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    we ride goes it? I miss your last thread I sort of gave my last effort on. Those were to good old days. What about Scarz and the Bible thread? Do you know if he wants to start that thread over here? What is the story on the open minds forum? I maby need to try and research that some. That was great though since I really did learn a lot . Just cause you think your visited doesn't mean you have the well rounded perspective. I did really gain a lot from the open mind forum and is sad to see it go. Like is a vapor.

    I like the new set of emoticons.

    Actually I wanted to express one thing I received through telepathy today...and was sort of upset since am still in need of having to express and share what they say. I was by the refrigerator in the warehouse and I did clearly have the thought come...and I knew it was them.. I just did hear clearly as a thought : " the lion the witch and the wardrobe " I am so used to breaking it down and trying to see alterior verse and did recognize "the lie in" since have seen this used before. Also the last thing we were talking about on Scarzes thread was the Michael Hieser study on the saints in the white robes and the white stone they receive as a token of accomplishment or pardon .. It was pretty much where it alll ended and then I did give this youtube That was the last post I gave before the forum became off air. I never got to see anyone respond or comment since next day it was over. But I did recieve an image of that commercial and that is why did feel the aliens were suggesting to review the metaphore in it. The connection with the white robes and the new "T" as in the cross.

    So anyway the now ....all I can do is try and connect the concept of : the lie in...the witch... and the wardrobe or that white robe?? I do see a connection of there beingg a lie , and then a dabbler in the spirit world, and then ...the "T" shirt or cross white robe. ?? Hay.. it has been almost a week or 4 days or more and also today is friday the 13th. Am not sure what to make of it all really..but you see at the end of Michael Hiesers book is where he wraps it up and mentions the white robes and the white stone.. That is where we left off over at the Bible ufo's and ancients text thread. I do still have Michael Heisers book on my desktop and it will be gone at the end of the month . No more being able to read it for free.

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    Here are a few songs that seem to sum it up a bit . Maby this should be a thread that expresses modes or ideas that tie into the thing about discussing weather or not the aliens are God and the tribulation of the sons of God or saints, that is if we believe it is possible. I know a lot of songs can reflect this in various ways. Here is the moody Blues an older and a newer version.

    This sort of brings it home and pulls at the heart strings in a world of tribulation..isn't it nice to now there is still actually love after the fighting is through. It is a mixed bag. You can't have one without the other obviously. but ..hay..I will shut up and just let the songs speak.

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    Welcome, Magfrey. I noticed you have already been posting back and forth with people you know from before. If they don't get you oriented to the way things work here, contact any staff member. I hope you enjoy yourself here.

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    You still worshiping Aliens as God?

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    See the lyrics and imagine it is the spirit of God upon the waters and our minds and hearts. Sure it is a tribulation period and realize Gods love despite it all. Let it happen. Gaze upon the shadow at your door. The comforter is here

    Alison has a pure voice of an angel

    Tony's sounding clean in this video

    This is what it is like having a really posative relationship with the spirit guides

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    Here is a couple of sites that explain the ancient ways of worship to the God Pan:

    See as how the water comes from the rock .

    Here is Alison again singing a religious song :

    She is actually very into religious songs and if you study all the songs she sings, you can tell. I want to get a few videos of the Kenny and Amanda Smith band later . They also have many religious theme songs and plus Kenny is a really great flatpicker. Just cause some people seem to be visited by beings from outer space..should't put a damper on the mystery and lore of Jesus.

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    Before I forget..see fig. 42,43,44 on this link,

    then see the article : and the fourth pic down called "sacred Niches" Those were given when the aliens were speaking and giving a lot of dreams and visions and stuff. Looks like the design is the same literally ..the curved door top of the

    Sacred Niches

    Adjacent to the sacred cave is a rocky escarpment with a series of hewn niches. We know that statues of the deity were placed in these niches by depictions of such on coins of the city.

