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Thread: What we think we know so far

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    I see the NZ government actions in a different light. The media clamp down as far as I'm aware has been all about suppressing the video the killer live streamed as he murdered over 50 people.

    I don't know want the laws are in other countries but in the U.K. - You are not allowed to show people dying on television. That may seem barmy when films and tv shows seem to revolve around violence and death.
    For a broadcaster you are not legally allowed to show a real death.

    Live streaming has changed all that. Now anyone with a webcam can broadcast what they like. That's only really happened in the last few years. Jihadis showing beheadings - content that is offensive and downright evil, and other footage like the video of the Christchurch killer can be spread without any problem at all.

    So kinda of counter to what we might think we have a new type of media, social media which is almost completely unrestricted. Facebook and google make billions but we all know are staffed by a handful of people. There are not enough staff protecting the users. Letting this type of footage go viral normalises it.

    The Uk changed the advertising regulations for gambling, about ten years ago, after intense pressure and lobbying from the gambling industry claiming that U.K. firms couldn't compete with online competitors from overseas. Gambling ads are on the Tv all the time now and the result - a complete normalisation of gambling among the young. The figures released about the number of school children gambling in the U.K. is now collosal.

    There is definitely a balance to be struck between freedom of speech and some kind of protection of its abuse by negative influences
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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    I see the NZ government actions in a different light....

    There is definitely a balance to be struck between freedom of speech and some kind of protection of its abuse by negative influences

    Balance would be nice.
    Unfortunately on such emotionally charged subjects we frequently find ourselves on a pendulum swinging wildly from one extreme to another. Without some perspective gained by time to reflect and input from the public, IMHO we end up with decisions on censorship that fail to address the root problem's cause and have negative far reaching implications that may result in unintended consequences.
    The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but
    progress. -- Joseph Joubert
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    Quote Originally Posted by calikid View Post

    Balance would be nice.
    Unfortunately on such emotionally charged subjects we frequently find ourselves on a pendulum swinging wildly from one extreme to another. Without some perspective gained by time to reflect and input from the public, IMHO we end up with decisions on censorship that fail to address the root problem's cause and have negative far reaching implications that may result in unintended consequences.
    Agreed knee jerk reactions are often damaging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pontificator View Post
    Just placing my thoughts here, based on current information to hand, written in past tense based on prior learned information.

    During the early portion of the 21st century, growing discontent with increasingly erratic weather patterns resulted in political chaos. The two sides concerned in each case and nation wished for action, one for action by addressing the problem, the other by ensuring their economies would survive at "any" cost. This schizophrenic approach ultimately resulted in the election of demagogues, where they would attempt to address the problems of the populace through piecemeal adjustments which would never be enough to address the underlying problems causing the disintegration of civilization. To the background of an ever increasingly unstable climate, this resulted in an economic war that would culminate in a physical confrontation between the major powers of the era, and their vassal states. At a later point in time, this would become known as "the war of contracts", an artificially created situation that would allow the entrance of third-parties. The result of that time is still undefined.

    2020, 2022, 2025. If you're not prepared before 2020, you'll never be prepared.
    Quote Originally Posted by pontificator View Post
    @Fore, The Advisor's reappearance cannot be that many years out now, 4 or less, right? I am under the impression this will be post-fall, you thinking of looping back again or will you let things pan out this time? (I have a suspicion that you looped back into a different scenario this time around, thus you can run into "yourself" on a different run in the same timestream.)
    an interesting couple of years...

    reading back a few pages a getting caught up...


    the resonance point occurs in 2025, the military has been aware of this since the '90s. Multiple militaries have been preparing for this from the perspective of a world war determining resource allocations over the next 500+ years.

    i,e, 2025 becomes a year where humanity collectively decides its directional focus or timeline trajectory.

    to explain: we are currently in a rebound or snapback in deviant(multiple) time streams. some call it a Mandela effect, essentially specific continuity points are being non-linearly shifted. What you believe happened 5 years ago can easily be displaced to have occurred 10-15 years ago before re-stabilizing. The streams were disrupted in 2010 to provide humanity the best possible outcome against entities who had this world within their crosshairs. whereas the original drop date was in 2045, this has been pushed back to 2060. it basically bought humanity about 15 years.

