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Thread: What we think we know so far

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    Yes there are plenty of other threads on the forum.
    SAFIRE was recently been discussed by Ross Coultard, the plasma interestingly shows signs of anti-gravity effects as well as over unity. Some very capable people running the program from what I’ve read and watched

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    Eric Davis is also cited as a consultant at the end of their latest video on their You Tube channel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    Eric Davis is also cited as a consultant at the end of their latest video on their You Tube channel
    Quite a Team . . .

    More at link:

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    Currently watching this, but also following the comments [break out into youtube and follow the "live" recorded chat.]:

    Seems something is going on, with account hacking, leaks of accounts, physical breakins etc of UFO researchers, saw mention of problems Luis was having with all his twitter handles being released. Hmmm... suggests someone, probably govt/agency level, has been spooked [not exactly 4-chan territory, they'd be more inclined to help the researchers because it's interesting.]
    *nods* Seems there's concerns about time-travellers, or that angle. Hmmm... *nods knowingly* I wonder how this all came about... *taps fingers together* it's almost as though someone released some info to just the right person/s at the right time... which also means I have to do some reading, and see exactly what has come out very recently that could have set this off; we have a time-frame after all.

    Anyone aware, before now, of any campaign against UFO researchers which has escalated to this level? [This is following the Gandhi route: first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win.]

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    At least Tom Delonge now understand Probability Space and its role in conscious awareness:
    (at 5:30min)

    Though the guy who's interviewing him still looks totally *confused* despite the concise explanation.
    He also touches towards the end some concepts of influence-induced physics. See if you can spot it.
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    John Eldar_Wolf, Spaghetti Lee - > a contactable email/youtube account ->
    The ball is rolling, check comments:

    I specifically made the above account on the 25th, to comment during the prior video, thus why I seem to have "suddenly appeared" *thunderbolt*.
    If you see this post, be aware we have a whole different form of theory going on over here, with a bit of first-hand experience; including getting burnt. A lot of things these days are analysis, and don't trust, verify; and certainly don't trust "aliens", especially if they are man-handling you like a cat at the vet, and complaining frequently about you not having a companion [sometimes I wish I was making that up.]

    Prior Material of interest, these are effectively PDFs and data dumps of the Open Minds Forum, which provide background material to this thread (be aware, it is considered dangerous material):

    As far as I know, this forum is still not doing registrations, might be exceptions though?
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    Looks like Auckland, NZ will remain in lockdown for a fair bit longer. There are however, some notable changes:
    1) The atmosphere surrounding vaccination is, in a way, turning ugly.
    2) A prominent aspect of the above is the entire "no jab, no job" concept.
    3) I suspect that a fair amount of people are overlooking what they are doing in the above aspect, and that is they are giving the illusion of choice, while offering only punishment and possible death if they do not comply; slippery slope, I suspect the "no jab, no job" will extend to social welfare, in which case people will end up in a situation where they have no income. Combine that with not being able to go into certain businesses to buy your groceries and it gets bad pretty quickly, especially if beggers cannot even shop with the money they begged for. I'm not sure they would have much luck with "please sir, buy me some bread with my money" either.

    As the lockdown extends, more and more people are looking for those to blame, and the unvaccinated are a prime target. I am seeing this as more an more of a thing in the press, and as time goes on I note they are not considering what they are doing, and who has done such things before; frankly, this is the territory of dictatorships and a certain moustached man. There has been an interesting emphasis on Gangs recently, however I believe they are a mere convenience, and vilifying them right now will allow the Govt to do things people would not normally support; never let a bad situation go to waste. This could pivot to any group later.

    So, the above problem is illustrative of what happens in a pressure situation, where people are losing their freedom, and there seems to be a way out. Given this extends into the "Mark of the Beast" territory, the mechanisms for such a mark to be required will already have been put into practice before it happens. Furthermore, the population will already have encountered and been conditioned/forced to surrender to the concept before, so it will be nothing new to them.

    On another front, I think that an oft overlooked resource should be mentioned:
    Yes, I indeed have one of these accounts, and access to a 4 core AM1 unit with 24Gb of RAM, running at no cost. It can be divided up to 4 single core instances, or a mix (like 2, 1, 1). 200GB can be divided between the units, with a minimum of 50GB per CPU instance. Again, I pay nothing for this.
    It's exactly the sort of thing which runs websites very well, and saves me a considerable amount of money. It's also a fantastic backup mechanism, should a website need to have backup infrastructure; throw in, and you have a very nice set of free SSL certs as well.

    @Fore, I think you'll enjoy having access to that.

    I've been thinking if the lockdown goes on until the idea of Christmas under effective house arrest, the place will go apocalyptic. Else a lot of people are going to hang themselves... personally, I am aware that rather a lot of people are committing suicide per week, this is via direct contacts I know who dealt with these people. Relationship breakups, and some of these were long-term, are running at almost 10% at my workplace alone, just for this lockdown; thankfully, none of the staff have topped themselves, but our "clients" are having problems with friends or relatives doing such.

    Watching a surprising amount of Youtube material right now, there seems to be way more quality interviews and analysis than ever before on the UFO topic. Some are also looking into consciousness, and they are interviewing people who have encountered things, which is providing some rather interesting insights into the long-term psychological effects. I also noted the equivalent of AA, or Alien Abduction Anonymous... those poor people are going to be eaten alive later, and it seems to be thick with non-experiencers looking for attention. The fun thing, though, was the people who had actually run into something were active enough I picked up on them right away, which has also expanded my library of connections and other targets of interest. I'm bracing myself to investigate a Mantis, but those are "dangerous", although it seems to have done a cursory look back when I auto-linked from its own Human contact. I must say, it had very gentle and exacting field control, which fits some of the info about their high-end abilities.

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    Enjoy, rather a lot of interesting details regarding the GIMBAL/NIMITZ incident, not usually discussed, in debrief format:

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    This seems the best place to put this . . . Most everyone is familiar with George Knapp. Here he interviews Dr. James Lacatski, and Dr. Colm Kelleher about a new book.

    My big take away from this interview is from 7:50 to 13:05.

    I'll be interested comments on that, if any!

    A new book called Skinwalkers at the Pentagon tells the inside story of a secret government UFO program from the men who ran it. Exclusive interview with Dr. James Lacatski and Dr. Colm Kelleher.

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    A single sensor monitoring UAP and it's been there a along. Very interesting. (short) Not sure why he is so cryptic about "where to put it" I can't imagine there could be anywhere to put it but space such that you could have 1 sensor. That is, unless, there is some local condition created in the atmosphere by UAP's which could be detected. It's either in the atmosphere or above it, that about ends the places you could put a single sensor that could monitor an entire nation. There is also the component about coordination with other sensors. If it is indeed a satellite, why would it need to coordinate with other data...wouldn't the satellite cover it all? Though if it is some "atmospheric compass" for lack of a better word, it would give direction, but would need additional data collection from units in proximity to provide further detail.

    This channel is worth subbing too if you haven't. They just started but they are doing some quality work.
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