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    The guide threw a few scenes related to the old church I used to go to in Ukiah. There are in fact a number of remembrances scenes the guide threw and is hard to go into it all now but basically the guide threw an image of the football field behind the church a ways and ties into "the game" theme. There is also a small path that is a old small road abandoned that is near the rear of the field area going to the hill top where is some old pieces of tin actually that is in the shape of a big "U" and stands for "Ukiah" and is the letter signifying the town on the hill. This the guide also threw an image of the time I was there a long time ago when younger. The guide also threw literally an image of this barren patch of wood that is in effect directly across the parking lot area where the preachers house located behind the church was. I was puzzled for awhile but since the guide had before used the concept "across the road" in a few other cases regarding a scene representing something ..was able to recognize it meant basically " to be that person in effect.. not the house of the preacher in this world(old hat concept of God) but a new house(preaching aliens are God/ufo etc. paranormal phenomena(although Bible is filled with it) people can't seem to connect the two .. duh . Ok yea so directly across road means "be that person that is head of the church" be that house that is the concept represented across the road. The area was just a vacant lot of woods and brush but I knew what it meant.

    Reason I knew was because the guide had once threw this "across the road" concept in this other scene where there was a bunch of beer bottles on the beach near the road by coast where partying heavily was and the guide threw an imagoes this white house on the "adjacent" side of road of that scene. In this way I was able to recognize the concept of to "be that house of" across the road from the other idea. The idea of "the house of" simply represents a train of thought obviously. Is basic and on other side of road means alter or not same as. Later can elaborate on some other scenes the guide had thrown in the vicinity of old church I used to attend when a kid. Some will blow you away. It blows be away just realizing the guide has the capacity to be able to recollect some of this stuff so deep in my mind. Like what kind of intelligence has that ability ?

    And you thought God was some myth people made up? My brothers and like tons of people tell me it is all these churches trying to make money feeding off peoples fears and you know stuff like that. It is true these churches like this Family radio station does have these super aggressive spiels designed to draw out money through guilt and appealing to you know the people using very charming either ladies voices or charismatic confident father figure tactics . You can sense these old people feel so secure with the talk of the savior they portray and the so confident talk. They pull on the guilt strings and the old peoples fear of death and the afterlife. and at the same time try and avoid actually mixing any talk of events in the world that upset ..the talk of the ghosts and alien abductions and whatnot seen on tv and the wacky paranormal shows where these mischievous spirits are pounding on the walls and scratching people . Demonic activity and poltergeist and is hard to wrap it al up in a mixed bag and pretend it is all coming from the same source . I have a feeling the fear factor weather seemly good or bad is same. Good entity or bad is spooky nonetheless. Is all all good. A lot of people don't see that a demonic possession is often a healing process for the person involved. But appears the paranormal is a same modes operandi weather good or bad. Now we need to try and figure out the science of how it is being done . What is most amazing is the ancients were also in awe and fear of the paranormal trickery of God and it kept them in line at times. People will read about it in sacred texts but can be attributed to demos.
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    hay how is it going out there..will try and give some feedback soon Have been really busy ..But yea I still think the alians are out there.

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    The guide has thrown a few images of scenes that tie into the "right angle " in context with a "school" . They take these scenes from rememberances going way back in life on som occasions and more recent also. The one scene is when I was in gradeschool and there was this back way to get to school that was a path through a field and then was a "corner/right angle" where the fence property line was and the path entered there to the school. Right angle are very common actually since is boundry lines. This scene comes from gradeschool before I even knew the aliens wee capable of this.

    Another scene was more recent and is in this town of Point Arena and when entering the town is a pretty decent right angle that turns right as you pass the school and then goes downhill into the town. The town is actually on a hillside sort of. The school is on the top .

    Another scene is on way to central valley and through the capay valley there is this one small agricultural town heading towards Sacramento and is a serious right angle the road takes before the town and is a big highschool there . You know alll these small towns have there highschool for the next generation . Anywas so the guide simply throws these scenes at times ...random actually. I was able to commect the theme. The learn and the right angle . Right angle is the doorway to the other dimention /the cross where the two lines intersect. I is one way of expressing it obviously since they used this concept early on in the visions and sstuff.

