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Thread: What we think we know so far

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    You should go to youtube and read through the comment section about the Pentagon's Spokesman uncomfortable attitude when answering a question. There were many funny and interesting comments about his level of stammering and looking down at the floor away from the camera.

    You'd expect a Spokeman from the Pentagon to cope better with uncomfortable questions...


    "The Hill" has recently changed staff, the two previously balanced reporters at the Hill have decided to freelance on Youtube on their own.

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    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fore View Post
    I would caution you against sharing your experiences with co-workers. Sharing your fascination with the subject is fine (in my opinion).

    Keep in mind what we talked about in the last couple of pages about people affected by the phenomena. This was before the "disclosure" took the headlines about American interests in UFOs.

    The reason for the cautions is basically because while we can talk about these topics on TheOutpostForum without interference and mostly anonymously....there was a halo of protection for us "pre-disclosure". We could talk about topics, ideas and experiences related to the ET phenomena with relative impunity.

    Because while the community on this forum and others consider us "probably" credible, we are among friends and we can relate to one another on some level. Though our stories are unacknowledged events by "officialdom". Meaning Official circles (governments, military, intelligence) don't acknowledge us nor our resulting stories.

    It's becomes a different matter if the core scenario of ET's is acknowledged as real. Then, we wouldn't be as immune to share our fanciful stories. We may become subject to established laws and prosecution. (governments, military, intelligence)

    It isn't inconceivable, that once "ET" life is considered real, there may be a 1-800-xxx-xxxx hotline in your nations of choice for people to report suspicious individuals claiming to have contact with aliens. These individuals would naturally have to be interviewed, assessed and documented. Depending on how the story evolves, I can imagine, that there would be restrictions and possible penalties for individuals with valid experiences.

    It may not be outside the realm of possibility that to keep things simple governments decide it's easier for all these individuals to be collected in internment camps to keep them separated from the general population.

    Perhaps this is what the Military "Lists" were about that the Advisor talked about. Since long ago, anyone who has credibly talked about the phenomena is already on that roundup list. It also may give governments across the world an excuse to control the unsanctioned flow of information to the general population now that all civilian agencies are now "officially on notice" that mandates might have to be enforced.

    It may soon be provisionally illegal for:

    Richard Dolan
    Travis Taylor
    Nick Pope
    George Noory
    George Knapp
    James Fox
    Linda Moulton Howe
    Steven Greer
    Luis Elizondo
    Jacques Vallee

    To hold conferences and talks about the subject in light of the recent developments concerning ETs. They may be arrested for "unverified" and "unsanctioned" claims that affect the national interests and "the fabric of stability" of a nation.

    Obviously, their works and other material may be confiscated and their online presence sanitized until there is an "officialdom" of what is considered valid material released to the public.

    I suspect the ET may be thrilled in such a potential scenario. If such legislation and laws were passed, it would certainly resolve one of the problems even the ET themselves acknowledge.

    Of course, out of self interest, I would prefer something completely different. I don't propose it either. But politicians under pressure usually pick thee most damning and pragmatic solutions when they can't wrap their heads around a difficult scenario.

    "Watch out for it"
    Humm, if the Pentagon or Congress came forth with the slightest statement (admitting) of alien or ET being the likely cause of U.S Military antagonism, AND, then enforce any censorship, or interference with internet or broadcast operations of one or more on your list of UFO/UAP players (reporters), that would cause more panic then 911.

    IMHO. . .

    George Noory and George Knapp alone have over 10,000,000 (that 10 million) followers. Many of them are in high places. Although the Military does have that kind of power as does the alpha-bit soup agencies, I think it would be too blatant of an action for the sheeple. Heck it could even incite unity! (lol)

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    The other possibility is to allow fragmentation.
    Where people will believe whatever convinces them (logically, emotionally, mentally find comfortable).

    Which is very dangerous for both Agendas.

    Disclosure without guide that'd be more devastating than ballistic missiles.

    People like that Qanon (I think I spelled it correctly?) would have a field day. Don't they also have millions of followers?