    In 2010 the lines and continuity points were shifted between 1985 and 2045 some were accelerated while others were decelerated within a bounded universal space matrix. The effect was something akin to a gravitational assist or slingshot, over multiple continuity points, affecting timeline trajectories to expand or smooth out certain events over a great amout of space. ie what should have occurred over a 15 year period now occurs over a 30 year period of time allowing for a wider transition between events. The catch being the past must also expand creating voids or restabilization (displacement) pockets.

    a good example of this is the '83 challenger disaster gets pulled forward to '85 while the Columbia disaster gets displaced from 2010 to 2003.
    resonance at an individual level will shift the recollection across the displacement window.

    2025 is where these displacement windows achieve very tight proximity and unified timelines begin to transition or manifest into a collective trajectory (continuity re-stabilizes)

    the price for this adjust has been paid for over the last 5,000 years, through the destruction of many (voluntary) family lines.


    for the record.
    When it comes to permission-based claims over knowledge

    Knowledge is not owned by anything or entity it is acquired via a consensus of ideologies, determining how a set of information should and/or should not be interpreted.

    Given the same set of information, your trajectory or focus on how it should be interpreted is where the claim aspect is being determined. There is no direct claim over the set of information, however, how it is interpreted provides a consensus into the manifestation of an emerging reality.

    For those like Fore, he can teach you to build a house. The set of information he imparts to accomplish this task is inherently benign in of itself. Even the act of or utilization of this knowledge is benign. It is like trying to claim the land you walk on or use belongs to you. If you provide the interprtation of information (knowledge) of your own free will then the outcome does not belong to you i.e. you cannot lay claim to houses being built using this knowledge. You might upfront set a contract for specific payment prior to knowledge being imparted i.e. tuition, appenticeship. You could limit how it is propagated thru crertin promises of non-disclosure prior to the knowledge being imparted.

    You cannot impose a limitation on another if you immerse them in an environment wherein they will learn certain tradecraft regardless of any predefined contracts. It is like expecting a carpenters son to not learn how to work with wood when their entire upbringing is comprised of helping their father in the woodshop. Trying to swear him to secrecy after the fact is not enforceable. How he choose to use this knowledge however is a personal responsibility. He can freely open a school teaching carpentry skills. How his students choose to use this knowledge is not his responsibility but once more passes on to the individual who sought to acquire this knowledge. As with any rule there is an exception wherein knowledge is passed on with attached interprative perceptions. For example passing on knowledge which would knowingly degrade a final product for personal gain. This can be taught as something which should not be done, at which point responsibility passes on to the student if they choose to uses it to build inferior products.

    another example:
    A martial arts teacher can teach a student to break bones, for self-defense purposes, he is not responsible if his student decides to use this acquired knowledge to bully others or for other nefarious purposes. However, he is responsible if he teaches these skills with the intent they are to be used to harm specific or pre-defined individuals. Note: an army could be trained due to no specified or predefined individuals are being targeted i.e. national/tribal self defense. However if you specify the training is to be used against some pre-defined enemy then you hold a responsibility for the harm caused by the teachings. An ongoing national self-defense situation does not apply to training against pre-defined enemies.

    As a student if you seek knowledge simply to expand what you know, then it remains benign, If however, you are acquiring knowledge with the intent to harm others then you hold the responsibility should you ever use this knowledge to accomplish such an intent. With a caveat of this knowledge being sought, acquired, and used to stop entities currently inflicting harm upon you or those you love falls under self-defense rules.

    when it comes to the question of why the focus is similar to a claim, it basically comes back to the story of the wolf you pay the most attention to emerges as the victor of the internal battle we face between what we feel is right or wrong. --- it is sort of like voting for what you want your reality to be like...

    i.e. focus on what you believe to be the right thing to do!!!

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    sit on the edge to watch something unfold with a force we cannot control but communicate with

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    On a side note: I had reached out to Fore to see whether he's all right. He says he's fine and not to worry.
    An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
    - Jef Mallett

    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
    - Charles Darwin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garuda View Post
    On a side note: I had reached out to Fore to see whether he's all right. He says he's fine and not to worry.
    Nice to hear he is alright!!!
    sit on the edge to watch something unfold with a force we cannot control but communicate with

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    Quote Originally Posted by montalk View Post

    Hmm, sounds like the Kingdom of Heaven. That leads to the following line of reasoning:

    If these beings are bathed in a very pure (?) and "warm" type of influence there, that says something about what constitutes the Kingdom of Heaven. And if you noticed certain people also have this kind of warmth, not to the same degree of course, then that could explain what Jesus meant by the Kingdom of Heaven being both a state of being and realm of existence. It refers both to the divine realm, and the inner state of being toward which we ought to strive.

