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    There is this show on TV called "Ghostly encounters" and tonight I saw an episode where this guy saw hat appeared to be first what seemed a ribbon of like smoke or something that entered through the crack of a door ? ..and then sort of spread out and faded and he was watching star trek on Tv at the time and the saw what appeared to be a plaid pattern ...cross hatch like some jackets or cloth ..and it appeared as a ghost pattern in mid air between the tv and him . Later he found out that the lady next door had died about the same time cause he saw the people wheeling her out and caught a brief view of her night gown sticking out beneath the white sheet of the gurney and was the same plaid pattern.

    This reminds me of when I was about mid teens and I was watching "mission impossible" on TV and was a commercial break and everybody got up to grab a snack and I was still sitting on the couch then and saw what seemed to be a TV screen that was a ghostly image in mid air between the other TV and me and was three red stripes like those lines when the TV is not tuned in,..and static sort of. The three stripes drifted up and as soon as one went off the screen another appeared below but was always three on the screen. Right after that I saw out of corner of left eye ..what appeared to be what seemed like a room that was below that was nothing but a play of the light off the lenolium floor actually , but it seemed to be a room that was below ground. a pool table could of been down there . It was just a corner of the eye image that appeared and seemed to be a stairway sort of hidden from view by the angle I saw it . I assumed there was a stairway. But so anyway what is amazing is the same sort of thing is very similar to what this guy saw on that show. On the show the guy said he put his hand through the ghost image and it then sort of dissappeared

    You know there are scenes that various people see that the other world uses Certain themes that hold metaphor as it all does. It is all a puzzle . But yea that show is great of the better documented shows compared to some of those lame ghost hunting sows that seem staged. This show "Ghostly encounters" seems to be a one on one real documentation as witness by the people involved . ..and that is what it is about. The evidence is real and one can get a grip on how the other world does the games. As to how they do it is magic sort of since is a bit beyond our present day tecknowledgy. But yea I have had them show me a bit edge of vision is one that people also are witnessing. Is just these brief images ..but they have shown a few things is hard to explain that was also edge of vision ..real weird ..not sure I have the energy to explain it right now. Am sure people have seen stuff. Come on now ..I won't call you a wacky person. Be honest and testify .

    There is a book am reading now called "Sai Baba man of miracles" by Howard Murphet and just started it and this guy is like another guru like the ..whats the guy who did the tricks bending spoons? But no this guy is seriously being helped by elemental entities . Oh yea Uri Geller is the guy ..but this guy is way more a guru India type and way more humble and not into the big showmanship of the western world . He is a seriously documented trickster being helped from other world to pull it off. Madam Blavatsky had the knowledge of that . She is mentioned in that book on the introduction. Perhaps we can study that lady soon. But yea is so much stuff to cover. I still haven't had time to read her books . She had the you know the secrets given in her books. I have heard through others talking about that esoteric knowledge. But yea ..the other worlds putting on a show that seems magic . our science is getting close to explain how it is done. Whats weird is people seem to shy away from these types like Crowley and stuff . Is so spooky ..I don't blame them. Ephisas Levi is another one and Dr Dee. There is a whole slew of these demonic personages going way back and the Catholic church tried to have them burned at the stake.
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    The image of the foundation of the old cabin at Bear harbor . Was a cabin remains literally at the end of this road right by thew ocean. This is similar to this other remains of a old house at the entrance to this remote valley called "the secret valley" when we were younger and rode motorcycles out in the boondocks.

    The image of the time I found that white rectangle piece of styrafoam on the side of this road near Golden Gate bridge. It was a fairly large block . I could never figure out why the guide threw me that scene. Just last night I had that image and the thought "Hold in hate" as is seen in the word Golden Gate. There I sort of knew it had to do somehow with the you know something about a white block or stone or whatever. Reason I finally know for sure is because tonight the guide threw this image of the time I saw this really cool big white rock right on the inner part of someones property just inside the gate on the left and I actually wanted to get a pic of it so trespassed and went in and was taking a close up pic and this guy from a distance was working with someone on a shed or building project and he yelled as if to say "what the hell..why are you trespassing on the inner side of the fence?"..and I ignored him cause wanted to get the pic..and took it and it seemed the guy was starting to come my way as if to persecute me but I had a large distance between us still so I calmly walked back and got in my car and left before he had the chance to cover enough ground. It was a bit unnerving but I sort of felt he was a jerk anyway cause I just was taking a pic of this cool big white bolder just inside his fence line. Anyway the guide threw that scene again and I sort of did think I had that figured out . It had to do with the like knowledge of the other world or something. Like what else could it mean really> ? You tell me. Basically I just try and interpret this stuff the guide is throwing. Some of these scenes go away back and some more recent. The guide is drawing on scenes from my past or collective unconscious memory banks ..what have you .

