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  1. #471 Seee it is the "egg" theme again. I mentioned in a few posts back was a theme they have been stressing. This reminds me of one scene they threw and was of the time I was a kid and was in the upper loft seating area of the church I used to go to and I was a crazy kid and had this egg corn in my hand when was like leaning through the railings of the loft and I dropped the eggcorn and it hit the floor and it was dead silent in the church and hit with a bang and disrupted the preachers sermon. Basically the symbology of that is what the guide was stressing. but so anyway the zamora case is an egg shaped ufo..also the "bell" ufo incadent is another one shaped like a eggcorn. There was t This famous case was an egg shaped. Egg shaped again
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    See the guy It was back in early 2000 or so and was going online and looking for all the early contactee books and I was trying to buy his book called "Son of the son" and the bidding was getting way up there on ebay and I recall the guide threw me a word riddle that was in the guys name : hore fee owe gell ..ooh jee (jesus) . It was jelling out to be pretty steep price ..I think was up to 60 bucks or more. I was the hore after the rare books and the fee was steep. Not totally sure if his last name actually was tonally correct but I thought it was pronounced that way and it fit exactly.

    Sometimes I get the feeling it is some form of artificial intelligence that is able to crunch tons of possibilities that can fit a situation . Early on back in 1995 or so a few years after enitial contact ..I began having random words and word riddles thrown . It wa sa way of building a relationship and being able to get a handle on the forms of speaking. At first from 1993 to about 1995-6 they spoke primarly in subconscious states . It was a shocker when they began throwing telepathic odd stuff during the day. Nothing concrete but just a game to get to know it and be at ease and get over the trauma.

    There is this advertisment on Pandora selling a once a month shot or pill for skitzapherenia . . and some guy comes on in this odd voice suggesting he knows you are about to have another episode and they have a cure . Like it is so hard to define skitzaphrenia in the first place. Like bi polar brother says another name for bi polar is simply "ass hole" . The person is a nasty person that tries to keep it under wraps but the chimp gets loose

    Thge aliens have thrown me a few images suggesting the theme "tool Box" We give you the tools. Stay off drugs and acohol etc. abusing it mainly and no smoking period. I once was walking the road when on this road trip building yurts and found this small white box in the gutter on the roadside. The guide has thrown that scene suggesting it is the toolbox with the rules to follow.

    Another scene the guide threw way early on was a image of this place where people in wheelchairs had a special landing area in the movie theatre here in our local town. They had a place to park their wheelchairs and watch the movie . I assume it is suggesting I am handycapped in some way. This was way before they began throwing me images in my minds eye while awake. It was early on when they only spoke in sleep and dream half awake states. They first visited me in Jan 20-22 1993 on a three day or nights actually . It was my dads birthday ..Jan 22 He had been dead since 1989. But yea wow..and what a trip . I cant try and hash it alll out . Is a long story
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    They have at times shown me a brief image of the main walkway that leads to the door of the old state hospital where my dad used to work . At times when I was struggling mentally and upset for one reason or another. I have seen a brief image of the auto repair shop down the road from there and it is at a fork side road intersection .. I see the repair shop appoaching from the side if I am coming to
    the right angle of the main road that leads to the state hospital. The repair shop is right across the road where the side road intersects basically. They have thrown this image a few times off and on and I finally was able to disect it. The right angle is the turning point ...and then is the main strip that leads to the old state hospital. I believe they are suggesting something. The right angle/cross/where two worlds meet/ do a fix job and basically my dad is down the road and looking to take care of me should I feel a bit wacky. But yea not to sound facetious since is serious since the guide speaks with all earnestness. They know the challenge and at times you can feel a bit twisted. I have had them say a few times "Oliver Twist" All have err...twist. Also Alice in Wonderland: All isn't wonderland. They have used the term "Ozz" in various ways like Ozzie Osborne : Ozz he Ozz borne A few other Ozz things I forget off hand. Ozz he and heir he it. You are a heir to the kingdom.