    One niche housed a sculpture of Echo, the mountain nymph and Panís consort. Another niche housed a statue of Panís father, Hermes, son of nymph Maia. Inscriptions in the niches mention those who gave large donations.

    See Petula ..

    Here is one song I did once wake up to being sung in my head by the aliens.. It was just that verse "I couldn't live without your love" ..then I did look it up on youtube..and so here it is

    Look at the enthusiasm that lady has.

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    Check this fig 9 is two circles . This and the fig 10 came one after the other and lasted maby 4 seconds each and when the one faded the next one came. This was in the morning.

    Bottom of this page is the text of what transpired: This was mid 1993. You can see how out there I was by some of the writing but it is what I felt was real at the time. I was a bit skitzo no doubt. You have to be obviously.. and are in another zone...since being imparted with a split "other" intelligence that sort of uses stuff from you life and is a lala land setting in a sense..since is altered reality. I might sound a bit on a throne room pedestal boaster..but they sort of had me where they wanted me. They were gearing me up to tell Family radio about it. .It was first evidence and ammo to try and convince the churches. Either it is demons or God or both. ..but it is likely God in my honest opinion.

    The sign of the open right hand is their symbol. It was held straight up with fingers together. I saw this hand in a vague vision, on the first night. It was the very first thing I saw, when I said “Give me a sign.” I didn't recall this until later the next morning.
    The hand had long slender fingers. It was so long and slender, and it seems there were only four finger in total. (• Figure 1.)

    This is very important Family Radio! I have just realized what the visions mean. It has been since the early part of February when this happened, and I have not realized the significance of it until now. The visions were seen with eyes closed, when first waking in the morning, and lasted maybe five seconds, then faded out.
    The two angels sat on the covenant and folded or pointed their wings together over the covenant. The cornerstone, or beginning of a new chapter, or frame for a picture is seen. The right angle is the building block of all matter. The right angle holds the secret of the covenant. The four frames stand for covenant, first fruits, doors opening, and waves.
    Remember that the door of the church was open, and the person standing in it talked to us? Another words: the door is open, the covenant is revealed, the first fruits have come forward, and the word will travel on the waves. It took me quite a while before I figured out the meaning of the frame's vision. (• Figure 7.)

    There was a vision of particles on the same morning, right before the eyes vision, and later was seen bubbling big dark gray-blue blobs slowly rising, similar to the oil light lamps with rising bubbles. These rising bubbles were actually in the same shape of the eyes. This must mean to stay calm, because they were like the slow moving blue blob shapes that calmed me before.
    The vision of the eyes came a week or so after the frame's vision. At first I didn’t recognize they were eyes, but then they became clearer, and I could barely see little black eyeballs. Some of the eyeballs were crooked and not in the right place exactly. It was like Bullwinkle’s eyes, or a Goofy cartoons eyes, and there were just a whole mass of them, like bubbles; black eyeballs in white elongated bubbles. Both the frames and the eyeball visions were in black and white. The vision of the eyes lasted a long time, but took a long time to become clear. It was like I was trying to focus on them, and the center black irises finally became clear. (• Figure 8.)
    Rocky, the flying squirrel, and Bullwinkle, the moose is a idea they must have developed; since at that time I used to eat at Taco Bell a lot, and at the time, they (Taco Bell) were using Bullwinkle as their advertising mascot. I was eating Bullwinkle's food, and flying like Rocky the squirrel. I even had droopy eyes like Rocky and am a pack rat squirrel. The visions are the food, and the eyes are watching: just like in the cartoon when Bullwinkle watches as he helps Rocky perform his flying feats. It took almost three years after studying dreams, before I connected the idea of the food being the messages given. This happened when retyping the story. There are many overlooked riddles, because early on I didn't realize the extent of how much they know and how complex the messages can be.

    The vision of the rectangle with two circles with crosses through them was seen in March sometime, in the morning when half awake. It was clear but vague, and lasted a few seconds. I thought it was a stained glass window in a door. (• Figure 9.)

