole shads??
    [16/09/2009 10:27:20 a.m.] platinumlurker: Whats up with that??
    [16/09/2009 10:27:22 a.m.] freedom.dove: um, i thought sombra wanted her name taken of the list?
    [16/09/2009 10:28:16 a.m.] epo333: Thats right dove I hven't done so yet..
    [16/09/2009 10:28:43 a.m.] platinumlurker: Can yall see this?
    [16/09/2009 10:28:48 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: yea
    [16/09/2009 10:28:49 a.m.] freedom.dove: yeah, shads
    [16/09/2009 10:28:53 a.m.] platinumlurker: OK
    [16/09/2009 10:28:53 a.m.] Fore: yes shads
    [16/09/2009 10:28:57 a.m.] platinumlurker: Just checkin
    [16/09/2009 10:28:59 a.m.] epo333: y
    [16/09/2009 10:29:14 a.m.] Fore: now I am going to activate the voice portion of this chat. (I won't participate of course)
    [16/09/2009 10:29:27 a.m.] platinumlurker: So whats with the mole shads thing?
    [16/09/2009 10:29:36 a.m.] Fore: just a joke shads :P
    [16/09/2009 10:29:39 a.m.] platinumlurker: LOL
    [16/09/2009 10:29:51 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: you mean we won't hear if you are a 14 year old girl? :)
    [16/09/2009 10:29:56 a.m.] freedom.dove: lol
    [16/09/2009 10:29:57 a.m.] Fore: haha
    [16/09/2009 10:30:06 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: lol
    [16/09/2009 10:30:10 a.m.] platinumlurker: No lil miss fore will never break character
    [16/09/2009 10:30:32 a.m.] Fore: true DOA style ;)
    [16/09/2009 10:30:48 a.m.] freedom.dove: doa?
    [16/09/2009 10:30:53 a.m.] *** Conference call, duration 2:36:21 ***
    [16/09/2009 10:31:32 a.m.] Fore: Can you guys hear each other?
    [16/09/2009 10:31:41 a.m.] platinumlurker: I hear something
    [16/09/2009 10:31:47 a.m.] platinumlurker: Static mostly
    [16/09/2009 10:31:47 a.m.] Fore: someone has their mic way up
    [16/09/2009 10:31:52 a.m.] freedom.dove: i hear some people
    [16/09/2009 10:31:57 a.m.] Fore: yep epo
    [16/09/2009 10:31:58 a.m.] hazuyo: I hear some too
    [16/09/2009 10:32:00 a.m.] freedom.dove: i hear you epo
    [16/09/2009 10:32:04 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: 1
    [16/09/2009 10:32:04 a.m.] platinumlurker: I hear epo
    [16/09/2009 10:32:14 a.m.] hazuyo: same
    [16/09/2009 10:32:27 a.m.] Fore: hazuyo it appears your mic is picking up alot of the background
    [16/09/2009 10:32:32 a.m.] Fore: there yah go
    [16/09/2009 10:32:37 a.m.] freedom.dove: no mic here, but i can hear you guys okay
    [16/09/2009 10:33:16 a.m.] platinumlurker: I hear epo fine
    [16/09/2009 10:33:22 a.m.] freedom.dove: shads, say something
    [16/09/2009 10:33:22 a.m.] Fore: platinum I can hear your TV
    [16/09/2009 10:33:27 a.m.] platinumlurker: lillian e walters is breaking upbad
    [16/09/2009 10:34:02 a.m.] Fore: okay is everyone okay on mic?
    [16/09/2009 10:34:24 a.m.] freedom.dove: hazuyo, are you on mic?
    [16/09/2009 10:34:43 a.m.] hazuyo: english level too low ^^
    [16/09/2009 10:34:52 a.m.] hazuyo: and mic rubbish
    [16/09/2009 10:35:05 a.m.] freedom.dove: ah, okay
    [16/09/2009 10:35:25 a.m.] Fore: dove speak some so I can hear your batty voice ;)
    [16/09/2009 10:35:42 a.m.] freedom.dove: i don't have a mic. :P
    [16/09/2009 10:35:49 a.m.] Fore: oh
    [16/09/2009 10:35:51 a.m.] Fore: :)
    [16/09/2009 10:36:01 a.m.] freedom.dove: well, i might somewhere...
    [16/09/2009 10:36:06 a.m.] Fore: okay so out of the current participants who is actually opted in?
    [16/09/2009 10:36:14 a.m.] platinumlurker: Me
    [16/09/2009 10:36:33 a.m.] Fore: thats it?
    [16/09/2009 10:36:48 a.m.] freedom.dove: where's ponti?
    [16/09/2009 10:37:10 a.m.] freedom.dove: shads, i hear your door opening and closing. :)
    [16/09/2009 10:37:20 a.m.] platinumlurker: Had to get something to drink
    [16/09/2009 10:37:23 a.m.] platinumlurker: Im back
    [16/09/2009 10:37:42 a.m.] Fore: hold on I am checking PM's to see if there are any straglers
    [16/09/2009 10:38:26 a.m.] Fore: okay hold on
    [16/09/2009 10:38:32 a.m.] Fore: ponti has multiple accounts
    [16/09/2009 10:38:39 a.m.] Fore: so I am going to add in his other accounts
    [16/09/2009 10:39:11 a.m.] *** Fore added pontifs_other_account ***
    [16/09/2009 10:39:48 a.m.] Fore: Pontif can you see this?
    [16/09/2009 10:40:52 a.m.] freedom.dove: yeah, i hear you
    [16/09/2009 10:40:54 a.m.] freedom.dove: lol
    [16/09/2009 10:40:58 a.m.] freedom.dove: nice
    [16/09/2009 10:41:09 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: cool
    [16/09/2009 10:41:50 a.m.] freedom.dove: aragami hasn't checked his PMs for a while so i think he's at work
    [16/09/2009 10:42:07 a.m.] Fore: pontif (Pontifs_other_account) says he is online from work
    [16/09/2009 10:42:12 a.m.] Fore: but I don't see him responding
    [16/09/2009 10:42:20 a.m.] freedom.dove: me neither
    [16/09/2009 10:42:24 a.m.] Fore: ponti would have been a good test subject
    [16/09/2009 10:42:33 a.m.] Fore: shads will be hard as hell lol
    [16/09/2009 10:42:36 a.m.] freedom.dove: lol
    [16/09/2009 10:42:42 a.m.] platinumlurker: Nah im easily impressed
    [16/09/2009 10:43:09 a.m.] Fore: I guess I at least don't have to worry about brain damage with shads
    [16/09/2009 10:43:14 a.m.] Fore: (joke)
    [16/09/2009 10:43:32 a.m.] freedom.dove: you ought to be glad i'm not in
    [16/09/2009 10:43:38 a.m.] freedom.dove: :D
    [16/09/2009 10:43:59 a.m.] platinumlurker: Let me know if the music needs to go
    [16/09/2009 10:43:59 a.m.] Fore: Actually it would have been nice to have you in since you have signs of being active already
    [16/09/2009 10:44:01 a.m.] freedom.dove: though i might as well be with the company i've received so far
    [16/09/2009 10:44:10 a.m.] freedom.dove: :P
    [16/09/2009 10:44:36 a.m.] Fore: okay I am starting up since all I have to work with is shads
    [16/09/2009 10:44:47 a.m.] platinumlurker: Ok start away
    [16/09/2009 10:44:53 a.m.] platinumlurker: Tell me what i need to do
    [16/09/2009 10:45:06 a.m.] Fore: the first thing of course is that you guys have to leave your imagination at home when doing this experiment
    [16/09/2009 10:45:23 a.m.] Fore: only report what you actually feel and anything abnormal from a standard baseline

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    [16/09/2009 10:45:37 a.m.] Fore: in this case shads is the only one who I will try things on.
    [16/09/2009 10:45:44 a.m.] platinumlurker: Lucky me
    [16/09/2009 10:45:54 a.m.] hazuyo: ^^
    [16/09/2009 10:45:57 a.m.] platinumlurker: Is there noise coming from my mic?
    [16/09/2009 10:46:02 a.m.] freedom.dove: yeah
    [16/09/2009 10:46:02 a.m.] hazuyo: yeah
    [16/09/2009 10:46:03 a.m.] Fore: nope
    [16/09/2009 10:46:04 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: will ther be an overflow to those only watching?
    [16/09/2009 10:46:06 a.m.] freedom.dove: lol
    [16/09/2009 10:46:11 a.m.] Fore: bit of static
    [16/09/2009 10:46:45 a.m.] Fore: not necessary
    [16/09/2009 10:46:48 a.m.] platinumlurker: OK
    [16/09/2009 10:46:58 a.m.] Fore: I might have to take off my headphones/earphones though
    [16/09/2009 10:46:58 a.m.] freedom.dove: standard baseline? that's funny... idk what's standard anymore. :P
    [16/09/2009 10:47:12 a.m.] Fore: so I won't be able to hear you speak
    [16/09/2009 10:47:22 a.m.] epo333: I muted my mic..!
