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Thread: we ride

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    hay am still here will try and speak again soon

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    the other day I was trying to move some old car up the mountain since some robbers were like taking some parts of these old classic junk cars and after that thought process of my plan to have them all up there in order.. the thought (trying to save the whales ) came then. I could sense it was the guide chiming in since it comes not from my own mind and unexpectedly .

    the other day I was thinking of needed to not drink so much since was feeling a bit sick the next day and the thought (my kryptonite) came after that thought process. I had actually heard that word before on a tv show a day before so was like fresh in my mind. ..the word kryptonite.

    The other day I had the sequence of the setting and the scene of the time I was in Bolinas on the beach of the sea and with my dog the late puppers /constant companion /spirit guide and then the scene of when she took a crap in the sand where all these people were around and I was sort of imbarrised and did bury her poo so people wouldn't step in it . Means the line between the two worlds has been tainted by the guide obviously . I was able to decipher that one out . The people don't want this stuff..especially the churches

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    last night I put this sticky rat trap down in this path of where rats passed since the other traps were sprung cause the rats simply ran over them or something and later when going back to bed had the thought : Menataro Nogera came then. that is the name of a UFC fighter actually I recall now. The sticky rat trap my brother gave me the other day and is a plastic sheet that has this really sticky stuff on it like glue . It is called "Tom Cat " trap.

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    See in the word : men ah tar owe no care ah is seen as in I really am pissed at those rats and like the rats piss everywhere and is a mess totally . ok so that reminds me off a few other similar words the guide threw literally 20 years ago for this one : I was driving tractor and had just got this job and was so thrilled and heard that as : yahoo'd he you in in I was yelling "yahoo" is so great to be in and secure as a tractor driver. See I remember all the stuff the guide has thrown going way back and so can connect more recent stuff that is similar obviously.
    Ok so another one that comes to mind is more recent the guide threw and was when my Jack rustle dog was again hunting rats and we work as a team and I help him find the rat by digging stuff out and whatnot ..the piles of wood or whatever the rats are hiding in...pipes or rock piles or weird tight places. He has the nose to scope them out and goes nuts ..he knows it is there. ..and the guide said "he always gets his man" and it usually happens ... sometimes it takes a while or the rat gets away but he always eventually gets it.

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    one time a long time ago I was helping the late puppers ...the last one that is now dead..and was trying to help her dig this hole where some field mice were nesting and the guide said something like "brother field mice" to the effect as to why are you trying to kill a brother creature? and that sort of made me feel guilty.

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    See a few posts back the name says: men ah tar owe no care ah as in was what was thought after I put that sticky rat trap down . literally the ultimate fighter guys name coincides with the circumstance. I knew it was the guide chiming in since they tutored me in the word riddle form of speaking. Only other explanation is you would have to suggest my mind is doing that . I have had people try and suggest that . But like hay... I know my mind well enough to know and besides they have done lots of stuff and that is how the guide speaks . That is simply the word riddle mode

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    Know the song "one of these days " by Emmylou Harris ...I did hear that song once and a bit later the guide seemed to be having that song being sung again in my head . and I studied the verses and realized the content . The guide has on occasion done this .. they use a song to relay a message and the song seems to start singing in your head much almost as if I was doing it but I can tell it is the guide. They like said they are people in a parallel world and whatnot and so thats the message obviously

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    Basically the guide in a sense is saying "that is you" in some way metaphorically . To one person it can be interpreted one way and to another a other way. Like someone might think it is a relationship gone bad between a guy and girl , or some religious fanatic trying to be a glorious person or whatnot. It can be whatever one wants it to mean but in my case I know what the guide is getting at since before being visited I was a odd sensitive person like bottled up . You know there is contradiction in the song since in one verse it says extrovert singing loud as I can and also being repressed and bottled up . You got some devil on her back and also the lords book in her hand. like it is a mixed bag to be seen as like whatever.... I am just saying the guide wanted me to ponder something in the verse of that song is all. I view the guide as God in a sense ..not the devil ..although it is like that at times you know.. when trying to hammer the idea into peoples minds . One thing that is odd is whats this thing about chopping wood ? and I can be bad and I can be good? You know that sort of fits into the idea of "to harvest" and the concept of "the harvest. You got the devil with a driving ax . It is easy to conceptualize stuff that applies to your own scenario . The guide had had me do that ..the riddle thing that needs to be deciphered.