    Ok they have thrown me a brief image of this small dog I once saw on an Indian reservation. a Indian dog . I was on this road trip way out in like some state in Idaho or Wyoming am not sure but was Indian land with a reservation nearby and I knew it was a native Indian dog going way back. I saw a few dogs actually. I knew it meant the guide since the guide developed a theme of my old dog puppers being my constant companion shadow. I lover her so much and when she died the guide developed that theme by throwing a lot of images of various scenes in context to this and that idea. The fact it was a Indian dog means the other family since the guide also developed the theme of the lost family I have always been searching for.since I used to be an amature archeoligist and still am actually. An archeologist is a morbid mentaality since you are searching for evidence of something not tangable . That word just came now"tangable" Not sure what it means really but anyway I always had that longing to find the evidence of them.. the ones buried in my subconscious or? not sure really is just a longing for like something lost or? //I couldnt tell you..a meloncoly
    of the loss of your lost childhood or family. ?? I know the Indian dog ties into the message . Is just what the guide has thrown. I am trying to flesh it out..the meaning. I know the themes they thav developed.

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    Could be since I was raised on a Navaho Indian Reservation when an infant and had a Indian nanny people say. My parents were interns doing the medical internship on the reservation. People try and suggest the alians that visited me are nothing but me remembering my Indian nanny or some such . As far as how I was first subconsciously bonded with them..perhaps happened in early childhood since I believe I had a bad relationship with my mom.Always was angry at her. .Yea you have to try and figure it out. Usually what your best hunch is can be right if you study various factors and such . But is so amazing, ..the other world has everything monitored to some degree. Is hard to fathom it all and like why does God allow some things to happen and whatnot? Why would they come to me and like why do they come to so and so and not others? What criteria and do you have to have a disturbed childhood to be visited? It would disturb most people to be visited so perhaps is all good if you are borderline personality to begin with. .But yea can work with it and it can improve the quality of life. You have to be a low life mental case and then to be elavated. They glorify you..but only in your mind. The rest of the world mocks you in derision. I dont blame them really . If you spout wacky stuff people wag their heads saying "oh boy what a nut case." But yea is all part of the game. If you can overcome that and not let it affect you you are a glorifyed being. Cause you have confadene it is true..the guide is with you and they chose you to tell the world. That is when you truely like yourself eventhough you at times are tested with bad long as you dont do people is a process. It is all building towards something better. I believe the fear factor is part of the terrible psychological makover you have to undergo. It is a mixed bag of stuff and they are great pychologists. You have to work with it since is a reality
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    There was this time that in my old highschool ...there was a quad it was called and must of been since it was square but was the center plaza inside of the surrounding school buildings was where people congregated in the morning and during lunch and was a gathering place to hang out basically and was connected by a wind tunnel on the south that ran under the building and the cafateria on the north. But so anyway on the east where the sun rises were these redwood trees that were within the central quad area and someone cut some of the lower branches out of a few trees where the sun was being blocked and to let the sun shine in in the morning.

    The guide just threw me that scene recently and I have the thought "wildcats" come right after that image of the area where the branches had been cut scene. Basically I just see that image the way I remember looking up and seeing the open area of the branches removed off the trees. I remember someone telling me:"check it out ...someone has cut the branches out to let the sun shine in." Then the thought "Wildcats" that was our mascot of the school of Ukiah. I had taken a note of this and was in my list of notes scribbled on scraps of paper . Then this morning I have the thought "Unified school district" and I remembered I had been wanting to write about this. I have actually mentioned this before somewere in this thread. ..but not in context to with the added "wildcats/ and unified school district .