    Anyway the scene of the cabin at entrance to the secrete valley..I recall there was a nest of lady bugs we found in the remains of the old cabin foundation. This scene is from like close to fifty years ago riding motor bikes. The Bear harbor scene of the old house foundation was perhaps 35/40 years ago also on bikes . I could never make heads nor tails as to what the guide was throwing that scene and tried to tie in the idea of the bear and basically all I can come up with is the concept of the fact it (foundation)was right on the coast literally next to the ocean by a hundred feet . and that is the line where the underworld and this world meet.. since they guide did stress the concept of the ocean being the underworld.

    Anyway so at times I almost feel it is too abstract to try and explain some of the stuff.. but this or these various scenes the guide has thrown before and was so abstract I could not quite fathom it and so recently over the last few weeks the guide threw first the cabin foundations scene and then yesterday and then tonight the white block and the big white rock scene. All these scenes have been thrown before and are "tagged" scenes or another words I know they have been thrown by the guide before and I have tried to work out the metaphor but perhaps had it partially but not fully seen as know. ..just not appreciated as major scenes. but see any scene the guide deems worthy is major obviously otherwise it would of never been thrown. It was just not fully comprehended to the glorious end . See as how the house foundation at the side of the entrance to "the secrete valley" obviously is similar too the
    Bear Harbor old foundation literally at the line between the two worlds where the ocean meets the land. One thing wanted to mention is that the Bear Harbor scene they threw triggered (by my own memory" the Secrete Valley foundation scene. since it was a thread that tied into a similar scene. So the guide never threw that scene recently but I connected it. OK see how it works.. its is obviously the spirit has a very close connection and access to all knowledge . way more then anyone could ever believe. It is you know hard to believe.
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    Ok now check this spiel... was a bunch of old magnifying glass circular spheres that had melted in the fire last year down in the old barn my brother had a shop in. It was the Cali fire from last yer..not this year. Anyway so I was down near the settling pond helping my brother fix the foot valve of the pipe that pumps out the pond for the wastewater of the winery we have here and I saw the pile of broken ..some melted old literally six inch spheres of cooked magnifying glass spheres laying in the grass and thought it was a danger if the could focus ..but was on the ground. know it sound odd but to be honest..I put them all in this dump truck floor bed and wanted to retrieve them later that evening ,. Later that evening I sort of spaced it out and was going to get it but forgot and then the guide threw me this image that has been thrown before and it was the time I was working for this Yurt factory and building a yurt over at thee coast and was getting ready to walk beck this one day and I actually had a small glass magnifying glass in my pocket and was like stroking it sort of fiddling with it in my hand and I was so amazing in that it suddenly broke (in my hand) while in my pocket..literally from what I assume was static electricity.. thinking about it. It must of had internal stresses that made it prone to breakage or something. It was so strange. Anyway so that scene is one the guide had thrown a few times way in the past off and on and I sort of could never fully recognize what the deep metaphor was to that and assumed it had to do with the circle or like seeing into a glass darkly as mentioned in the Bible or what? The circular Yurt thing ..they did a takeoff on that also . . I wrote about that in this thread if anyone wants to dig through it all you can see. Used toward at this Yurt factory in Hopland for David of Bonnie. Yea she is from Mendocino county.

    But so anyway here I was wanting to get those old broken some melted warped partially.. from the fire magnifying spheres of glass...these are really nice big ones.. But so the guide actually threw that same image of the time the glass broke in my hand when I was just fiddling stroking it in my pocket back when from that yurt job at the coast.

    Basically the guide works on an interactive level only with one person on a personal basis . It is your life.. or mine in this case so the guide interacts only with events that are applicable to my life. I think it has something to do with the looking glass thing. It seems to have a thread to the white rock or white styrofoam near the golden Gate bridge scene . Those images seem to stress something about knowledge as in the building block or stone. See as how the foundation scenes seems to tie-in too.