    But to me I connected to the idea of being bottled up "before" being visited and trying to tell people about it was a way of becoming a person again and not being so sensitive about what people can do or say to you . The whole ordeal was a way to build self esteem . Yea..once you get kicked in the teeth a dozen times it sort of becomes like fizzled out...the issue you had with being too sensitive comes to the forefront . and you see the need for people to have someone to bash . There is a lot of aggression . If you act goofy you get treated like a goofball but you know it is real .. They think your crazy though and that makes them feel good. It is some sort of a set up. These aliens do a number on you
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    The other day I was like unloading some lumber that was tar soaked creosote old wood and actually there was a pot plant below it with new buds and I was afraid the bits of old tar would drop on the buds and basically smell really bad if someone smoked it . I was thinking about that while unloading the boards and trying to not let these old dried bits of tar spill on the buds . Then a bit later the thought " cane when I was coming back to the truck after having hauled another board. Then I unloaded another and again saw the flakes of old tar spilling towards the buds . then did realize the : yes a tar air ah was sort of thought know it had the G silent and only the "air " ah . anyway so see as how the guide will use the same word later button a different situation . see a few post back the guide first used that guys name in context to the sticky rat trap. That was a few weeks ago. I don't smoke actually ..but rarly ..the guide trained me to not indulge in it since is bad for your lungs and I get paranoid . Used to when younger but get the dreads. But yea the pot market is on the decline since so many people now are growing and whatnot ..a lot of indoor greenhouse stuff. I was just a partner with this guy and trying to make a buck is all. ..not that I condone it though ..the aliens told me not to smoke
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    This might be a bit hard to explain but will give it a try . Ok so this morning when in just coming out of a deep sleep ...I hear "this is Annie have had identity theft " and was sort of faint but was able to connect it to what I was thinking the day before. The day before I was thinking of my old dog puppers aka Annie ..little orphan Annie since she was found in a box by the side of the road and I ended up with her from my brother since they couldn't get her to stop chasing the soccer ball when the kids played soccer at the schoolyard in Hopland where my brother lived next to. I had her for about 10 years and she became so attached to me as if my shadow..she would never let me out of her sight. I also became so attached to her and always had to have her ride with me literally everywhere . .. not like my current puppers dog aka creature thats a boy short legged Jack russel cross ..Annie was a longer legged rat terrier and female .The guide later developed the theme that Annie was my confidant cohort ..same as the guide in effect ..I became so dependent on her and felt lost without her . had to have her by my side always . I was thinking of her the day before and how she was loyal to the extent that she had no life except to be with me to share it with .. It was sort of like she gave up her individuality or you know she was loyal to the extent that she wouldn't leave my side. The guide later developed the theme as the guide being Annie and began throwing scenes of me and Annie in different settings that spoke metaphorically . This happened after she died actually . The guide began doing that after she passed away since I was so missing her. I was able to pick up on what the guide was doing
    ..Annie was my constant companion and we were one and the same. I was pondering this the day before ..and the next morning did have that thought spoken when just coming out of deep sleep . Reason I know it is the guide is because they used to impart stuff a lot in sleep states.
    Basically it shows that the guide is an interactive intelligence or force that is aware of everything and monitors you or observes your thoughts and then later will impart an opinion or judgment or just an honest impartial response...see if you respect the guide totally you always look forward to anything they/it have to say. Basically that is what they said...and one thing that I can't argue with is that if they are right and actually agree with my conscious or say something that is you know I cant dispute ..then I have no reason to be upset they said that. See I respect the guide. I lot of people feel intruded upon by entities but if you are at fault or if the guide agrees to your own conscious then you can't fault the guide for saying something since you already criticized yourself . In this case it is not really a fault but a fact and the guide is just saying what you already said . Yea..I was thinking exaqctly that ..that I was similar to the guide as Annie was to me. I gave up my own self to be with the guide out of like dependence that perhaps stemmed from childhood.some sort of love lost and became dependent on them. I never was able to be alone or like Annie I felt lost without being with my friend . A lot of people say stuff like these aliens have no right to do this or that and that is because they never developed a relationship with them. What is odd is that I must of had some sort of weird childhood to end up being attached to some spirit guide. Am still trying to figure that out. I think it has to do with some sort of abandonment issue. Also the other world obviously picks people out that are able to bond with them. It is really strange . Need to still ponder it all . Part of it is mind control obviously but like I welcome it. It is a mixed bag of stuff since on the one hand you seem to be like some aggrandizing person and they say you are some special person and chosen and whatnot and on the other hand you face a lot of bullcrap spouting out off the wall stuff that the guide imparts and the lesson is that I could care less what anybody thinks weather I am crazy or some egotist. That is the lesson ..that anyway you have to be some sort of medium in effect trying to prove that these other entries are speaking . basically you can only give examples of how they speak. . and that should proove it. A lot of people simply say that "your mind thought that" but I can tell the difference .
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