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Thread: we ride

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    hay am still here will try and speak again soon

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    the other day I was trying to move some old car up the mountain since some robbers were like taking some parts of these old classic junk cars and after that thought process of my plan to have them all up there in order.. the thought (trying to save the whales ) came then. I could sense it was the guide chiming in since it comes not from my own mind and unexpectedly .

    the other day I was thinking of needed to not drink so much since was feeling a bit sick the next day and the thought (my kryptonite) came after that thought process. I had actually heard that word before on a tv show a day before so was like fresh in my mind. ..the word kryptonite.

    The other day I had the sequence of the setting and the scene of the time I was in Bolinas on the beach of the sea and with my dog the late puppers /constant companion /spirit guide and then the scene of when she took a crap in the sand where all these people were around and I was sort of imbarrised and did bury her poo so people wouldn't step in it . Means the line between the two worlds has been tainted by the guide obviously . I was able to decipher that one out . The people don't want this stuff..especially the churches

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    last night I put this sticky rat trap down in this path of where rats passed since the other traps were sprung cause the rats simply ran over them or something and later when going back to bed had the thought : Menataro Nogera came then. that is the name of a UFC fighter actually I recall now. The sticky rat trap my brother gave me the other day and is a plastic sheet that has this really sticky stuff on it like glue . It is called "Tom Cat " trap.

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    See in the word : men ah tar owe no care ah is seen as in I really am pissed at those rats and like the rats piss everywhere and is a mess totally . ok so that reminds me off a few other similar words the guide threw literally 20 years ago for this one : I was driving tractor and had just got this job and was so thrilled and heard that as : yahoo'd he you in in I was yelling "yahoo" is so great to be in and secure as a tractor driver. See I remember all the stuff the guide has thrown going way back and so can connect more recent stuff that is similar obviously.
    Ok so another one that comes to mind is more recent the guide threw and was when my Jack rustle dog was again hunting rats and we work as a team and I help him find the rat by digging stuff out and whatnot ..the piles of wood or whatever the rats are hiding in...pipes or rock piles or weird tight places. He has the nose to scope them out and goes nuts ..he knows it is there. ..and the guide said "he always gets his man" and it usually happens ... sometimes it takes a while or the rat gets away but he always eventually gets it.

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    one time a long time ago I was helping the late puppers ...the last one that is now dead..and was trying to help her dig this hole where some field mice were nesting and the guide said something like "brother field mice" to the effect as to why are you trying to kill a brother creature? and that sort of made me feel guilty.

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