    The guide had also thrown me an image of the wind tunnel before and this was back when I couldnt figure out what the meaning was but they also threw me an image of a windmill I once saw in San Francisco I believe in a park when I was younger. ..and I was finally to connect the concept of "the spirit/wind" ... Same thing..It is the spirit of God. The concept of the school/learning But see again "the cat.. and see "united school district" All schools of thought become united and the cat is the killer transformer thing. Cat has trophy/catastrophe, cataleptic fit/ cat ah lept... icck fit , cats cradle / at raid ..hell A long time ago back in like 1996 I was driving tractor and had the thought "thundercats batteries not included" At the time I didn't know what thundercats was but about way later, 10 or 15 years later... when watching the show Pawn stars on tv I saw it was a toy that had been very popular. I was able thought to see "batteries as being battered. So basically at times the guide willl throw something out of my sphere of knowledge and I will later down the line see something I wasn't aware of. Basically the guide has access to all knowledge but I am not totally aware of stuff. This has happened 3 or 4 times. They have thrown stuff and I latrer leard what it was supposed to be related to. There are a few other "cat" word riddles I have to recall and will try and remember them. It is on a post a few posts back actually.

    But yea the concept of "the wind" is obviously the telepathy they can do since is such as you cant see it but you can feel the effects and what it is doing to the trees and water. It is invisible but you can sense it. The pnumatics were a early sect of people claiming to be in contact with God
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    But yea it is the transformr...the cat since you die. They have also thrown these various scenes of a red rock I have seen in various chimmnies know how people will build a rock chimney and will select colorful rocks and I have seen on three occasions a beautiful red one in the chimney . The guide will throw an image of that scene. One was of a chinmey on the old church I used to go to and one was in this house of this lady that I knew that thought I was crazy when I told her I didnt like my mom LOL She dumped me after that.. Ok yea and just yesterday I fo
    und thhis beautiful red rock on the side of this very old ruins of a chimnny at the side of the road thatk actually leads up to the Monistary "mount Tabor" I then recalled the other images the guide had thrown and realize that was "perfect" and the guide should throw me that one for sure> This has happened before wh.en I was driving past Mt Shasta and I saw this beautiful graveyard at the base of Mt Shasta with the mountain in the background...and I knew "the guide needs to throw me that" and they actually did a bit later. I mean they have taught me to recognise what is a great metephoric scene. ..and as my life unfolds obviously they cant dredge it out of my memory and throw it at the moment I see a new scene. but I can recognize it as a very worthy metephoric scene from other scenes they have drilled me on developing this image fornm of speaking saying "that is you " in effect

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    Another theme is "lighthouse" ...have had the whatever you want to call it...intelligence/guide throw various images of lighthouses I have been to over the years.I live sort of near the coast and have seen a few.. Shelter cove/point arena and this other one by Drakes Bay.. Basically an image of a scene from memory is flashed exactly as it was when I was there seeing it from my eyes . One time we talked to some lighthouse tender in Shelter cove light house when I was with my dog puppers.

    They also do a theme off various antenna towers I have been to on mountain tops when riding dirt bikes. Also a few old time parabolic disk antenna transceivers . Also there is this one sign by roadside on a telephone pole that says "Jesus is the answer" and I had a early morning dream of that and the wires were glowing in the area near that sign scene. Basically they can recreate a skit dream scenario obviously of a certain event scene in your life that holds a metephoric way of speaking with the content of the scene. There is this other old buried underground telephone cable that runs up the hill road we used to ride motorcycles up..but is now defunct but anyway there are certain areas where it had some access to the cable with these check points along the way for whatever reason. I heard they put gas in the line to keep it preserved or something...but so anyway I see an image of a check point flashed in my mind and have the thought "ET phone home" I assume is some joke suggesting to keep in touch with the guide. Basically the guide monitors you constantly and is anything you think is always there for them to review and interact with anyway. Perhaps some form of artificial intelligence?

    Basically they developed the idea of spreading the message using the waves and wires and light beacons.