    What about the many Faiths who'd tackle the whole affair without guide rails?

    (First thing that comes to mind is how politics is one volatile thing. Faith though, is a whole other beast. It's one thing to allow a foreign nation to dominate the world and have to concede a war. You can move elsewhere to escape it. It's a whole other thing being convinced that someone else is going to change the future of the world paradigm, where there is no escape for you or your children's children. In such a scenario mutual destruction between thoughtforms may be the only possible way forward.)

    It would be easier to release a plague that kills 99% of the population than try to sort through that kind of mess. I am pretty sure the ET wouldn't go forward without a plan and contingencies.

    But lets be honest, this is a "Fly by the seat of your pants" even with really good planning.
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    For example, what would a Greer (based philosophy) faction do?
    Government decides ET is our enemy. What would people who think like Greer....become...if they felt that Governments around the world were getting them and their populations into a conflict they cannot win?

    Will they limit themselves to just launching a vocal protest or petition once "ET's are Enemy" is decided as a world consensus?

    I wouldn't be surprised if they'd begin something like armed activities or insurgent behaviors.

    I'd like someone to ask Greer what he'd do if such a scenario takes place. I doubt He'd sit in the dark and do nothing.


    Now flip this around.

    What if the Greer faction becomes the popular consensus across the world? What if rather than getting into wars we sign binding peace treaties with the ET? What if you think they don't have our best interests at heart?

    What if they begin launching initiatives for the betterment of mankind and into law are signed "The Humanities" project? What if the population is told after signing the treaty that there is an upgrade path for humanity to enter the "Galactic Federation" (or what have you).

    According to the law up to 30% of the population can have their children's genes "Optimized". 15% males, 15% females. 70% of the population will not be required to upgrade.

    15 years down the road you get children who are telepathic and all sorts of things added to their consciousness. Then the Greer faction could endorse a New Religion where the peace and harmony of the brother/sister hood is important for these upgraded humans.

    The children get the best jobs, the best sponsored education, etc.
    People like your children, Epo, might be left flapping in the wind when it comes to opportunities.
    Maybe they can work the petroleum fields or labor intensive fields. (God hoping the upgraded humanity didn't also gain strength above an average human being)
    The ET will wait a generation and your kids (assuming they are age compatible) will face hard decisions.

    They'd have to choose between a normal human partner or an upgraded human partner.
    But they'd be sure to get the upgrades as the upgraded genes are dominant genetically speaking.


    Within 2 generations, 75% of the population is now upgraded. Now comes the push to remove the old religions as they "create conflict".

    The now adult "upgraded" human population wishes to change the political landscape after lobbying for change. Regular human beings are now a minority. The majority rules.

    The end of the story is that your future generations under the Greer Administration will be stripped of rights and privilege's over just a few generations. It's their way or the highway.

    If someone had told you at the start of all that, after a Greer-like faction took hold as the consensus....what would you do in the present to change your children's eventual future?

    Sure people will accuse me of Xenophobia (rolls eyes') or God knows what. But tell me if anything I have said doesn't sound plausible or probable if more intelligent minds had the upper hand in the matter.


    Cook the frog slowly, not quickly.
    Anyway, a guide rail free disclosure, now that is gonna be a spectacle indeed. I hope the fireworks and friction will be spectacular. (if it ever has a chance to come about)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fore View Post

    You should go to youtube and read through the comment section about the Pentagon's Spokesman uncomfortable attitude when answering a question. There were many funny and interesting comments about his level of stammering and looking down at the floor away from the camera.

    You'd expect a Spokeman from the Pentagon to cope better with uncomfortable questions...
    After watching that video I half wondered if MIB's weren't just employees at the pentagon.

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    If you think about it, if you can't get your hands on enough ET's from crashes to interrogate.
    Then, the next logical option is to abduct the Abductees/Contactees.

    But I would only float this hypothesis if several things are possible:

    --The development of PSI and related working theories.
    --The Integration of Reverse Engineered techniques of adding Psychic features unto living tissues or inorganic hardware. (Like Project Montauk)
    --The creations of a Machine-PSI interface.