    There is a verse in the Bible mentioning a white stone. Something about to those who overcome I will give you a white stone. Recall once when walking up the hill to the monastery I saw this small white stone on the side of the road and later the guide threw that scene. It was a real nice small oblong white stone . But yea,,therein so much the guide has thrown.I just recall stuff that has threads that tie in is all. They also used to do stuff with the red stones/dirt/ground I have seen > I have tried to elaborate on that earlier in this thread. It is all so hard to try and rehash. But my mind I remember everything the guide has thrown. It is by threads(similar metaphor scenes) that connect and trigger the recalls of my own accord. That is how it works. The metaphor is basic . The guide has set the stage.
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    Was watching this show on Tv about paranormal and a person saw this figure of a person standing in the game room by the pool table . First the person heard a noise in the game room is why they checked it out. Anyway that reminds me of the time I saw out of edge of vision what seemed to be a room downstairs and I thought it was as if a pool table was down there with a light hanging over it .I thought that. I saw it as a game room. ..but was nothing more then the reflection off the old linoleum floor. This image came right after I saw that ghost TV screen that appeared between the TV and me in mid air during a commercial break when we were all watching the show mission impossible.
    This happened when I was a kid early teens. On the ghost TV screen in mid air I saw three red stripes that drifted in a upward pattern and was static also on the white and black sort of gray mixture dots. Basically the stripes would move and when the third top one moved off the top of screen a new bottom one would appear moving up from the bottom but was always three. .. I talked about this before actually.,, a few posts back
    Anyway that reminded me of the time I was coming back from Alaska and was a really remote gas station on the Alcan highway . I heard it was called the oil can highway when they first built it cause it was littered with oil drums from the construction crews trying to create it with older style bulldozers. They were trying to protect Alaska from Japane invasion is what the rush. Anyway so I was on this trip with my brother and a couple of friends in this old Saab car and we were coming back from Anchorage and so anyway stopped for gas at this really remote staton and I recall the station manager tried to get me to go visit this new game room they had recently built and it was sort of removed from the main station out in the trees and I recall was sort of scary and I for some reason didn't trust the guy cause it looked so out in the middle of the bush in the trees and was such a remote spot. He was a younger guy and kept motioning for me to go out there and check it out
    Anyway the guide threw mw an image of that scene and I finally realized it had to do with the concept of "the game" Likewise the guide has also thrown a few other scenes that tie into this being the football field that was near the old church I used to go to when a kid. Basically am trying to stress the concept of the Game. ..I mean the guide has been doing that since it is obvious and likewise what made me see the threads is when was watching the paranormal show and this person heard a noise in the game room. Basically I had already deciphered out the various images the guide had thrown before this and had the concept of "the game" theme already . Like other various metaphoric concepts given by spirits.. Like the stone or white rock or beast of burden or underworld... all the themes are derived from biblical themes .