    [16/09/2009 10:47:28 a.m.] freedom.dove: that's better
    [16/09/2009 10:47:30 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: mee too
    [16/09/2009 10:47:58 a.m.] Fore: first thing is first
    [16/09/2009 10:48:08 a.m.] Fore: learning your pattern so I can use it to target
    [16/09/2009 10:48:28 a.m.] Fore: so far I am not feeling anything
    [16/09/2009 10:48:30 a.m.] platinumlurker: What do i need tp do?
    [16/09/2009 10:48:39 a.m.] Fore: to be honest nothing
    [16/09/2009 10:48:46 a.m.] platinumlurker: I can do that
    [16/09/2009 10:48:52 a.m.] platinumlurker: Im even good at it
    [16/09/2009 10:48:52 a.m.] Fore: you can chat with the others and that makes it easier to focus on you
    [16/09/2009 10:48:58 a.m.] Fore: (and accidentally them)
    [16/09/2009 10:49:20 a.m.] platinumlurker: So who saw the awesome area 51 pic i posted
    [16/09/2009 10:49:40 a.m.] Fore: remember if you guys speak I won't hear it
    [16/09/2009 10:49:43 a.m.] hazuyo: hmm, where ?
    [16/09/2009 10:50:03 a.m.] platinumlurker: In the pics only section
    [16/09/2009 10:50:13 a.m.] Fore: you can talk with each other just make sure to type it out for me to read
    [16/09/2009 10:50:29 a.m.] platinumlurker: I muted my mic too
    [16/09/2009 10:50:38 a.m.] platinumlurker: My kids being a pain LOL
    [16/09/2009 10:50:39 a.m.] freedom.dove: yeah, shads, that was funny
    [16/09/2009 10:50:48 a.m.] hazuyo: I never go in that section, i m gonna check it
    [16/09/2009 10:50:54 a.m.] Fore: << right now I am just building influence
    [16/09/2009 10:50:56 a.m.] platinumlurker: The soldier is me on the set of Army Wives
    [16/09/2009 10:51:08 a.m.] freedom.dove: lol
    [16/09/2009 10:51:13 a.m.] freedom.dove: for real?
    [16/09/2009 10:51:16 a.m.] platinumlurker: Yes
    [16/09/2009 10:51:19 a.m.] freedom.dove: cool
    [16/09/2009 10:51:22 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: cool
    [16/09/2009 10:51:24 a.m.] platinumlurker: I am an extra
    [16/09/2009 10:51:30 a.m.] platinumlurker: They film the show locally
    [16/09/2009 10:51:49 a.m.] freedom.dove: so what state?
    [16/09/2009 10:51:55 a.m.] platinumlurker: Charleston SC
    [16/09/2009 10:52:15 a.m.] freedom.dove: an extra? that's neat. met any cool people?
    [16/09/2009 10:52:25 a.m.] platinumlurker: Met all the stars
    [16/09/2009 10:52:32 a.m.] platinumlurker: Catherine Bell is totally cool
    [16/09/2009 10:52:36 a.m.] freedom.dove: okay, feeling some pressure on the backside of my head
    [16/09/2009 10:52:58 a.m.] Fore: I noticed that my back has begun hurting
    [16/09/2009 10:53:15 a.m.] platinumlurker: In the next episode i play a pool shark in the 1940s
    [16/09/2009 10:53:19 a.m.] freedom.dove: does your heart area hurt too?
    [16/09/2009 10:53:40 a.m.] Fore: it appears that when I amplify the influence my body begins to hurt along a certain area
    [16/09/2009 10:53:49 a.m.] freedom.dove: cool, shads. let us know when it airs. though i don't watch cable. :P
    [16/09/2009 10:54:21 a.m.] freedom.dove: fore, are you feeling pain from others or is this yours?
    [16/09/2009 10:54:25 a.m.] platinumlurker: Its on every sunday at 10 here
    [16/09/2009 10:54:29 a.m.] platinumlurker: 9 central
    [16/09/2009 10:54:31 a.m.] hazuyo: and the show is good overall ?
    [16/09/2009 10:54:34 a.m.] Fore: @ dove no not my heart but just left and down
    [16/09/2009 10:54:44 a.m.] platinumlurker: No its a soap opera for the most part
    [16/09/2009 10:54:54 a.m.] platinumlurker: I only watch it cuz me and my kids are extras
    [16/09/2009 10:54:57 a.m.] platinumlurker: and my dog
    [16/09/2009 10:54:59 a.m.] Fore: it appears to be a physically induced anomaly when I start emitting influence
    [16/09/2009 10:55:26 a.m.] freedom.dove: so you don't pick up empathic body signals from others?
    [16/09/2009 10:55:34 a.m.] Fore: right now I am paying attention to whom I recieve info from
    [16/09/2009 10:55:46 a.m.] Fore: and what kinds of info as well as what happens internally for me
    [16/09/2009 10:56:09 a.m.] freedom.dove: am i distracting you?
    [16/09/2009 10:56:18 a.m.] platinumlurker: Are you receiving info from me?
    [16/09/2009 10:56:23 a.m.] Fore: I am starting to feel out /taget shads
    [16/09/2009 10:57:03 a.m.] freedom.dove: oy, is my name shads all of a sudden?
    [16/09/2009 10:57:09 a.m.] freedom.dove: :P
    [16/09/2009 10:57:20 a.m.] freedom.dove: lol. sorry, but i definitely feel something
    [16/09/2009 10:57:27 a.m.] hazuyo: ponti/bloodaxe was calling no?
    [16/09/2009 10:57:40 a.m.] Fore: He has contacted me
    [16/09/2009 10:57:45 a.m.] Fore: he wants in
    [16/09/2009 10:57:57 a.m.] hazuyo: : )
    [16/09/2009 10:58:30 a.m.] hazuyo: are yo all from USA ?
    [16/09/2009 10:58:38 a.m.] platinumlurker: Yea
    [16/09/2009 10:58:39 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: i am
    [16/09/2009 10:58:42 a.m.] freedom.dove: yeah
    [16/09/2009 10:59:26 a.m.] Fore: Ok now I am trying to see if I can pour out some influence externally
    [16/09/2009 10:59:34 a.m.] platinumlurker: Originally from Chicago
    [16/09/2009 10:59:50 a.m.] Fore: Ponti, can you see this?
    [16/09/2009 10:59:52 a.m.] platinumlurker: Moved to SC 11 years ago to get out of the rat race
    [16/09/2009 10:59:55 a.m.] pontificator.omf: Now I'm here
    [16/09/2009 11:00:01 a.m.] Fore: welcome
    [16/09/2009 11:00:07 a.m.] hazuyo: ok : )
    hi ponti
    [16/09/2009 11:00:46 a.m.] freedom.dove: i think i feel the influence even though i'm not technically participating
    [16/09/2009 11:01:05 a.m.] freedom.dove: or someone is here doing that :P
    [16/09/2009 11:01:06 a.m.] Fore: it appears that the pain I feel is actually a thickening of internsity
    [16/09/2009 11:01:51 a.m.] Fore: right now I am pulling out that long palpable tibe of influence through what is commonly called the "third eye"
    [16/09/2009 11:02:00 a.m.] pontificator.omf: Current location: New Zealand, Current time 10:01am
    [16/09/2009 11:02:09 a.m.] platinumlurker: Is the third eye blind?
    [16/09/2009 11:02:11 a.m.] Fore: by the way, I won't be able to sometimes pay attention to you guys while I type
    [16/09/2009 11:02:17 a.m.] Fore: as I am focusing on other things
    [16/09/2009 11:02:26 a.m.] Fore: it isn't an eye
    [16/09/2009 11:02:50 a.m.] Fore: it appears to be an opening, like a psychic pore that pours out influence into the environment
    [16/09/2009 11:03:22 a.m.] Fore: when it gets going it feels like a gyser pouring out an invisible yet palpable field
    [16/09/2009 11:03:29 a.m.] Fore: why it does that I really don't know
    [16/09/2009 11:03:40 a.m.] Fore: << sorry for my typing, My focus is elsewhere
    [16/09/2009 11:04:15 a.m.] Fore: I notice that if I move the pressure of intense influence from my chest to my head
    [16/09/2009 11:04:23 a.m.] Fore: it alleviates the pain
    [16/09/2009 11:04:42 a.m.] Fore: but why does it form that way? ?
    [16/09/2009 11:05:11 a.m.] freedom.dove: are there interconnect centers in the torso?
    [16/09/2009 11:05:19 a.m.] Fore: right now it feels like a heavyness is situation just above my eyes
    [16/09/2009 11:05:24 a.m.] Fore: yes
    [16/09/2009 11:05:48 a.m.] Fore: situated(
    [16/09/2009 11:05:52 a.m.] Fore: not situation
    [16/09/2009 11:06:17 a.m.] Fore: at this point most people say they feel a heavyness on their skull
    [16/09/2009 11:06:27 a.m.] freedom.dove: well i sure do
    [16/09/2009 11:06:32 a.m.] Fore: after a few steps from now
    [16/09/2009 11:06:48 a.m.] Fore: they say they feel a sharp pain behind one eye and random headaches
    [16/09/2009 11:06:49 a.m.] freedom.dove: shads, you feel anything?