    Maybe this warmth is a key factor in getting to work with the Holy Spirit, and the faith and spiritual integrity is the means of achieving it.

    And if this "warmth" is really just a pattern or quality of influence, then it all comes down to repatterning our own influence to be more in tune with that of the angels and their realm. And this can be done without needing to run psi ball exercises and such. Somehow faith, integrity, love, devotion, and other spiritual qualities might be enough. I wonder what these qualities do exactly to the interconnect system if anything, like would they re-pattern the influence flowing from the chest interconnect centers or what...

    Interesting question. This and other discussions of the UT reminded me of an experience I had over a decade ago that I've been reluctant to post it due to a mixture of apathy and a feeling like this won't be of use to anyone but figured I might as well share it and see if anyone can take anything away from it. I figured this is a thread to share weird experiences of a psychic nature so this probably fits. I'm also posting this because this thread has the only information out there that adequately explains what occurred without abstract and airy language.

    From what I understand, the experience was breaking off from my middle self and temporarily merging fully with my higher self +. Effectively becoming a channel for Spirit (Logos) or as the Law of One material describes - accessing intelligent infinity.

    This is what I remember of the experience.

    1. There was a pulling away and a distinct break from my normal mode of consciousness (middle self / ego) and this higher state. I felt myself being "pulled" into this higher state. Once there, it was a profound experience that words cannot fully describe. I describe it poorly as being immersed in an ocean of pure warmth, love and joy. Everything around me got noticeably clearer and brighter.

    2. My face had a serene calm and smile - similar to the images of the Buddha. This was involuntary. It just happened. My eyes were extremely bright and deeper - like a new life force was shining through. Something incredibly brilliant.

    3. My "mind" was talking about the experience as if it were a third person. I could observe it and control it with ease however "I" was not thinking. Where I was, it was not possible to have a thought. That was merely my lower mind. It was like I was behind my mind, watching it. It was funny because my thoughts were saying "wow what an experience, this must be what the Buddha felt, etc" but I was merely observing my middle self think these thoughts.

    4. I felt a distinct energy or "influence" emanating from myself. Images of holy figures come to mind with the glow around their heads. This was felt by me and had the quality of a sun almost. Very pure. This influence quickly filled whatever room I was in and had a similar quality to how Fore described the holy spirit. It felt like light almost without heat. Water like? almost liquid quality... aerogel comes to mind for some reason.

    5. Another quality of this state was that there was no desire present. It's difficult to describe, but it was as if everything was fulfilled. I felt no "want" for anything.

    6. When I went to sleep, I felt the presence of two entities. For whatever reason, I felt like they were from the future. I didn't necessarily feel malevolence from them but I'm not sure what purpose they would have been there for.

    When I woke up I was in my normal state of consciousness however that experience changed me forever. I'll never reach anything that comes close to that in this lifetime again. It was beyond the most perfect, wonderful and joyous experience and I am so grateful that I got to experience it even for a brief moment.

    Come to think of it, not long after that I discovered the OMF forums and started to slowly piece together just what the hell happened. Before my understanding was from more of a mystical perspective. After reading this thread, Montalk's articles and the Law of One material I've come to understand that I was temporarily funneling Spirit out into the world.

    Trying to remember this experience has made me realize, sadly, how far removed I am from that version of myself. I've really let myself go in that arena. For reasons similar to what other members have said. To be "normal" whatever that means.

    Anyway I didn't post this for an ego boost or anything. Just something interesting to share with the group and maybe connect something together. I like the idea that humans (most anyway) have a link to Spirit and that maybe that's what the fight about this place is all about.

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    Putting this up here while I remember it:

    "Researchers found maximum thaw depths had already exceeded what they had expected to occur by 2090, according to the report published in Geophysical Research Letters journal."

    Runaway system in effect. Now, as time goes on you can expect very "interesting" things to happen, the main one being that certain feedback loops will dump more gasses into the atmosphere which will create ideal conditions for "epic" weather effects. By pre-heating the atmosphere, normal events have less of a threshold to cross when transitioning into super-storms. In turn, those storms last longer due to the higher than normal ambient temperatures.