    Meaning you no longer have to depend on people who are PSI capable, but instead can depend on A.I. that is attached to a PSI interface. That PSI interface then allows rigorous repetition of tasks without having to depend on a living person. No fatigue, no performance issues, etc.

    Project Montauk reads like someone who created a project that branches out into different fields of research.

    Some of Montauk describes using "machines"inanimate objects, in other words metal and silicon computers):
    --to record instances of specific kinds of performances of psychic phenomena by living beings.
    --to playback the specific kinds of performed psychic tasks from a recording, without the aide of living beings.
    --To ultimately create a machine that can then execute specific tasks without little or no variance.

    -------I received a warning to drop the topic----------
    The warnings are bubbling up in my mind like an undercurrent of thoughts that are repeating endlessly....


    This success can in turn can be utilized in different projects to interrogate ETs.
    Psychically connecting them to the machine-PSI interface and forcibly extracting information from their mind. Or even more invasively, running queries against the ET's own memories in their brains against their will.

    I described this process before in some posts...not sure if it was this thread or not.


    Anyway, if you find it hard to abduct ET's or recover them alive from crashes and interrogate them, you can always abduct a contactee or an abductee. *Then perform the same kinds kinds of procedures on human abductees or contactees.

    I assume, if you abduct them just after an ET contact, perhaps the information is still fresh in their field data. (Just wildly guessing, no clue if that is the case or not)

    (*STOP just resounded in my mind, I think someones trying to say something. I just went to wash my hands and another family member standing next to me says their ears are ringing....I wonder if I have become numb to ET communication or is someone actively blocking it and I am not sensing it anymore?)

    (My head are starting to weakly feel it, like someones directing communication but I don't sense any. That is interesting....)

    Anyway, perhaps I am implying too much. This is speculation and not knowledge of anything. So don't worry, I don't know anyway. But if I were in their shoes, it'd make sense.


    It's like building up a recorded database of performed psychic talents, combine it with an A.I. that can pick between tasks for any given scenario and you've almost made an equivalent to whats allegedly inside an ET craft with it's invisible sentient "Computer" interface.

    Hell, you could probably manufacture a simple rudimentary ~conscious~ system for installing it into a reproduction of synthetic ET tissue. I doubt it'd be anything like a Grey. But maybe it would pass for some basic applications?

    The area where it would be really useful is in abductions and interrogations and Remote Viewing or automation and navigation of reproduction craft. Im going off on too many tangents, so I'll stop there.


    Note: The A.I. would substitute for a consciousness in the above scenario. I recall the advisor and I did discuss this, don't recall how many years ago, it was idle talk.

    In a human being with psychic talents, their consciousness(Higher or Lower Mind) controls their psychic functions.

    A persons Spirit controls the Higher Mind portion; Which in turn controls the Lower Mind, or what we call the Consciousness.


    In ET's it's basically the same.

    But if you substituted an A.I. with algorithms and procedures, you could technically control psychic phenomena. Psychic phenomena is not necessarily limited to living things.

    It's just "a phenomena" just like moving your hands is not necessarily limited to living things. We can program machines to stimulate muscles in a robotic arm.

    Though I asked the Advisor certain questions back then that I recall she clammed up on since I understood it well enough to ask.

    If there is an invisible "computer" inside some ET craft, what is this invisible logic part "attached to"? How does it remain coherent against different probability clouds? How does it refresh it's system? She refused to answer the questions.

    Just the same, what is the synthetic ET's invisible aspects attached to? The synthetic body? Is there some hidden tech inside the body that keeps it local to that body?

    I mean, in their lessons about psychic functions, you quickly learn how ones psychic functions are attached to your body and how everything works together like a schematic of how things interdepend on each other inside one body.

    But if you created an invisible "machine" that had logic and something like an A.I. ....then what does this "thing" use to keep the invisible parts attached to the physical part?

    And more does the circulation system work in a spirit-less device? How does it equalize and regulate?