    [16/09/2009 11:06:58 a.m.] platinumlurker: Honestly no
    [16/09/2009 11:07:01 a.m.] Fore: (keep an eyeout for anything like that)
    [16/09/2009 11:07:11 a.m.] Fore: also keep your imaginations to a minumum
    [16/09/2009 11:07:12 a.m.] hazuyo: well, personnaly i don't particularly feel anything either
    [16/09/2009 11:07:13 a.m.] freedom.dove: are you getting a reading from shads, fore?
    [16/09/2009 11:07:23 a.m.] pontificator.omf: The pressure built a little earlier, left temple ocassionally gives minor pain.
    [16/09/2009 11:07:38 a.m.] freedom.dove: hazuyo, i think i'm just ultra sensitive
    [16/09/2009 11:07:38 a.m.] Fore: the ones who I got some slight info back from was lilly
    [16/09/2009 11:07:53 a.m.] Fore: it was like a wisp of info

  4. #1624
    [16/09/2009 11:07:53 a.m.] platinumlurker: Active imagination.......but just concentrating on this chat now
    [16/09/2009 11:08:01 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: me?
    [16/09/2009 11:08:05 a.m.] Fore: yeah
    [16/09/2009 11:08:10 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: cool
    [16/09/2009 11:08:13 a.m.] Fore: so far really nothing
    [16/09/2009 11:08:23 a.m.] Fore: I still can't feel your personalities yet
    [16/09/2009 11:08:35 a.m.] Fore: which is the point where I can then do something substancial
    [16/09/2009 11:09:00 a.m.] Fore: this is supposed to be done over months (the proper way)
    [16/09/2009 11:09:15 a.m.] Fore: Or three days for a sort of yo-yo activation
    [16/09/2009 11:09:41 a.m.] Fore: (on quickly and then off as soon as you stop applying activation techniques
    [16/09/2009 11:09:56 a.m.] hazuyo: ^^ 3 days or months ? it s quite a difference ^^;
    [16/09/2009 11:10:08 a.m.] Fore: it comes back down if you do it rapidly instead of gradually
    [16/09/2009 11:10:18 a.m.] hazuyo: oh ok
    [16/09/2009 11:10:18 a.m.] Fore: the right way takes time
    [16/09/2009 11:10:20 a.m.] Fore: and effort
    [16/09/2009 11:10:36 a.m.] Fore: if you do the rapid version it is more like a momentary spike
    [16/09/2009 11:10:43 a.m.] hazuyo: yeah, i understand that
    [16/09/2009 11:11:02 a.m.] Fore: rather than a steady and sustain activation
    [16/09/2009 11:11:12 a.m.] Fore: sustained
    [16/09/2009 11:11:31 a.m.] Fore: don't expect anything substancial for this session
    [16/09/2009 11:11:43 a.m.] Fore: that dove is hypersensitive is not surprising
    [16/09/2009 11:12:32 a.m.] freedom.dove: feeling sharp pain behind right eye
    [16/09/2009 11:12:49 a.m.] freedom.dove: kinda feels like there's a visitor in the skies
    [16/09/2009 11:12:57 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: just to let you know fore, i have a cramp in my shin so i am going to have to manipulate an acupressure point to get rid of it.
    [16/09/2009 11:13:06 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: i hope it won't throw you off
    [16/09/2009 11:13:17 a.m.] freedom.dove: of course i can't see it if one is there :P
    [16/09/2009 11:13:35 a.m.] Fore: don't worry I still can't feel your insides so it won't make a difference
    [16/09/2009 11:13:42 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: k
    [16/09/2009 11:14:02 a.m.] freedom.dove: pain is gone. now there's pressure on my forehead
    [16/09/2009 11:14:51 a.m.] pontificator.omf: minor pulse of pain in sinus area... was minor pressure behind right eye momentarily.
    [16/09/2009 11:15:12 a.m.] freedom.dove: hehehe...i thought i was just observing. ;)
    [16/09/2009 11:15:19 a.m.] Fore: ;)
    [16/09/2009 11:15:39 a.m.] hazuyo: back left of the brain, some little pain
    [16/09/2009 11:15:43 a.m.] Fore: what happened now pontif?
    [16/09/2009 11:16:14 a.m.] freedom.dove: i wonder if our implants are being affected by this. :P
    [16/09/2009 11:16:21 a.m.] pontificator.omf: pressure right side of head, feeling of multiple points on to of head. Something else, presence?
    [16/09/2009 11:16:29 a.m.] pontificator.omf: on top^
    [16/09/2009 11:16:44 a.m.] freedom.dove: someone there ponti?
    [16/09/2009 11:17:03 a.m.] pontificator.omf: unlikely, but if they are I'd consider it harmless.
    [16/09/2009 11:17:40 a.m.] Fore: now guys remember to report any changes to you body or state of mind.
    [16/09/2009 11:17:51 a.m.] Fore: any symptoms at all or lack of symptoms
    [16/09/2009 11:18:01 a.m.] Fore: or if something appears to disappear
    [16/09/2009 11:18:04 a.m.] pontificator.omf: Pressure build, right side of face/sinus
    [16/09/2009 11:18:11 a.m.] platinumlurker: Nothing here
    [16/09/2009 11:18:30 a.m.] Fore: (and as always leave your imaginations at home in a locked safe)
    [16/09/2009 11:18:39 a.m.] hazuyo: my muscle nose seems to activate themselves
    [16/09/2009 11:18:45 a.m.] pontificator.omf: pressure centre forehead, pressure left temple. minor pulse pain internal right ear
    [16/09/2009 11:19:05 a.m.] platinumlurker: My imagination is as close to off as it gets
    [16/09/2009 11:20:05 a.m.] freedom.dove: lots of pressure in the solar plexus area. but that could be my warning signal going off
    [16/09/2009 11:20:18 a.m.] hazuyo: was some little pressure top/front of the head
    [16/09/2009 11:20:36 a.m.] freedom.dove: when i went outside just now, there was a lot of pressure on my crown
    [16/09/2009 11:20:51 a.m.] freedom.dove: someone's definitely here
    [16/09/2009 11:21:26 a.m.] hazuyo: muscle of the nose still "playing"
    [16/09/2009 11:21:55 a.m.] hazuyo: gone
    [16/09/2009 11:22:19 a.m.] freedom.dove: slight twitch in the inner corner of right eye for a few. gone now
    [16/09/2009 11:22:26 a.m.] pontificator.omf: interruption. right chest, pressure on lung. Bit more activity around my end in terms of staff, will be a tad sporadic.
    [16/09/2009 11:23:36 a.m.] freedom.dove: pain where you described, Fore. spleen area
    [16/09/2009 11:23:49 a.m.] freedom.dove: i get that sometimes on my own, though
    [16/09/2009 11:24:44 a.m.] freedom.dove: twitching in the ribs, right side
    [16/09/2009 11:25:33 a.m.] freedom.dove: idk how much of this is related to this test, fore, so do you want me to not report anything?
    [16/09/2009 11:25:41 a.m.] Fore: hold on aragami wants in
    [16/09/2009 11:26:36 a.m.] Fore: ok no one say anything
    [16/09/2009 11:26:42 a.m.] Fore: I am going to let aragami in
    [16/09/2009 11:26:46 a.m.] Fore: lets see how he feels
    [16/09/2009 11:26:53 a.m.] Fore: (as he hasn't been in the experiment yet)
    [16/09/2009 11:27:16 a.m.] *** Fore added aragami ***
    [16/09/2009 11:27:28 a.m.] Fore: aragami can you see us?
    [16/09/2009 11:27:46 a.m.] pontificator.omf: right side of temple, vertical spiky pain [minor ], pressure, pressure in ear [ right ]
    [16/09/2009 11:28:11 a.m.] Fore: okay pontif don't type anything for now
    [16/09/2009 11:28:18 a.m.] Fore: just hold on a sec
    [16/09/2009 11:29:43 a.m.] aragami: yeah
    [16/09/2009 11:29:51 a.m.] Fore: aragami won't be joining us
    [16/09/2009 11:29:55 a.m.] Fore: hes late for work
    [16/09/2009 11:30:07 a.m.] aragami: sorry guys gotta run
    [16/09/2009 11:30:12 a.m.] Fore: okay, what pontif describes sounds like medium activation
    [16/09/2009 11:30:24 a.m.] Fore: I am gonna read over dove.
    [16/09/2009 11:31:29 a.m.] freedom.dove: first pressure in left temple, then on forehead. then pain behind left eye
    [16/09/2009 11:31:34 a.m.] Fore: Dove sounds like her abilities are uncontrollably reacting
    [16/09/2009 11:31:47 a.m.] freedom.dove: figures
    [16/09/2009 11:31:50 a.m.] Fore: hazuyo sounds like someone who is experiencing a very low level activation
    [16/09/2009 11:32:13 a.m.] Fore: hazuyo should have felt pressures on the face and influence leaks out randomly
    [16/09/2009 11:32:17 a.m.] pontificator.omf: pulse pressure internal right ear... now pressure moving to top of head with low level prickling feeling
    [16/09/2009 11:32:28 a.m.] freedom.dove: i have other things going on too, which spikes my abilities
    [16/09/2009 11:32:40 a.m.] Fore: sometimes like a build up and then like a light release (causes muscle twitching
    [16/09/2009 11:33:00 a.m.] Fore: how close/far is that to your experience hazuyo?