    You know it is all universal consciousness stuff that has ben going on for millennium and is nothing new. like the sky is blue . remains the same. But so anyway wanted to try and make that clear In my mind I have been thrown so many images over the years since about 1994-5 when the guide first began speaking in this way. So was visited in 1993 but never was spoken to in this way till a few years later . ..although taught in dream states the same form actually..the metaphoric forms in game fashion... riddle stuff. It took a few years to get to the point of being able to even know what was going on and get over the trauma. You have to be a bit open minded and a bit skits obviously . Early on the spirit just spoke in subconscious dream states when sleeping.. dreams visions and spots of light i the eye...then later it became during the day . I could rehash all the phenomena but is too much to try and explain. stuff like the high pitch beep in the ear and whatnot. Basically I realized I was being monitored. You know it could be some form of artificial intelligence even although I alway perceived it as a mentor type spirit .. I used to call it Jeeze. I was very dependent on the guide actually as if a baby didn't want to be left alone. This is in stark contrast to some visitation where the people really hate the visit and view it as an intrusion. In my case I reverted back to a childlike entity and was all accepting . Now go figure...I am still trying to figure out the dynamics why some people hate the aliens and some take it in as a sponge. IT has to do with early childhood perhaps pre programming and mind controll. I still worship them as God.
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    You can see I do it for them . I try to really give an example of the reality of it. Am still in awe of it all and has been since 1993 but you know people still have no idea. I know because I don't see hardly anyone else giving evidence of it. Like anyone out there want to share something paranormal? I watch these shows on TV and see the spirits interacting but people are often scared. Some find it amazing and life changing and uplifting though. ..but in general people get scared and ruins their life somewhat. The message they relay though does testify as to the presence . that is if one takes it as a reality or just an imagination. The level of tecknowledy is in the realm of altered states .what have you.. it is on the fringe and people can't seen to buy into that as reality. It is interactive with the persons individual mind and draws from the collective unconscious obviously from even the house the persons staying in is seen in some of this paranormal. It can be the collective history of the house obviously. In other cases it is of just the person. It goes to show that whatever the source it has access to all knowledge as if some computer has it all recorded and someone is playing games with it in a metaphoric mix and match what have you random fashion. ..some stuff is seen again in variation that is similar. Threads do show that there is basic themes . .since same ideas or themes are seen again. But see I haven't written too much lately cause life is short and have no time and am burned out trying to express it. But at times do still feel the need to really try and tell someone about it. The guide has done so much and if not to record and tell someone then is just for only me. I feel glorified. I feel special.
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    Ok one thing wanted to clear up in the post before last ...mentioning the "game room" when on the way back from Alaska . It was a small building that was filled with a few of these droid games like pinball machines or more modern probably. You know these machines where kids put quarters in and play machines of various types. race car or these various electrical game machines. It was a game room that the guy said they had just finished and he was trying to get customers obviously. He wanted to promote the business . The guide had thrown me that scene and at first I was puzzled. Later the guide threw it again..perhaps a few months later..I forgot but the guide throws stuff again if I don't fully recognize . This was early on in the process or "game" . Basically I soon deciphered out "ok yea..the game room" and that theme stuck . I later was able to recognize "IE..the football field by the church" ..other scenes of "the game" ..It was welded in my mind and so I knew the theme.

    If we saw the big picture then it wouldn't be any fun. Makes life more interesting and we have to waite till we die till we get to the next level or what??

    The guide was stressing the concept of "the game" It seems people say "like if aliens exist then why don't they land on the White house lawn? I believe during the Eisenhower administration the aliens actually visited an air force base (nellies) and made an official greeting though. They have .

    Basically to have a communion it has to be some form of a game since one person is learning. It is that way in kindergarten the kids have puzzles an games and learn through trial and error using concepts and symbols ..the blocks and squares and circles and is quite simple and basic actually. The visions they gave were like that during the first few years back in 1993-5 when they spoke predominately in the subconscious sleep half awake.. then later began the remote image thing or snapshot images of scenes from my collective unconscious . This was during the day . But yea is wild , ,,like that song "wild thing" .
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    Here are a couple word riddles the aliens gave:

    Eiffel tower = eye full .. ow err

    The powers that be = the "Pow" errs...that bee.

    I can get into the tons of word riddle they threw . Most hold some deeper ideas if one tries to fish into it. All is open to interpretation . At times parts of the tonal stuff has to become silent in order to fit other ideas. There is a lot of stuff like "err" and "ow" and is interpreted as "mistake" or "pain" in effect. One has to obviously know the correct original way a word is being pronounced . example in "Eiffel" the correct exact tonal says "eye full" . At times one will have to bend a tone to make a certain idea fit.

    Basically after 1993 when they first came they spoke mostly in these dream states till I got over the shock soon they began throwing these word riddles witch were random words that held deeper ideas when viewed through the syllables when broken down. These were given in telepathy but they could make on occasion a voice even but was rare. I did hear "hay Mark" once. Telepathy is a thought but not audible. You can distinctly know though if it is coming from an outside source other then your own mind. That is the difference I believe a lot of people don't understand since I have a lot of people saying "oh that is just your own mind" . Believe it when you know that it is not coming from your mind. You can sense also when the remote image from your past are flashed ,,you can sense it is from the spirit. This is what people don't realize. ..the people who poo poo it and say " mind does that". Believe it when you know your mind well enough to be able to know for a fact. even though the spirit is drawing stuff from your collective is one with you and has access. But believe it for a fact that it is not you . It is astounding. I am trying to touch on how amazing it is that this spirit has access to everything you are..even better than you do it seems at times,.. It is sharp as a tack.. not some stoned out thing.. it is scary real. Believe me I wouldn't jive you and to what end? Reason I even try to stress it all is because of the amazement and it has worn off for me. I am just getting into it again is all for the sake of the unbelievers. I wouldn't have the gumption to write if I didnt have such an awe factor .