    I have noticed an uptick in monitoring my way, along with active communication; I note that these now consist of non-verbal, non-audio understanding. Oddly, the grammer is effectively the same as what I would normally expect of a conversation, except it's skipping many bits. Another thing I've noted is that comms only happen when it concerns factual topics, usually in the form of clarifying something I was about to write another way. I am not sure of the entity type concerned, however the monitoring is by another entity I recognise from the past; so, at least two distinct types, one definitely physical like a grey [who seems extremely interested in what I find attractive in women {or might be interested in the women, you never know}], and the other may be female (I may have come across this one once before, but I am not sure. It seems to be more likely a spirit of some kind, and is concerning itself with facts and clarification.)

    I am under the impression that I'm being checked for categorisation, with a view to placement of some kind; that's probably very bad...

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    So, observing a general pattern in what I mentioned previously, if it is something out the ordinary in terms of my thinking, then something will have a look. If it concerns me thinking about my future, in terms of negative outcomes, then what appears to be a Grey influence pattern will check on matters; I notice they "actively" make adjustments, which has the effect of causing a dismissal of that line of thought or reasoning. However, I can observe that the change has occurred, and take note, so it doesn't quite work anymore from my personal perspective; I can work in opposition to the change if needed, which is useful, but sometimes not sensible.

    In terms of raw influence, I note that not using it has not really had too much of an effect, the field is still there and developing over time. I ran a few brief experiments to see if some things were possible now, and confirmed that it is possible to make an overlay influence pattern, place it on a person, and directly program their thoughts (this was one of those "does it work this way?" moments, without expecting it to work.) Doing that got me in rather a lot of trouble, however I believe the net benefit is that I confirmed that the ability can develop on its own, and be immediately usable on request (this is without active training, only using a bit of supposition and educated guesses from previously cited material here and on the old Openminds forum.) It is a variant of a process where I found that one's own influence pattern could be made to mirror another persons, to a limited extent, thus allowing you to experience being in their skin; not recommended, it is simply weird, and more than a little disturbing as your own body seems to be "out of place" due to size and positional differences.

    So, I have a suspicion that non-conscious influence training may be occurring in the background when I'm asleep, which leads back to why there is another uptick in interest recently. If they think I'm not noticing, then they probably rapidly reassessed that when I looked into matters with practical testing; which is quite contrary to what I would normally do (in keeping it quiet), but I needed to confirm how far things had progressed. This not something you'd want people running around with, so I'll try and keep it buried under a proverbial rock. However, it is also important to check periodically what the "lie of the land" is, otherwise mistakes can occur; plus, you really need to know what is in the toolkit.

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    The atmospheric feedback loop has now extended to the following effects:
    The melting of the permafrost has resulted in large areas of decaying matter [producing methane], and the exposure of previously frozen areas to dry conditions.
    Wildfires are now sweeping through areas that have not burned for exceedingly long periods of time, or would normally burn later in the year, creating a northern hemisphere wave of soot which is being deposited in the arctic; an example
    The current rate of CO2 production from this is almost double that of the previous record in 2004; please note that the 2004 burn is the total for that year, the current figures for this year are for a season which has started 2 months early and has yet to finish. Even ignoring the CO2 figures, the melt rate of the Greenland ice sheet is excessive and expected to get much worse.
    Should this trend continue, and it likely will, then we may very well see an ice-free arctic in the near future; considering that the permafrost has melted ~75 years early, that might be pretty soon.

    In theory, this is a peak in the 2 year cycle mentioned by Fore. Given this, I expect that atmospheric conditions will worsen in the near term, calming slightly in 2020, with noticeably extreme conditions in 2021; I may have this a year too early though, and be jumping the gun, but it does look pretty bad right now. Please be aware that my working theory is that undeniable destruction caused by atmospheric effects will remove some cities and states by 2022, and severely damage others.

    In terms of posting here, I expect rising sea levels will cut most fibre comms within 7 years. Satellite links should remain operational for longer. The Chinese claim to the South China sea will resolve itself, as their artificial islands will be underwater.

    Exciting times... (I was given a heads up about something happening on August 9, my time, but I'll believe that when I see it; possible meteor strike, or other natural disaster. I suspect it'll turn out to be something completely different though, and I'm treating it with the grain of salt it deserves [I wouldn't lend any credence to this, I have no track-record regarding the entity which mentioned it, but I do need to note it down.])

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