    The human body needs to release influence to keep cells working. But how does a synthetic system work...exactly? She seemed uncomfortable with the probing questions back then and avoided me on the topic.
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    I am fascinated by these:

    It's like someone encased a real story inside a fake story. Where all the plot elements are false, but the actual events are real and accurately described. I wonder if thats what they call "Soft Facts"?

    I'd be hard pressed to wonder how such a story with specific details could come from someones imagination. Its really no wonder why naval intelligence was so interested. To be bold enough to send it to them in the mail, while writing on the envelope (Happy Easter) very funny. Like they know it'll be an easter egg hidden throughout.

    So while 99% wouldn't understand what the account is about, I'd sure enjoy it.

    I'd like to read the actual books to find out the details and see what parts aren't recounted or not understood enough for it to be included in summaries online. I'd need to find it in raw text format though to absorb the contents.

    Summaries online and Youtube are like hearing someone talk about an event where that person themselves doesn't understand whats going on in an account. They'd struggle to figure out the bulk of the story and how different elements relate to one another. Rather, they'd focus on standard verification methods to determine if a story is true or not. (Places, people, times)
    Not realizing that's exactly whats fake to throw people off.

    It shouldn't be too hard to filter out the cover story from the actual account itself.


    For example I'll include these two and you'll quickly (assuming you've been following my accounts) flinch and raise an eyebrow at what's hidden inside the accounts.

    But looking at these through the lens of another person who doesn't know quite a few can be frustrating. As they throw out the baby and the bathwater.

    Edit: I wonder if the design of the fake cover story is intentional to discredit anyone else who would later bring up any elements that parallel the two stories?

    So people would perhaps assume you got the plot elements from these books? (is montauk project even a book?)
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    Okay, I've read up to page 12 of the book:
    The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time

    (Something is inhibiting my ability to perceive information with the ET, Thats never happened before. I heard a vague sub-vocal communication that told me to stay out of things that have nothing to do with me with threatening undertones...or something like that? I have no clue what is issuing it, the psychic identification descriptor info isn't really present. So I can't even tell if it is an ET or not. Something weird is going on lately. I don't see anything particularly sensitive that I would even receive any warnings for.

    Someone a couples days ago scanned me for several hours and for sure it accessed my psychic features and elevated its state momentarily, so I assume my psychic abilities are functioning in some capacity, but it was completely clear of any identification. Usually those are from terrestrial sources and not the ET.)

    Anyway, up to page twelve I have read. It's clear to me that these writers at least on the start are pretty honest. Though, it's also clear that the person telling the story at the very beginning caught the attention of someone telepathic. (Most likely an ET as the following pages make it pretty obvious that they are being seeded with information in their psyche)

    The telepath is at about the functional level of an ET. They begin to transform the persons telling the story. Using the typical methodology employed by ET. Implanting false identities and remotely manipulating mindsets while remaining unseen.

    This may explain why the story elements (Time, place, setting) are not valid but the core details are recognizable to me. The Telepath is targeting them and modifying their memories and identities "from an observable location".

    Perhaps the Telepath is leaking the stories it knows about through these men for it's own reasons? There is a point where strong interactions occur with the person called "Duncan" onsite at the Montauk base. This individual also appears to be the progenitor of the story "The Philadelphia Experiment".

    The individual known as "Duncan" begins being intensely interacted with psychically at the Montauk base and begins receiving intense programming with the details of the pseudo identity with "falsified memories". The Duncan individual begins to react to the intensified interaction with the unseen Telepath by symptomatically beginning to semi-unconsciously reciting facts and statements with the psychic cognitive data dump he's being force fed. I know of this ET technique. I find it hard to believe a Human Telepath would be capable of such high level psychic manipulation.

    This occurs in front of the main person telling the story called "Preston Nichols". So both He and "Duncan" will be affected by remote interfacing with the unseen and unperceived Telepath.

    The man called Nichols begins to shake Duncan as he enters a frozen stance and begins reciting random details of various projects.

    Nichols previous helper (and psychic) "Brian", in an earlier page was suspicious of Duncan and his sudden out of the blue arrival at the house of Nichols and "Duncans" bizarre statements that they've known each other for a long time.