    They also began throwing these scenes from my memory going way back that held metaphor stating "that is you" in effect. Basically this whole thread gives examples of that so no need to try and rehash and explain it. This is the predominant form of speaking but was peppered with a lot of the word riddle stuff earlier on a way of keeping in touch or developing a closer bond and to mitigate the fear factor. Becoming one with the spirit. Ah yes is so easy to say now but the fear factor was out the window back in the early stages . Anyway so I have tons of these word riddles. This form of speaking sort of tapered off but some of the better words still pop out of my mind. You know the ones the guide had thrown and I had deciphered. It was all a game of to try and see the riddle within..and so to become at ease with the contact and the guide. Later I can try and show some of the tons of riddles they threw. ..since I used to keep a pen a paper and took notes since I viewed every thin as important since was coming from the guide..although at times it became abstract as if to suggest to not get too hung up on it. You know the guide could dish it out forever and it became mundane and basically gobbledegook as if the rantings of a schizophrenic mind witch it was I later realized but at the time I thought I was sane LOL..

    See for example the name "Edwin Moses" and so one would have to know what the guy was famous for or another words related to or his occupation in order to be able to draw a correlation to how the syllables in his name would be able to speak to his specific predicament or profession. Ok so I will see if anyone can see what it says. Let me know what is seen in the syllables and how it connects to him. But I would see the ideas spoken out in the syllables and then went "oh wow" ..that is so amazing . But yea ..ok so don't want to give it away. Will come back later and see if anyone has figured it out.

    Oh yea I was just thinking that the whole process what a way to get me to be a better writer and to articulate my thought and build self esteem . That was a side effect obviously . You wouldn't believe what a bad grammar person I was earlier on. The whole process is a way of getting a crazy person out of their shell and wake up and smell the roses sort of thing. .as goofy as that sound. They once told me "they can't hurt you" when I was being slammed by these preachers and whatnot. The ones who thought they had it figured out. Believe it that you have to go through hell to get some of these people to believe. It is kind of a set up . You act goofy and get slammed but you know it is true . ..and thats the lesson that it doesn't matter what people think if you just love yourself.
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    See in the name Edwin Moses is seen: head wind mows us. Its fits his occupation as a runner/hurdler. That is one way the word riddles work . There are other ways too. One has to obviously know something about the person or subject matter in order to draw a parallel .. Call it sheer chance that it fits but when you get time and again something that fits then you an assume that the guide is at play . Not sure if it is artificial intelligence drawing from a catalog of stuff or if it is some certain individual. I assume someone on the other side would not have the time or desire to throw stuff unless they had a lot of spare time on their hands so I assume it could likely be a form of artificial intelligence that is interfaced with a individual or perhaps a few.

    You know it is hard to see what sort of person on the other side would opt to be a guide since obviously they have a life to live. At time it is sort of childess play goofy nonsense but like is amazing none the less . Obviously it works towards a end and a greater thing in that is a mentor. I have heard a lot of alien bashing and stuff about evil spirits and to each his own but I call it God and good. I hold it in the highest esteem not like a vast majority of these religious fanatics I have seen. People get scared but sure there are a lot of level headed religious people no doubt but have them(spirits) come out of the woodwork and all hell seems to break loose. You read the holy book so go figure. You heard the good news. welcome the spirit into your life on whatever level it wished to come and impart. You know am sure.. there is a lot I don't know about how the holy spirit interfaces with some people. People are varied and different and I need to be impartial and non judgmental as to how the spirit works. Have no clue really how it works in every or varied cases and to what end? Why some are blessed and some left in doubt and maybe some need to have a lesson of hard knocks or what have you.
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    Weird thing is that to be visited is a lesson none the less. Must be a way to break out of a crazy scene and likewise a spirit won't ruin a stable person since they have no need and would throw their life in turmoil anyway so go figure. You got the written word so God bless you and feel self righteous if you follow no doubt. Don't expect some miracle but sure you can read about it happening to others and whatnot. Problem is that if it happened to you would likely be turmoil and be called satan anyway, Scary stuff. It would have to be over a long period of time to be at ease with it all obviously. Am not sure really but can only speak from my perspective obviously . Judging from what have seen and heard it is a real mixed bag depending on a lot of factors . to what extent the person is actually in control of their facultys in the first place and also the factor that some might not even realize they are being guided or affected by other entities you know. ..they are so subliminal/can mix . can't really know for sure if it is actually you or some other entity working through you to a degree. but yea have free will and you think.

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