    [16/09/2009 11:33:06 a.m.] hazuyo: well, nose is on the face and it react quite a lot
    [16/09/2009 11:33:11 a.m.] freedom.dove: pain in back of head again
    [16/09/2009 11:33:15 a.m.] freedom.dove: moving around alot
    [16/09/2009 11:33:23 a.m.] pontificator.omf: pressure increase
    [16/09/2009 11:33:25 a.m.] freedom.dove: concentrated at back for now
    [16/09/2009 11:33:31 a.m.] freedom.dove: definite increase
    [16/09/2009 11:33:52 a.m.] Fore: still just barely feeling shads
    [16/09/2009 11:33:53 a.m.] pontificator.omf: pressure increase, minor pain, pain goes
    [16/09/2009 11:34:39 a.m.] freedom.dove: higher up now. not so close to the base of the head; more towards crown
    [16/09/2009 11:34:55 a.m.] freedom.dove: shads?
    [16/09/2009 11:35:00 a.m.] platinumlurker: Im here
    [16/09/2009 11:35:04 a.m.] freedom.dove: okay
    [16/09/2009 11:35:08 a.m.] pontificator.omf: lowering, right hemesphere has most pressure now
    [16/09/2009 11:35:12 a.m.] pontificator.omf: call... one moment...
    [16/09/2009 11:35:13 a.m.] hazuyo: besides nose muscles reacting, i felt little pain in right temple at the beginnig and it faint as it came, then back in the left area of brain, then front, and now, it s more or less still like that (with nose area mostly)
    [16/09/2009 11:35:16 a.m.] platinumlurker: Nothing here
    [16/09/2009 11:36:21 a.m.] Fore: thats interesting huazuyo
    [16/09/2009 11:36:36 a.m.] Fore: it looks like your are starting to turn on like pontif
    [16/09/2009 11:36:47 a.m.] Fore: some of your symptpms are shared
    [16/09/2009 11:36:53 a.m.] platinumlurker: I want to get turned on LOL
    [16/09/2009 11:37:05 a.m.] hazuyo: what do you means by "influence leaks out" by the way ?
    [16/09/2009 11:37:22 a.m.] hazuyo: my ears start to have pressure on both of them
    [16/09/2009 11:37:23 a.m.] Fore: shads I think you'll need a few steps extra to get you there
    [16/09/2009 11:37:30 a.m.] freedom.dove: lol, shads
    [16/09/2009 11:37:32 a.m.] Fore: do you feel anything at all?
    [16/09/2009 11:37:50 a.m.] platinumlurker: I feel exactly like i felt all day
    [16/09/2009 11:38:00 a.m.] freedom.dove: we can get the chicka-boom music out for ya, shads. :*
    [16/09/2009 11:38:03 a.m.] Fore: it's like your body is a shower head. and influence is the water.
    [16/09/2009 11:38:07 a.m.] freedom.dove: jk of course
    [16/09/2009 11:38:28 a.m.] hazuyo: ok
    [16/09/2009 11:38:29 a.m.] Fore: upon intensification/activation you body tries to expel any foreign contaminants through the pours
    [16/09/2009 11:38:45 a.m.] Fore: in doing so, chunks of influence come pouring out and it clears the passage ways
    [16/09/2009 11:38:55 a.m.] freedom.dove: i must have a lot of contaminants, lol
    [16/09/2009 11:39:04 a.m.] hazuyo: pressure in my ear lowered a bit, but it still like if i was in a tunnel or something

  5. #1625
    [16/09/2009 11:39:06 a.m.] platinumlurker: Geez all i wanted was for someone to tell me what color my office is LOL
    [16/09/2009 11:39:13 a.m.] freedom.dove: lol
    [16/09/2009 11:39:17 a.m.] freedom.dove: white?
    [16/09/2009 11:39:18 a.m.] platinumlurker: and i have no contaminents?? LOL
    [16/09/2009 11:39:30 a.m.] platinumlurker: I dont wat guesses
    [16/09/2009 11:39:32 a.m.] Fore: that feels like focused heat and abnormal vascula/arterialr swelling moving all around
    [16/09/2009 11:39:41 a.m.] freedom.dove: nah, shads, i'm just hypersensitive to this stuff
    [16/09/2009 11:39:50 a.m.] Fore: during your first time you'll have symtoms like you describe
    [16/09/2009 11:40:03 a.m.] Fore: when you haven't kept it on for a while they will be more like pontifs
    [16/09/2009 11:40:19 a.m.] Fore: it flushes more intensly than a first timer
    [16/09/2009 11:40:33 a.m.] pontificator.omf: pressure, and the feeling of something moving in the internal right ear [minor]
    [16/09/2009 11:41:52 a.m.] hazuyo: main activity back to the nose
    [16/09/2009 11:42:11 a.m.] freedom.dove: still lots of pressure on the back of head
    [16/09/2009 11:42:18 a.m.] freedom.dove: some at the forehead now, too
    [16/09/2009 11:43:15 a.m.] pontificator.omf: pressure top of head, minor prickly feeling there occasionally, was pressure left side temple. Forehead pressure ramping up.
    [16/09/2009 11:44:03 a.m.] freedom.dove: the bridge in my mouth--right side--is hurting
    [16/09/2009 11:44:23 a.m.] Fore: okay shads, now I am going to do a preliminary change on just you
    [16/09/2009 11:44:23 a.m.] hazuyo: dove, you have activated a mic ; ) we hear you typing : )
    [16/09/2009 11:44:34 a.m.] platinumlurker: OK
    [16/09/2009 11:44:39 a.m.] freedom.dove: how is that?
    [16/09/2009 11:44:50 a.m.] epo333: frore stated up 1hr now...
    [16/09/2009 11:44:52 a.m.] freedom.dove: do notebooks have built-in mics?
    [16/09/2009 11:44:58 a.m.] Fore: what I am going to do is pour out influence then segment it, and change the configurations randomly
    [16/09/2009 11:45:00 a.m.] hazuyo: yeah
    [16/09/2009 11:45:06 a.m.] Fore: to see what kind of patterns affect just you.
    [16/09/2009 11:45:17 a.m.] platinumlurker: Make it something coo'
    [16/09/2009 11:45:20 a.m.] Fore: (this is one of the key things that is important for me to figure out
    [16/09/2009 11:45:20 a.m.] platinumlurker: cool
    [16/09/2009 11:45:24 a.m.] Fore: lol
    [16/09/2009 11:45:33 a.m.] Fore: hey dove I heard your voice.
    [16/09/2009 11:45:42 a.m.] Fore: << concentrating
    [16/09/2009 11:45:44 a.m.] Fore: yes
    [16/09/2009 11:46:01 a.m.] hazuyo: yeah we do ^^
    [16/09/2009 11:46:13 a.m.] platinumlurker: i dont
    [16/09/2009 11:46:42 a.m.] freedom.dove: you're not missing much
    [16/09/2009 11:46:45 a.m.] Fore: okay trying to send it to your ?general location? shads
    [16/09/2009 11:46:50 a.m.] freedom.dove: :P
    [16/09/2009 11:46:54 a.m.] hazuyo: do you have your speakers on shad ?
    [16/09/2009 11:46:59 a.m.] Fore: some people describe echos of a presence
    [16/09/2009 11:46:59 a.m.] platinumlurker: im here
    [16/09/2009 11:47:03 a.m.] platinumlurker: Yea
    [16/09/2009 11:47:12 a.m.] platinumlurker: but the voice chat thing went away a while ago
    [16/09/2009 11:47:28 a.m.] freedom.dove: mine did too. i reconnected
    [16/09/2009 11:47:42 a.m.] pontificator.omf: [heh, no speakers on, at work... I don't need that level of suspicion...]
    [16/09/2009 11:47:44 a.m.] freedom.dove: i can't hear anyone
    [16/09/2009 11:47:59 a.m.] freedom.dove: lol ponti
    [16/09/2009 11:48:08 a.m.] Fore: God my targeting sucks
    [16/09/2009 11:48:27 a.m.] freedom.dove: maybe you're targeting me on accident?
    [16/09/2009 11:48:28 a.m.] freedom.dove: lol
    [16/09/2009 11:48:33 a.m.] pontificator.omf: don't tell me Fore... you missed?
    [16/09/2009 11:48:59 a.m.] Fore: no, I just find it hard as hell to memorize (or even pick up) shads patterns
    [16/09/2009 11:49:15 a.m.] platinumlurker: Im an enigma wrapped in a mystery
    [16/09/2009 11:49:20 a.m.] Fore: haha
    [16/09/2009 11:49:25 a.m.] freedom.dove: can you also hear music from my mic, guys?
