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    The guide threw a few scenes related to the old church I used to go to in Ukiah. There are in fact a number of remembrances scenes the guide threw and is hard to go into it all now but basically the guide threw an image of the football field behind the church a ways and ties into "the game" theme. There is also a small path that is a old small road abandoned that is near the rear of the field area going to the hill top where is some old pieces of tin actually that is in the shape of a big "U" and stands for "Ukiah" and is the letter signifying the town on the hill. This the guide also threw an image of the time I was there a long time ago when younger. The guide also threw literally an image of this barren patch of wood that is in effect directly across the parking lot area where the preachers house located behind the church was. I was puzzled for awhile but since the guide had before used the concept "across the road" in a few other cases regarding a scene representing something ..was able to recognize it meant basically " to be that person in effect.. not the house of the preacher in this world(old hat concept of God) but a new house(preaching aliens are God/ufo etc. paranormal phenomena(although Bible is filled with it) people can't seem to connect the two .. duh . Ok yea so directly across road means "be that person that is head of the church" be that house that is the concept represented across the road. The area was just a vacant lot of woods and brush but I knew what it meant.

    Reason I knew was because the guide had once threw this "across the road" concept in this other scene where there was a bunch of beer bottles on the beach near the road by coast where partying heavily was and the guide threw an imagoes this white house on the "adjacent" side of road of that scene. In this way I was able to recognize the concept of to "be that house of" across the road from the other idea. The idea of "the house of" simply represents a train of thought obviously. Is basic and on other side of road means alter or not same as. Later can elaborate on some other scenes the guide had thrown in the vicinity of old church I used to attend when a kid. Some will blow you away. It blows be away just realizing the guide has the capacity to be able to recollect some of this stuff so deep in my mind. Like what kind of intelligence has that ability ?

    And you thought God was some myth people made up? My brothers and like tons of people tell me it is all these churches trying to make money feeding off peoples fears and you know stuff like that. It is true these churches like this Family radio station does have these super aggressive spiels designed to draw out money through guilt and appealing to you know the people using very charming either ladies voices or charismatic confident father figure tactics . You can sense these old people feel so secure with the talk of the savior they portray and the so confident talk. They pull on the guilt strings and the old peoples fear of death and the afterlife. and at the same time try and avoid actually mixing any talk of events in the world that upset ..the talk of the ghosts and alien abductions and whatnot seen on tv and the wacky paranormal shows where these mischievous spirits are pounding on the walls and scratching people . Demonic activity and poltergeist and is hard to wrap it al up in a mixed bag and pretend it is all coming from the same source . I have a feeling the fear factor weather seemly good or bad is same. Good entity or bad is spooky nonetheless. Is all all good. A lot of people don't see that a demonic possession is often a healing process for the person involved. But appears the paranormal is a same modes operandi weather good or bad. Now we need to try and figure out the science of how it is being done . What is most amazing is the ancients were also in awe and fear of the paranormal trickery of God and it kept them in line at times. People will read about it in sacred texts but can be attributed to demos.
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