    There is this other scene that happened way back before I was even first contacted and I recall I was riding my dirt bike and was a bridge that was being rebuilt and a road going through the river as a bypass and I was approaching the river and there was some guy at the other side of the river on the bank by the road and I sware I saw him speak to me with his mouth and I heard him say "is this man or beast?" as i was approaching and paused briefly viewing the road down to the river to cross on the dirt bike. Looking back I realize that is impossible to actually hear him speak over the noise of the dirt bike still running but I saw his mouth form the words and I heard it so clear as if I knew exactly ..he was apprehensive as I came on the scene like that and then I came and crossed and stormed by as if was just the normal thing to do. There is no really logical way I can figure out how that could of been that I heard him say that. ..I mean his mouth forming the words is impossible to make out .and to be able to hear it so clearly. He seemed to be startled by me coming up with all the roar of the four stroke thumper . But yea..I look back on that as a paranormal experience. And this was way before I ever became in contact and they began speaking and whatnot

    In fact I think I hardly even stopped but just slowed way down and saw him say that and hearing it so clearly.. But yea it totally makes no sense and and like what does it mean ? Sort of ties into the Ezikiel scene in the bible by the river where he saw the weird encounter by the rive Chebar . I can see the idea of "flowing water" theme perhaps . River of life is a theme... but who is that guy supposed to represent? I mean I am assuming if it was an extreterrestrial encounter it is filled with some alligory whatever message.
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    There is another theme actually that is "the man" ..the man I asked directions from.. like the guy in the light house mentioned in the last post when I was at Shelter Cove lighthouse that time with puppers . Another time was in Redding when was on a journy getting this old truck and I asked this guy in a parking lot that was talking with these other people what way it was for me to get to the freeway the simplist route. The guide has thrown me that more then one time and I couldnt figure out what the significance of that scene was...and I finally settled on "the man with the plan" ..knew directions. Basically the most simple explination is right. It means he is directing and you are seeking knowledge. Recall I mentioned a few posts back of the "red letter edition" of the teachers history book that I had mistakenly had and the teacher finally found out where it was about half way through the year when I said once "I wonder why there is red writing in my book. I simply was so spaced out I didn't even study it enough to realize it till way later. It had all the answers to major summery of chapter in red letters at the end of each chapter.

    Another time I was in LA once and was stopped on the side of the road because was lost and trying to figure out where I was and this van came and was actually a person to help that gave me a map. He was actually hired by thew city to help stranded lost people . The guide threw me a image of that scene and I was able to realize it was a guide type angel in the city of Angels . But yea so the guy you asked directions to or talked to when lost is a theme. I just realized this and like that guy by the river.. . I have a feeling I was on their list. This guy by the bridge being rebuilt was a few years before I was not sure exactly but between 1-5 years before. It is so amazing so much time can go by and they have some plan for you. Next thing you know they are claiming I am some sort of Christ and they want me to telll the churches they are God and the people with the ufos and whatnot. But yea..hard to believe but so some things are. But yes a very enchanted life. I could try aand tell a few othewer odd things early on in life and have on this thread but is ghard to spell it all out again now. I try and be very articulate and clear and so is hard to get it down without a ton of babble.

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    There was this time I was down South of LA at a place called Aguanga was in the desert arid land and was on the way some person that did these metal sculptures of tin and he had all sorts of works and he had this metal horse in a jumping stance on the flank of this hill where the road did pass through below and it appeared as if the horse was going to jump across the two hills that was actually the goarge that had been cut for the road below. There was a gated community further down the road where I was going to pick up this 36 dodge car shell I found on ebay . Basically the guide throws me an image of that horse on the hill. I believe it is that horse with winged feet seen in mythology idea. Later the guide throws me a image of the entrance to thew gated community. I at first wasnt shure what that meant ..Later that scene was thrown again and I have the telepathic thought "gated community" I believe this refers to the other world obviously. Yea I finally figured out the mtephore,_California See you can seee the horse I am talking about on the hill it is the one where the guy is standing near the goarge by the horse mustang getting ready to jump
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    Love that dragon it's awesome

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