    [16/09/2009 11:49:36 a.m.] Fore: nope
    [16/09/2009 11:49:47 a.m.] Fore: it's an enigma
    [16/09/2009 11:49:48 a.m.] hazuyo: is there music on?
    [16/09/2009 11:49:54 a.m.] freedom.dove: classical
    [16/09/2009 11:49:57 a.m.] Fore: why does shads not feel anything
    [16/09/2009 11:49:58 a.m.] freedom.dove: on the pc
    [16/09/2009 11:50:07 a.m.] hazuyo: nope, hear nothing
    [16/09/2009 11:50:08 a.m.] platinumlurker: I was playing cat stevens earlier
    [16/09/2009 11:50:09 a.m.] Fore: maybe if I target the environment around shads instead of himself
    [16/09/2009 11:50:19 a.m.] freedom.dove: good idea, fore
    [16/09/2009 11:50:25 a.m.] Fore: let me try some different things
    [16/09/2009 11:50:47 a.m.] freedom.dove: is that you tugging on my hook?
    [16/09/2009 11:51:00 a.m.] freedom.dove: ow
    [16/09/2009 11:51:28 a.m.] pontificator.omf: pressure increase internally on right far in nose chamber...
    [16/09/2009 11:51:37 a.m.] freedom.dove: implant
    [16/09/2009 11:51:56 a.m.] freedom.dove: pressure increase behind right eye, inner corner again
    [16/09/2009 11:52:01 a.m.] Fore: it's like I can't find him
    [16/09/2009 11:52:09 a.m.] platinumlurker: Want my address?
    [16/09/2009 11:52:13 a.m.] hazuyo: where is nose chamber ? is it the top of the nose ?
    [16/09/2009 11:52:13 a.m.] hazuyo: lol
    [16/09/2009 11:52:19 a.m.] Fore: shads do I have permission to mess with you?
    [16/09/2009 11:52:26 a.m.] platinumlurker: Mess away
    [16/09/2009 11:53:03 a.m.] freedom.dove: ha, i just found the mute button!
    [16/09/2009 11:53:13 a.m.] hazuyo: ^^
    [16/09/2009 11:53:27 a.m.] freedom.dove: maybe i should use it :P
    [16/09/2009 11:54:05 a.m.] freedom.dove: sorry, laughing about something i just thought about..
    [16/09/2009 11:54:21 a.m.] Fore: I don't feel the connection at all
    [16/09/2009 11:54:40 a.m.] hazuyo: well, it s not really annoying to hear laugh ; D
    [16/09/2009 11:54:40 a.m.] platinumlurker: What can i do?
    [16/09/2009 11:54:41 a.m.] Fore: maybe he will have to wait until .... I just field something strange
    [16/09/2009 11:55:13 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: fosensing me? am i interfering?re, are you still
    [16/09/2009 11:55:21 a.m.] Fore: when I was thinking of the environment around shads I thought I felt someone walking behind
    [16/09/2009 11:55:31 a.m.] Lillian E Waters: fare are you still sensing me?
    [16/09/2009 11:55:34 a.m.] platinumlurker: Behind me?
    [16/09/2009 11:55:44 a.m.] Fore: yeah,
    [16/09/2009 11:55:53 a.m.] Fore: I know nothing was there
    [16/09/2009 11:56:10 a.m.] platinumlurker: My wife is working out in the next room (which is behind me)
    [16/09/2009 11:56:13 a.m.] pontificator.omf: Oddly my breathing is slightly affected, an old asthma thing....
    [16/09/2009 11:56:21 a.m.] Fore: no that wasn't it
    [16/09/2009 11:56:22 a.m.] freedom.dove: mine too, ponti
    [16/09/2009 11:56:30 a.m.] freedom.dove: pressure on lungs
    [16/09/2009 11:56:41 a.m.] freedom.dove: i muted the mic, btw
    [16/09/2009 11:56:45 a.m.] Fore: oh I missed a good test
    [16/09/2009 11:56:58 a.m.] hazuyo: nothing in that area for me (lung)
    [16/09/2009 11:57:00 a.m.] Fore: I can send someone over there to modify you manually
    [16/09/2009 11:57:06 a.m.] freedom.dove: who?
    [16/09/2009 11:57:08 a.m.] freedom.dove: shads?
    [16/09/2009 11:57:10 a.m.] Fore: lets see if I can get any takers
    [16/09/2009 11:57:13 a.m.] Fore: yeah

  6. #1626
    [16/09/2009 11:57:18 a.m.] platinumlurker: Send someone here?
    [16/09/2009 11:57:24 a.m.] freedom.dove: lol
    [16/09/2009 11:57:34 a.m.] Fore: lol the advisor was listening in
    [16/09/2009 11:57:36 a.m.] pontificator.omf: pressure sides of head. Okay, but not sure if anyone is in my area..
    [16/09/2009 11:58:02 a.m.] Fore: let me see if I can ask her to do a small favor
    [16/09/2009 11:58:19 a.m.] Fore: she says she isn't messing around in this session
    [16/09/2009 11:58:23 a.m.] hazuyo: small noise left ear
    [16/09/2009 11:58:28 a.m.] freedom.dove: tell her i said hi
    [16/09/2009 11:58:30 a.m.] platinumlurker: Tell her i said please
    [16/09/2009 11:59:07 a.m.] Fore: <talking
    [16/09/2009 11:59:10 a.m.] freedom.dove: i hear she's pretty (inlove)
    [16/09/2009 11:59:32 a.m.] hazuyo: and not physical as well (or is she?)
    [16/09/2009 11:59:50 a.m.] freedom.dove: only when she uses her super dooper tools on her belt...
    [16/09/2009 11:59:53 a.m.] freedom.dove: j/k
    [16/09/2009 11:59:58 a.m.] freedom.dove: :)
    [16/09/2009 11:59:59 a.m.] Fore: she says she is worried about the results if she helps me adjust things
    [16/09/2009 12:00:13 p.m.] platinumlurker: Tell her im a big boy
    [16/09/2009 12:00:14 p.m.] Fore: So I am asking her then "do you thing and turn me on directly"
    [16/09/2009 12:00:27 p.m.] Fore: for some strange reason she doesn't appear to want to interfere
    [16/09/2009 12:00:36 p.m.] hazuyo: what the worse that could happen ?
    [16/09/2009 12:00:45 p.m.] platinumlurker: She could fall madly in love with me
    [16/09/2009 12:00:46 p.m.] freedom.dove: skew the results
    [16/09/2009 12:00:49 p.m.] pontificator.omf: Hmmm... couple of demons, some spirits...
    [16/09/2009 12:01:08 p.m.] Fore: shes talking about me going solo on this experiment and mentions the forum memebers thinking she is going to be involved
    [16/09/2009 12:01:16 p.m.] Fore: shes speaking alot of nonsense
    [16/09/2009 12:01:22 p.m.] pontificator.omf: pain, left upper arm, surface.
    [16/09/2009 12:01:32 p.m.] Fore: she says I don't take things seriously
    [16/09/2009 12:01:48 p.m.] freedom.dove: do you?
    [16/09/2009 12:02:01 p.m.] freedom.dove: lol shads, btw
    [16/09/2009 12:02:03 p.m.] Fore: she says do it on your own
    [16/09/2009 12:02:06 p.m.] Fore: to me
    [16/09/2009 12:02:14 p.m.] hazuyo: well, if she is an advisor, she can advise
    [16/09/2009 12:02:15 p.m.] freedom.dove: understandable
    [16/09/2009 12:02:32 p.m.] platinumlurker: Tell her i need some advice
    [16/09/2009 12:02:40 p.m.] freedom.dove: pain in right ear and jaw
    [16/09/2009 12:02:52 p.m.] freedom.dove: pressure build-up behind eyes
    [16/09/2009 12:03:01 p.m.] freedom.dove: feels like someone trying to look through them again
    [16/09/2009 12:03:16 p.m.] freedom.dove: it's different from the sensation earlier
    [16/09/2009 12:03:38 p.m.] freedom.dove: i've felt this before when PK was checking things out over here
    [16/09/2009 12:03:43 p.m.] Fore: dunno what she meant by her last comment
    [16/09/2009 12:03:53 p.m.] platinumlurker: Which was?
    [16/09/2009 12:04:12 p.m.] Fore: I told her what shads said and then she responded tell him I will be around to pick up his bike
    [16/09/2009 12:04:19 p.m.] Fore: the comment didn't make sense
    [16/09/2009 12:04:34 p.m.] freedom.dove: maybe it will to him
    [16/09/2009 12:04:35 p.m.] Fore: ???
    [16/09/2009 12:04:38 p.m.] platinumlurker: Nope
    [16/09/2009 12:04:56 p.m.] platinumlurker: Maybe she is gonna get me a new Harley
    [16/09/2009 12:05:12 p.m.] hazuyo: or a bicycle
    [16/09/2009 12:05:14 p.m.] platinumlurker: Dont own a bike Motorized or other
    [16/09/2009 12:05:19 p.m.] Fore: what she meant by that is anyones guess
    [16/09/2009 12:05:24 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: or is hse predicting an accident?