    Before that, the "homeless man" that Nichols encountered at the abandoned Montauk base also engages in the same tactic pseudo identity and claims a sudden connection to Nichols even though Nichols has never met him before in his life. This means that Nichols has been under observation for some time by the unseen Telepath and the Telepath is engaging in (Synchronicity Playbook) strategies.

    Which again, is a page pulled right from the ET handbook.

    My guess is that the Telepath is an ET with classified knowledge. It is flaunting its knowledge of secret projects. It seems to be using a few Humans who were tinkering with Telepathy for it's enjoyment.
    (Getting kicks out of it)

    It makes sense that all parties later connect with each other and are assigned pseudo-identity roles. While it may look to a clueless observer that these mens are feeding into each others stories, it is more like a Telepath is playing with their minds and seeding information from it's own mind.

    (something is mentally staring me down! I wonder if I accidentally formed lines of association with whats behind the story?? If you get headaches while reading my report on the book, by all means, take an aspirin or two.)
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    @Fore, whatever is interfacing with you is indeed making things difficult to read, comprehend, and indeed make a reply.
    However, whatever it is seems to lack the ability to be able to handle compartmentalisation of a field and the brain itself.
    Compartmentalisation of thinking was something I worked on when working out how to handle pain a long time ago, almost 5 or more years before encountering the orange glowing one. It also allowed me to compartmentalise emotions, so I can operate in one way while feeling something else.
    Thinking on that, I may have inadvertently found a general method which allows me to have a slightly easier time during encounters and dealing with things looking in. Still horribly difficult to deal with though.

    So, the methodology you have described there as a similar structure to this:
    The one who seeds ideas.
    The subjects who receive those ideas.

    Via manipulation, the idea seeder brings the subjects together, and intiates a common conversation.
    The ones who have received the information then form a group with a shared set of ideas and experiences.
    Volla, we have info disseminated without any one apparent source; the idea/s is important, not the specifics.

    This is very similar to the lock and key system used for abductees, where only certain people mesh in terms of experiences.
    However, the objective there is to form competitive cliques with no overall cohesive structure emerging; which would be dangerous to ET interests.

    The following is conjecture, so I could be completely off the mark. I'm just basing this off my own thoughts on what may be possible.

    In terms of an AI generated system. An adversarial network can be used to test and generate a massive amount of different approaches to a given problem, including the generation of artificial PSI structures and techniques. The key thing there is having the baseline real system, then creating it via other "materials". Using the growth method mentioned by the advisor, this could be run in an accelerated time space; warp space and accelerate the space within independently of surrounding space. [Yiii, that made someone wake up.]

    In terms of an AI, a pure mechanical system can interface with organics, so perhaps thinking of a mechanical overlay directly attached to a psi capable organic structure would be a viable approach; cyborg, except using "structures", perhaps even harvested from suitable living donors. The organic structure itself can be patterned after something else, which normally receives an influence supply. Alternatively, a supply could be projected to the pseudo organic system concerned. I have the thought a Human, or other, battery could be used to energise such a system. There is also nothing that says a single apparent entity cannot have multiple sources; the influence would simply have to be compatible.

    The field of artificial influence probably exists, where an artificial creation can be run by influence recycled from the surrounding ambient environment. If it were just right, it would be possible to literally hoover up influence and filter and convert it; think of solar power, this is simply the PSI version, including the lower efficiency rate. This does beg the question, does a Grey have an internal PSI battery? Do they return to base and recharge from a big influence PSI collector/processing array?

    In terms of designer bodies, does the base template for them have the preassigned influence like a Human? Does this mean an operative can step into one and run it until it runs out? [Can an attached "native to the body spirit" be kept dormant by default?] After all, if it only takes 4 to 7 years to acclimatise to such a body, then it would be possible to have a body train where you just keep swapping and running them ragged; in PSI terms. With the same template each time, I don't think anyone would notice the change; which might explain the supermodel looks they always have, it's like the ultimate in cosmetic surgery.

    [I'll leave this at that for the moment.]

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