    The vision of the square with the two overlaid crosses, or three sizes of squares: This also shows a right angle, or two rectangles. This was seen the first or second day of April, and appeared in the morning upon just awakening, with eyes still closed. It became slowly clear, and then faded. Lasted two or three seconds also. (• Figure 10.)

    Saw a vague vision of wavy seaweed or hair moving with an undulating motion, shaking slightly back and fourth, like small waves on the shore of a pond. (• Figure 10A.)

    There was another vision of what was like walking through a snowstorm, and the big flakes were moving horizontally, blowing across your face. It was very three dimensional because you could see flakes coming closer in slow motion, and some passing by the sides. Some just bombarded right into my face. (This was sometime in April.)

    Twice, on two separate mornings, I've seen white spots that are small and stationary, like paint spots or speckles that are spaced out. (• Figure 10B.) I first saw this once, and didn't think too much of it. Then I saw it a second time a week or so later, and woke up right then and looked out the window right as the very first rays of the sun just broke at the top of the mountain, and then the thought came in my head: "The sun is rising." This is the first time "ever" I recall waking and catching the first rays peep over like that. The next morning the "exact" same thing happened, with the same thought of "the sun is rising," but not with the spots right before that. I knew the spirit had done that, for the timing was exact, to see the first rays breaking again. Then the next morning was another vision of the small white spots on a blue background, and also waves started, and I could feel a vibration very slowly that was a low frequency of the same type of higher frequency shaking buzzing, (when they immobilize and float you, after being zapped with the light dream.) In this low buzzing, my whole body felt a slow humming rocking undulating, like an electric motor starting up, but with the rocking rhythmic effect. I could even then see waves in the spots vision, that were slowly moving and mixed with the white dots on the light blue background. (• Figure 10C.) These waves are similar to the flowing seaweed or wavy hairs shaking in unison, like in waters undulating waves, of the earlier vision a few days ago.
    Now all these pieces have come together, for this is the third time I've seen the dots, the third time for the waves, and the third time for the sun also; for when I looked out the window right after this, I saw the sun not quite cresting this time. It was almost there, I could tell from the glow, and then the thought "The sun is rising" came again. This is the first time all factors were together with the very physical bodily slow shaking feeling. The fact that the sun hadn't quite shot its first rays over the horizon yet could mean that the message had not quite had time to sink in yet; for it was right after this when the sun's edge did first appear. By that time I was beginning to put the pieces together. Maybe it means something else though.
    This must mean that particles and waves are two factors used when they give the buzzing feeling and levitate you etc. The bright violet light (in the scary abduction dream) is the color of the highest frequency wavelength visible to us. (I read this somewhere. There is even a group called the council of the violet light or something.) The fact that the wave feeling can be tuned to a variety of frequencies is another factor.
    Microwaves effect the nerve synapses making the muscles pulse back and fourth against each other to give the buzzing effect. I read this somewhere also. (James M. Mc Cambells book Ufology • Note 3.) This was also the third time I had been given the "physical" wave feeling. The first time was high frequency in the abduction dream, the second time was a few days later, and was medium frequency, which was quite a amazing buzzing also, and the third was the very low frequency, when all the other factors were combined. The factors were: wave visions, spots visions, wave feeling, waking and seeing, and thinking "The sun is rising; all combined. Three times each factor has come, and now all together. After all this, there is no doubt I was being spoken to.
    I had finally figured out what the frames vision and eyes meant; and also saw the two crosses visions, and then knew they wanted me to tell the churches. Then I began to write the story better so I could begin the letter writing project. I now had so much proof it was shocking.

    Vision of dwarf’s head. This was vague but real, for I could see deep set shiny black eyes, a high brow, and maybe a outline of the top of a head. I saw this a few nights after all the other visions, and had been even thinking about that, after having read the book "Communion," where dwarfs with shiny black eyes were spoken of. ( • Figure 11.)