    [16/09/2009 12:05:40 p.m.] Fore: So in other words she is watching but not gonna get involved.
    [16/09/2009 12:05:43 p.m.] Fore: lucky me
    [16/09/2009 12:05:47 p.m.] Fore: lazy lady
    [16/09/2009 12:06:08 p.m.] freedom.dove: pain in the forehead area. pretty intense
    [16/09/2009 12:06:13 p.m.] Fore: she said she would in the near future but not now
    [16/09/2009 12:06:17 p.m.] pontificator.omf: pressure right side of head.
    [16/09/2009 12:06:29 p.m.] freedom.dove: me too, ponti. just started
    [16/09/2009 12:06:44 p.m.] freedom.dove: things are moving around a lot, and pretty quickly
    [16/09/2009 12:06:47 p.m.] platinumlurker: Hey i need to go start dinner. Kids hungry......ill keep chaecking in
    [16/09/2009 12:07:11 p.m.] Fore: okay
    [16/09/2009 12:07:17 p.m.] freedom.dove: some things stay for a few minutes, others leave quickly
    [16/09/2009 12:07:45 p.m.] Fore: I feel lilly is left out of this LOL
    [16/09/2009 12:07:59 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: nah, i'm taking it all in
    [16/09/2009 12:08:00 p.m.] Fore: maybe she is wondering why she isn't getting the brunt of this stuff
    [16/09/2009 12:08:09 p.m.] Fore: what do you think so far?
    [16/09/2009 12:08:19 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: interestihng
    [16/09/2009 12:08:30 p.m.] freedom.dove: do you feel anything, lilly?
    [16/09/2009 12:08:33 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: i'm feeling very relaxed
    [16/09/2009 12:08:46 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: the most relaxed that i have felt in a while
    [16/09/2009 12:08:53 p.m.] freedom.dove: any pains or pressure?
    [16/09/2009 12:09:10 p.m.] hazuyo: i seems to feels stuff in every area i did mention before but in more subtle way... and as i type this it s increasing
    [16/09/2009 12:09:17 p.m.] Fore: the only safe thing I can do with you guys in my current state is just induce that headache
    [16/09/2009 12:09:28 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: a little pressure in my eys and above them but i have a lot of sinus problems
    [16/09/2009 12:09:29 p.m.] freedom.dove: oh, thanks...
    [16/09/2009 12:09:29 p.m.] Fore: anything more and I would be straining myself at too low a level
    [16/09/2009 12:09:45 p.m.] Fore: I can't even induce nasura at this level
    [16/09/2009 12:09:55 p.m.] hazuyo: nasura?
    [16/09/2009 12:09:59 p.m.] Fore: my targeting skill sure are rusty
    [16/09/2009 12:10:13 p.m.] pontificator.omf: pressure increase general top of head. before minor pulse pain top right then left cheek bone.
    [16/09/2009 12:10:22 p.m.] Fore: I estimate at least 4 more tries (sessions) before I can do mind reading again
    [16/09/2009 12:10:45 p.m.] freedom.dove: pressure in a suspected implant area
    [16/09/2009 12:11:03 p.m.] freedom.dove: back side, low, right side of cervical
    [16/09/2009 12:11:30 p.m.] Fore: trying something different
    [16/09/2009 12:11:36 p.m.] hazuyo: mild pain forhead
    [16/09/2009 12:11:39 p.m.] Fore: tying to cause stimulation instead
    [16/09/2009 12:12:00 p.m.] freedom.dove: oh, i could say something
    [16/09/2009 12:12:05 p.m.] freedom.dove: but i'll be good
    [16/09/2009 12:12:12 p.m.] freedom.dove: :)
    [16/09/2009 12:12:26 p.m.] Fore: the pain in my chest is returning
    [16/09/2009 12:12:35 p.m.] Fore: this time tot he right of my heart
    [16/09/2009 12:13:21 p.m.] freedom.dove: oy. intense pain in back of head, midline area
    [16/09/2009 12:14:00 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: i would love to see what all of your blood pressure looks like
    [16/09/2009 12:14:26 p.m.] hazuyo: still pain in forehead increasing a bit
    [16/09/2009 12:14:39 p.m.] Fore: thats interesting
    [16/09/2009 12:14:57 p.m.] freedom.dove: i would say my bp is normal or below
    [16/09/2009 12:15:02 p.m.] Fore: there appears to be alink between my activation and you guys feeling pressures
    [16/09/2009 12:15:10 p.m.] freedom.dove: i normally run on the low side
    [16/09/2009 12:15:18 p.m.] Fore: the question is how does it work without me necessarily focusing so strongly on you
    [16/09/2009 12:15:28 p.m.] freedom.dove: when it's higher, the veins in my arms really stand out
    [16/09/2009 12:15:39 p.m.] Fore: I tried alot with shads and he is like a brick wall
    [16/09/2009 12:15:45 p.m.] Fore: no sensation effects at all

  7. #1627
    [16/09/2009 12:16:00 p.m.] platinumlurker: Sorry
    [16/09/2009 12:16:30 p.m.] freedom.dove: fore, was that question directed at me?
    [16/09/2009 12:16:35 p.m.] Fore: question, before you all came here to this chat
    [16/09/2009 12:16:46 p.m.] Fore: did you feel 100% normal?
    [16/09/2009 12:16:55 p.m.] platinumlurker: Wish there was something i could do to help
    [16/09/2009 12:17:01 p.m.] Fore: were there any anomalies in your body before we started?
    [16/09/2009 12:17:05 p.m.] freedom.dove: i can't answer that
    [16/09/2009 12:17:06 p.m.] platinumlurker: Who?
    [16/09/2009 12:17:13 p.m.] platinumlurker: Oh dove
    [16/09/2009 12:17:15 p.m.] platinumlurker: NM
    [16/09/2009 12:17:17 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: i've had pain all day
    [16/09/2009 12:17:34 p.m.] Fore: does you pain still continue?
    [16/09/2009 12:17:35 p.m.] hazuyo: no, 100% normal, tired but that s all
    [16/09/2009 12:17:46 p.m.] freedom.dove: the things in my body come and go depending on what's going on around me and who's 'visiting'
    [16/09/2009 12:17:52 p.m.] Fore: @ haz are you tired now?
    [16/09/2009 12:17:53 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: not as badly
    [16/09/2009 12:18:29 p.m.] pontificator.omf: Actually, I was slightly elevated. But that is mainly connected with me reading your posts... after all... they only took a look after I read upto around page 85...
    [16/09/2009 12:18:29 p.m.] freedom.dove: i get a lot of company
    [16/09/2009 12:18:42 p.m.] Fore: I have always wanted to try long distance healing techniques. But I don't have the slightest clue on how to do it.
    [16/09/2009 12:18:54 p.m.] hazuyo: @fore, not really, i m at the same level basically (i should be more tired i guess, but no)
    [16/09/2009 12:18:56 p.m.] pontificator.omf: pressure right and left temple
    [16/09/2009 12:19:10 p.m.] freedom.dove: but i have definitely noticed a difference in my head, which was feeling normal before the session
    [16/09/2009 12:19:49 p.m.] Fore: what does the pressure on your right and left temples feel like pontif?
    [16/09/2009 12:20:31 p.m.] pontificator.omf: similar tto the sucutical effects from pressing both thumbs at the bone-line there
    [16/09/2009 12:20:36 p.m.] Fore: what effects in general are you all feeling now?
    [16/09/2009 12:20:37 p.m.] pontificator.omf: subcutical^
    [16/09/2009 12:21:22 p.m.] Fore: pontif
    [16/09/2009 12:21:30 p.m.] hazuyo: fine, besides the headache (i haven't felt anything particular in any other part of m body btw)
    [16/09/2009 12:21:40 p.m.] Fore: it sounds like you along with dove are probably the best candidates for psychic activity
    [16/09/2009 12:22:12 p.m.] pontificator.omf: currently, around the head, right side minor feeling of something touching.
    [16/09/2009 12:22:18 p.m.] Fore: what did the headache feel like (haz)
    [16/09/2009 12:22:48 p.m.] pontificator.omf: pressure right temple, touch eyebrow left side.
    [16/09/2009 12:22:51 p.m.] freedom.dove: pressure is on forehead and behind eyes now
    [16/09/2009 12:22:51 p.m.] hazuyo: forehead, like my brain want to move out i would say
    [16/09/2009 12:23:00 p.m.] Fore: @ pontif it should feel like two tubes sticking out of your temples
    [16/09/2009 12:23:05 p.m.] freedom.dove: was just at the back of neck, too
    [16/09/2009 12:23:10 p.m.] pontificator.omf: more pressure right currently
    [16/09/2009 12:23:15 p.m.] Fore: you should feel it like a tugging correct?
    [16/09/2009 12:23:34 p.m.] pontificator.omf: not tugging oddly...
    [16/09/2009 12:23:38 p.m.] Fore: pass your hand just over the area and see if you feel anything
    [16/09/2009 12:23:53 p.m.] Fore: without touching the skin I mean
    [16/09/2009 12:23:58 p.m.] pontificator.omf: errr... not feel feel, but sensation somethings going on there...