    Theere is another scene the guide has thrown and is this like big short size older schoolbus that was made into a monster truck that is sitting up north on the side of the road near this guift shop gas station rest stop near bigfoot country up there in Northern Calif. You know beyong richardsons grove is that bigfood carvings in redwood and dwarves and whatnot animal sculptures..bears and bird using a small chainsaw. A bit beyond that is the Schoolbus monster truck/extreme machine. That theme has also been developed. Extreme machine is the contactee. That is you being in cantact and being able to tell the world. Your job is to enlighten others as to the bigger pic obviously. This other world is right around the corner. This school bus monster truck is really near before where the big landslide area is that closed highway 101. The guide even threw that scene in where there is this little hotel apartment right south of that landslide. The guide throws me a image of that truck I saw parked there and some guy lived in that remote dive apartment right past that landslide. I guess the guide is saying "that is you" Every image the guide throws says in effect"that is you" cause when the guide throws an image I have to decypher it. The landslide is the bigge trauma "cut" thing but so yea..I know . The world is never the same tha showon tv Called "crash" and it say "it will never be the same again...ever"

    This new computer keyboard is garbage since the keys stick is why the bad spelling. My old computer quit working and am using my moms old one now. This is trash the way the keys stick when typing. Really pises you off. It is that way being in contact too. You have to leard how to deal with frustration and anger. Am going to call my brother and tell him i need my old keyboard back . He is trying to save my harddrive files of broken computer that screen died. I wish I could fix spell errors but is hassle
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    Luckly I backed up my whole thread since was saved on this forum. Want to reedit the writings and refine it . Want to do an online book possibly since is a scam trying to have a book published. My writings seem amature compared to a Whitly Schriber or a John Mack but like is another contactee story and am trying to express it a simply as possible. I feel a lot of peoplle dont understand the dynamics of being in contact. I even cant believe some of these claims from others. It sounds fake. The best way to see it is to realize it is interactive with the indevidual on a basis of using keynotes(that word just came now) of that persons life . If you can realize that this other intelligence has accesss to everything you are or ever was..every nook and cranny of the recesses of your mind...and so does the interactive game format using various modes/themes/ is an extension of you mind. The ability of attention to detail is as good or better then you minds ability is as if it is you but with an overiding insight that can connect concepts in this metephoric sense gaming. It is a teaching metephore , a other way of seeing seeing in a different light and keeping in touch. It is a posative thing and like suck it up if yo-u feeel pissed off about it.
    You want glory and recognition but areent going to get it . Is out of amazment you want to express . They glorify you. Is vanity though. They say you are special and ambassador a pioneer. A skitzaphrenic even . I have this little booklet by Wilson Van Dusen called "the presence of spirits in madness" He worked as a psychologist in a mental hospital and said some patients had spirits in their heads. But like it is possible to integrate it and being a bit crazy is a good starting point since the spirits need a good subject to improve upon and is a symbiotic thing. You help spread the word and they help you develop a better life. It can mess up a normal persons life but it can work. You need a good sense of self . They can build confadensce in the face of adversity. Is all just words. Words express thought patterns and stuff. It is the way you align the words. You can talk in a circle . THey do the "christ" Christ for us and tell the churches we are God. But remember the last verse in the Bible states "whoever adds to the content of this book" etc....may the plagues befall are coming from the pits of hell. People get scared ..untill they also feel some entities are speakig to them. Then they are scared anyway . You need a long time to adjest to it. It is a trauma
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    Check out this phrase: belly of the beast = hell .. he of the East . Wasn't sure what that meant at first but the guide said that thought a few times in the past and I sort of had it again and recall now. Could never make much of that before but only thing is possible is "the sun" rising in the east does create green for the belly of the beasts. The way it says "hell" you dig? biker lingo language . Can be hot as hell for that matter if you caught in death valley.

    Check out the word: Chrysanthemum know the flower... see is within ..Chris/Christ..hands the mum/mother . Like give the mum a flower for Christs sake.

    Chrysanthemums (/krɪˈsnθəməm/), sometimes called mums or chrysanths,[4] are flowering plants of the genus Chrysanthemum in the family Asteraceae. They are native to Asia and northeastern Europe. Most species originate from East Asia and the center of diversity is in China.[5] Countless horticultural varieties and cultivars exist.

    Hafr Jlus Bjrnsson See is heard within.. ..hath hore... jewl he us horn son That is the tonal pronounciation given on TV on worlds strongest man show although I did hear in Wikipedia his last name is a bit tonal off compared to the way the announcer on the Tv . Anyway the guide threw that saying as if "that is you " the hore and be the horn .. be the jewl . It is all in there . But ok so hear the word of the guide. I have learned to decypher out the stuff. The guide is interactive.
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