    Oh..oh ...looks like the fig. are in the wrong place in the original text. The seaweed waves vision is fig. 11 ..not the dworfs head. That is fig 10b but whatever...
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    Check this :

    Second Recorded Active Imagination Experience - No Date Given

    Jung uses a visual technique that he has found helps him go deeper into Active Imagination. This technique is a realistic visualization of descending a great distance. In this experience he figures that he has descended about a 1000 feet. There he discovers a "cosmic abyss." Next he sees something like a moon crater and then he has the feeling that he is in the land of the dead. Near the steep slope of a rock he catches the sight of two people, one an old man and the other, a beautiful young girl. He summons up his courage and approaches them. He listens carefully to what they say. The old man turns out to be the biblical figure Elijah and the girl, Salome. "What a strange couple," he muses. But Elijah tells Jung that he and Salome belong together for all eternity. Along with the two is a third, a large black snake. Jung sticks close to Elijah and keeps his distance from Salome.

    (p. 181-182, Vintage edition of Memories, Dreams, Reflections)

    Over time, Jung holds conversation with Elijah who eventually changes into another figure, Philemon. Philemon teaches Jung about the nature of human consciousness. Jung begins to see how autonomous inner figures can act. It is the inner figure that seems to hold this knowledge, not Jung. (p.183). Again, Jung's inner figure changes. This time it alters to take on the form of the Egyptian notion of spirit, Ka. (p.184-185, Vintage edition of Memories, Dreams, Reflections)

    Check this:

    Grotto of Pan

    The spring emerged from the large cave which became the center of pagan worship. Beginning in the 3rd century B.C., sacrifices were cast into the cave as offerings to the god Pan.

    Pan, the half-man half-goat god of fright (thus "panic"), is often depicted playing the flute.

    I did once have a remote image scene the aliens threw me of the flute player that is that same indian flute player motif that was a big drawing that was on the water tank on the hill above the Mendocino Collage. I mean I saw it ..and they later threw me the image of it as a way of saying: school..water , on the hill..flute player as in the god comes down . get it..? I do.. since it has all the earmarks of the themes. ..and I know the themes they have developed. See as how the pan God also has that flute player.

    Now see the indian flute player play to the great spirit: the last painting is an example of the flute player.

    See the google search of the flute player. That is the one. It is that hunched over one.

    The God Pan flute player google search:

    It must have something to do with the idea of the spirit and the wind.

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    Last night just when going to sleep..they did give me the image of when I found the indian grinding bowl that was partial bowl actually..but it was a found right where two rivers meet right at the base of the Willits grade where a smaller river intersects a larger one. It is across from the old Ms Dennisons cookie factory. Then right after that I did receive the image of where I saw the salamander at the place where the path intersects the river in the enchanted canyon.

    This means to"eat" of the food given by the long lost family. They have used this theme before: "where two rivers meet" and I have a few other examples that is a place called "dos rios"

    Then recall the theme of the "salamander" and the creature from two worlds and the underworld "enchanted canyon" This is where the salamander was seen. Basically they have on record these recall scenes from my collective unconscious ..and these scenes have been used before since the message has been established as to what it means. I know what it means and they know I know what it means. and so it becomes part of the universal language . Ahcheotype language like mountain , water, son, air etc..basic ideas are easy. they are all simple easy. To eat, drink, . Salamander is the dragon being that doesn't seem to belong . Now that we know that then we can incorporate it into the language.

    See fig 41 on this page: That is a vision of a river gushing out from between two mountains. This ties into the concept of water coming down from the mountain. See the many logs floating below. That is "the harvest" . I wanted to mention this since it tied into the indian flute player concept of the big water tank at Mendocino collage on the hill. There is a big painting of that flute player on the tank. See as how it represents water coming from above on the mountain. the school.. and ties into the God Pan. Now that we know the spirit moves about unseen ..then we can incorporate it into the God pan playing the flute.

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