    [16/09/2009 12:24:09 p.m.] pontificator.omf: heat...
    [16/09/2009 12:24:30 p.m.] pontificator.omf: increase in pressure, feeling pain internal top of back throat nose intersection
    [16/09/2009 12:24:35 p.m.] Fore: sounds like haz might be just behind pontif and dove
    [16/09/2009 12:24:50 p.m.] Fore: dove your abilities appear to constantly be turning off and on
    [16/09/2009 12:24:53 p.m.] Fore: from your descriptions
    [16/09/2009 12:25:00 p.m.] freedom.dove: that's weird. when i hold my hand over the pressure area (forehead), and move it out from there, i feel pulling
    [16/09/2009 12:25:11 p.m.] Fore: like a psi field that has no uniform throttle
    [16/09/2009 12:25:15 p.m.] freedom.dove: yeah, fore, that's because they do, remember?
    [16/09/2009 12:25:23 p.m.] freedom.dove: :P
    [16/09/2009 12:25:31 p.m.] freedom.dove: they cycle on and off
    [16/09/2009 12:25:33 p.m.] freedom.dove: it's a bitch
    [16/09/2009 12:25:40 p.m.] pontificator.omf: pull, right side..
    [16/09/2009 12:26:11 p.m.] pontificator.omf: constant pull, right temple...
    [16/09/2009 12:26:33 p.m.] freedom.dove: it has something to do with the DNA activation i had done to stop the strokes
    [16/09/2009 12:26:39 p.m.] Fore: if we interact long enough we will slowly turn each others abilities on
    [16/09/2009 12:26:48 p.m.] hazuyo: oh, something around my temples
    [16/09/2009 12:27:03 p.m.] Fore: dove you have experience a stroke?
    [16/09/2009 12:27:14 p.m.] freedom.dove: not for about a year
    [16/09/2009 12:27:16 p.m.] freedom.dove: thankfully
    [16/09/2009 12:27:23 p.m.] pontificator.omf: weird minor pulse tug..
    [16/09/2009 12:27:28 p.m.] freedom.dove: that DNA thing was done in June last year
    [16/09/2009 12:27:48 p.m.] freedom.dove: i was getting them more often and they were lasting longer each time
    [16/09/2009 12:28:03 p.m.] hazuyo: horizontal, pull on both temple, foreahead pressure has lowered significantly
    [16/09/2009 12:28:10 p.m.] freedom.dove: i had to do the DNA tweak to get them to stop, but it caused this other problem
    [16/09/2009 12:28:37 p.m.] Fore: hmm sounds like you have activation
    [16/09/2009 12:28:41 p.m.] Fore: that is strange though
    [16/09/2009 12:29:09 p.m.] Fore: I had long assumed that my influence would turn somoene on and then if I stopped it would return back to normal
    [16/09/2009 12:29:20 p.m.] pontificator.omf: feeling of muscle pressure on tip of left lip. Now feel as though something just flowed down my surrounding eye area to left of right eye.
    [16/09/2009 12:29:30 p.m.] Fore: but I am starting to realize from you three that it appears to be like a cascade effect
    [16/09/2009 12:29:37 p.m.] Fore: like a runaway reaction
    [16/09/2009 12:29:51 p.m.] Fore: the question long will it last?

  8. #1628
    [16/09/2009 12:30:03 p.m.] freedom.dove: something to do with 'sealing' my 'fragmentary body'
    [16/09/2009 12:30:15 p.m.] Fore: some other entity is looking in on us
    [16/09/2009 12:30:19 p.m.] freedom.dove: sorry for the lapse on that
    [16/09/2009 12:30:25 p.m.] Fore: It's ET
    [16/09/2009 12:30:43 p.m.] hazuyo: it might stop just right away, but besides me i don't feel anything else particular
    [16/09/2009 12:30:46 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: which species?
    [16/09/2009 12:31:27 p.m.] hazuyo: nose area again, temples still in activity (mild)
    [16/09/2009 12:31:38 p.m.] pontificator.omf: weird sensation just passed through my head. pressure changed to pain right temple... well, weird pain...
    [16/09/2009 12:31:42 p.m.] Fore: I am going to walk away from the computer
    [16/09/2009 12:31:46 p.m.] hazuyo: no more (mostly) pain in forehead
    [16/09/2009 12:31:53 p.m.] Fore: see if you guys feel my pressure drop off
    [16/09/2009 12:31:59 p.m.] Fore: brb
    [16/09/2009 12:32:03 p.m.] platinumlurker: So why wont it work with me?
    [16/09/2009 12:32:21 p.m.] hazuyo: no idea
    [16/09/2009 12:32:25 p.m.] pontificator.omf: It's possible it's hard to determine your signature
    [16/09/2009 12:32:35 p.m.] pontificator.omf: or... you are very well shielded
    [16/09/2009 12:32:50 p.m.] platinumlurker: What would shield me?
    [16/09/2009 12:33:03 p.m.] hazuyo: superman?
    [16/09/2009 12:33:05 p.m.] hazuyo: ^^
    [16/09/2009 12:34:00 p.m.] pontificator.omf: natural wild-mage effect? Breathing affected slightly, right lung.
    [16/09/2009 12:34:23 p.m.] hazuyo: or the area you re in?
    [16/09/2009 12:34:25 p.m.] pontificator.omf: increase in pressure, right temple, head pressure at top increasing.
    [16/09/2009 12:34:57 p.m.] hazuyo: same status as before for me
    [16/09/2009 12:34:58 p.m.] freedom.dove: pressure is the same, if not more intense. moving still
    [16/09/2009 12:35:29 p.m.] freedom.dove: right ear, lower right side towards back, right jaw, forehead on right side
    [16/09/2009 12:35:36 p.m.] freedom.dove: geesh, my body is so messed up
    [16/09/2009 12:35:39 p.m.] freedom.dove: it's switching
    [16/09/2009 12:35:43 p.m.] freedom.dove: still...
    [16/09/2009 12:35:57 p.m.] freedom.dove: brb
    [16/09/2009 12:36:08 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: my eye pain and pressure went away, came back for a sec and went away again
    [16/09/2009 12:36:22 p.m.] platinumlurker: Lillian who are you on OMF?
    [16/09/2009 12:36:31 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: newyorklily
    [16/09/2009 12:36:38 p.m.] platinumlurker: Ahhhh ok
    [16/09/2009 12:36:45 p.m.] platinumlurker: Sorry im dense sometimes
    [16/09/2009 12:36:45 p.m.] Fore: ok im back
    [16/09/2009 12:36:48 p.m.] pontificator.omf: output minor painful increase on top of head, felt like it shifted there from right temple. Now feeling, tingly...
    [16/09/2009 12:36:52 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: np
    [16/09/2009 12:36:54 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: lol
    [16/09/2009 12:37:26 p.m.] Fore: so am i to understand that even if I stop paying attention,,,your psi activation still continues on it's own?
    [16/09/2009 12:37:39 p.m.] hazuyo: as you come back, forefead pain come back
    [16/09/2009 12:37:53 p.m.] pontificator.omf: it would appear so, but I'm wondering if we bridged via their imprints on you at some stage...
    [16/09/2009 12:39:09 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: you should make it a blind study Fore and not tell us when you are there or when you leave
    [16/09/2009 12:39:41 p.m.] Fore: Sure I can do that
    [16/09/2009 12:39:46 p.m.] hazuyo: the most active part of my head so far, has been top of my nose that is almost always there
    [16/09/2009 12:39:53 p.m.] Fore: but you'll have to be like pontif and indicate when there is a change
    [16/09/2009 12:40:02 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: ok
    [16/09/2009 12:40:23 p.m.] Fore: what do you guys feel now?
    [16/09/2009 12:40:32 p.m.] Fore: I am relaxing my abilities
    [16/09/2009 12:40:33 p.m.] platinumlurker: Hungry
    [16/09/2009 12:40:39 p.m.] hazuyo: pressure forehead
    [16/09/2009 12:40:39 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: there is a slight pesence in my apartment
    [16/09/2009 12:40:58 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: gone now
    [16/09/2009 12:41:05 p.m.] pontificator.omf: umm, overall feeling of bliss outside my head. no real pressure to speak of.
    [16/09/2009 12:41:37 p.m.] pontificator.omf: minor surface feeling like something is touching the skin in places, but very lightly
    [16/09/2009 12:41:51 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: a much strongher presence of something i've never felt before
    [16/09/2009 12:42:08 p.m.] pontificator.omf: forehead feels like its got something on it to be honest, very light and... fluffy?

  9. #1629
    [16/09/2009 12:42:11 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: around my shoulders and back
    [16/09/2009 12:42:35 p.m.] hazuyo: ears feels blocked (but ar not)
    [16/09/2009 12:42:56 p.m.] pontificator.omf: pressure increase in same areas, minor...
    [16/09/2009 12:43:23 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: i'm just sitting in this presence
    [16/09/2009 12:43:34 p.m.] hazuyo: i hear my blood pressure
    [16/09/2009 12:43:42 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: it scared me at first because i don't rcognize it
    [16/09/2009 12:43:46 p.m.] freedom.dove: okay, back now
    [16/09/2009 12:44:00 p.m.] freedom.dove: still pressure on right side, pain in ear
    [16/09/2009 12:44:05 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: but more comfortable with it now but not copletely
    [16/09/2009 12:44:18 p.m.] pontificator.omf: minor burning, vertical streak, right forehead. pressure minor back left of head.
    [16/09/2009 12:44:53 p.m.] hazuyo: still forehead mild pain
    [16/09/2009 12:45:12 p.m.] hazuyo: nose area agina
    [16/09/2009 12:45:12 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: presence fading away
    [16/09/2009 12:45:16 p.m.] freedom.dove: forehead, back of neck right side; pain and pressure with both
    [16/09/2009 12:45:30 p.m.] freedom.dove: yeah, lilly, i think it's here now
    [16/09/2009 12:45:36 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: gone
    [16/09/2009 12:45:42 p.m.] freedom.dove: don't know who all comes and goes here
    [16/09/2009 12:46:28 p.m.] hazuyo: focusing on the nose
    [16/09/2009 12:46:49 p.m.] hazuyo: and middle of the eye forehead area
    [16/09/2009 12:47:36 p.m.] Fore: Lilly
    [16/09/2009 12:47:40 p.m.] Fore: this is pretty sudden
    [16/09/2009 12:47:51 p.m.] Fore: but I think you should bail from this session for right now
    [16/09/2009 12:47:57 p.m.] hazuyo: headache very lowered
    [16/09/2009 12:48:06 p.m.] Fore: you are describing what sounds like an RV sessions near to you
    [16/09/2009 12:48:26 p.m.] Fore: as one of the male ET's indicated an interest in this group of people
    [16/09/2009 12:48:46 p.m.] Fore: I think it would be wise for you all to step away and go about the rest of your day before anything further occurs
    [16/09/2009 12:49:00 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: no problem
    [16/09/2009 12:49:11 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: good night everyone.
    [16/09/2009 12:49:20 p.m.] freedom.dove: see ya lilly
    [16/09/2009 12:49:20 p.m.] pontificator.omf: night
    [16/09/2009 12:49:37 p.m.] hazuyo: good night
    [16/09/2009 12:49:57 p.m.] epo333: 2Hr 8imin
    [16/09/2009 12:50:31 p.m.] hazuyo: thanks fore and everyone, bye : )
    [16/09/2009 12:50:40 p.m.] Fore: Dove you too, I am reading up
    [16/09/2009 12:51:02 p.m.] freedom.dove: me too, what?
    [16/09/2009 12:51:02 p.m.] Fore: It sounds like you all mightbe systematically profiled
    [16/09/2009 12:51:06 p.m.] freedom.dove: you want me to go?
    [16/09/2009 12:51:15 p.m.] freedom.dove: dude i've been profiled for a while
    [16/09/2009 12:51:20 p.m.] freedom.dove: :P
    [16/09/2009 12:51:29 p.m.] Fore: hazuyo are you a male or female?
    [16/09/2009 12:51:36 p.m.] Fore: (sorry to be blunt
    [16/09/2009 12:51:40 p.m.] hazuyo: male
    [16/09/2009 12:51:42 p.m.] pontificator.omf: I'm pretty sure that if anything wanted to profile me, it's already done it...
    [16/09/2009 12:51:55 p.m.] hazuyo: no worrie, same as pontif
    [16/09/2009 12:52:48 p.m.] hazuyo: so is it done for tonight or...?
    [16/09/2009 12:53:29 p.m.] platinumlurker: Will i be as well?
    [16/09/2009 12:53:35 p.m.] platinumlurker: Profiled that is?
    [16/09/2009 12:53:54 p.m.] Fore: unlikely since you aren't able to experience anything seemingly psychic at the moment
    [16/09/2009 12:54:00 p.m.] Fore: I am just being extra careful
    [16/09/2009 12:54:18 p.m.] platinumlurker: Well tell the advisor she can come have a chat with me anytime
    [16/09/2009 12:54:25 p.m.] pontificator.omf: So.... does the advisor have any comments to make about me? [ I'm hardly going to be offended ]
    [16/09/2009 12:54:29 p.m.] Fore: I don't want bad situations to occur by people being exaimined by ET's
    [16/09/2009 12:54:46 p.m.] Fore: knowing her she probably will
    [16/09/2009 12:55:12 p.m.] platinumlurker: Late at night in my office would be good LOL
    [16/09/2009 12:55:27 p.m.] platinumlurker: Tell her the couch is all hers
    [16/09/2009 12:55:33 p.m.] freedom.dove: lol
    [16/09/2009 12:55:42 p.m.] Fore: @ pontif at the moment she seems to want to make this about me
    [16/09/2009 12:55:53 p.m.] platinumlurker: Night all Dinners ready
    [16/09/2009 12:55:55 p.m.] pontificator.omf: understandable...
    [16/09/2009 12:55:57 p.m.] Fore: she doesn't appear to want to jump in at the moment
    [16/09/2009 12:56:00 p.m.] epo333: IMO this hasn't been a bad start for the 1st session...but all good thinks must end at somepoint...?
    [16/09/2009 12:56:03 p.m.] freedom.dove: see ya, shads
    [16/09/2009 12:56:06 p.m.] Fore: I am pretty sure there is a good reason as to why
    [16/09/2009 12:56:28 p.m.] pontificator.omf: Ahhh, she might have been my ex-wife in a prior lifetime... understood...
    [16/09/2009 12:57:25 p.m.] Fore: thanks epo for keeping tabs on all this
    [16/09/2009 12:57:30 p.m.] Fore: your help is indispensible
    [16/09/2009 12:58:18 p.m.] epo333: Before I go ... one last thing.
    [16/09/2009 12:58:38 p.m.] pontificator.omf: pressure right temple...
    [16/09/2009 12:59:13 p.m.] hazuyo: i still have mild pain in forehead, and nose area acting btw...
    [16/09/2009 12:59:13 p.m.] Fore: there is one thing I want you all to report many hours until the side effects from this session completely disappears
    [16/09/2009 12:59:31 p.m.] hazuyo: what side effects should we expect?
    [16/09/2009 12:59:46 p.m.] pontificator.omf: might be a while, I'm seeing if I can maintain it... Will post in the testing thread
    [16/09/2009 1:00:06 p.m.] freedom.dove: fore, when you're done be sure to check that conversation box we started before things got going here
    [16/09/2009 1:00:29 p.m.] freedom.dove: pressure in head has already gone down some
    [16/09/2009 1:00:42 p.m.] freedom.dove: back of head still feels pain and pressure
    [16/09/2009 1:01:27 p.m.] hazuyo: ok, if nothing more, i'm going to sleep now, and hopefully have dreams that I ll remember...
    [16/09/2009 1:01:52 p.m.] epo333: I'll be on the boards for a bit...good night folks....
    [16/09/2009 1:02:28 p.m.] Fore: If anyone visits you guys, I would suggest you all use your own wise discernment as to whether you should respond back
    [16/09/2009 1:02:29 p.m.] freedom.dove: see ya, epo. thanks
    [16/09/2009 1:02:37 p.m.] hazuyo: 'night all
    [16/09/2009 1:02:43 p.m.] freedom.dove: night hazuyo
    [16/09/2009 1:02:56 p.m.] Fore: night all
    [16/09/2009 1:02:59 p.m.] Fore: night shads
    [16/09/2009 1:03:09 p.m.] freedom.dove: night fore
    [16/09/2009 1:03:43 p.m.] Fore: night dove
    [16/09/2009 1:03:45 p.m.] freedom.dove: see ya, ponti
    [16/09/2009 1:03:58 p.m.] freedom.dove: it was...interesting...
    [16/09/2009 1:04:07 p.m.] freedom.dove: :)
    [16/09/2009 1:04:22 p.m.] Fore: isn't it always?
    [16/09/2009 1:04:25 p.m.] Fore: ;)
    [16/09/2009 1:04:58 p.m.] freedom.dove: hehehe :)
    [16/09/2009 1:04:58 p.m.] pontificator.omf: night all
    [16/09/2009 1:07:27 p.m.] *** Call ended ***
    [23/09/2009 5:43:16 p.m.] nietzsche..: hi Fore
    [23/09/2009 5:43:20 p.m.] nietzsche..: Hi everyone
    [23/09/2009 5:44:21 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: hi did you guys ring me too?
    [23/09/2009 5:44:59 p.m.] nietzsche..: i got the long conversation just now
    [23/09/2009 5:45:07 p.m.] nietzsche..: But, i didn't see while it happened
    [23/09/2009 5:45:33 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: ok no problem
    [23/09/2009 5:45:47 p.m.] Lillian E Waters: g'nit Neitzche
    [23/09/2009 5:45:53 p.m.] nietzsche..: good night

  10. #1630
    Some of the things we have talked about:
    time (or events) that flows in both directions,
    effect sometimes preceding cause,
    entities who can in theory process information differently in real time
    are shown in this episode:
    Highly recommended you watch.

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    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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