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    Today have been watching this Ancient Alians show on Tv and is one episode after another about star gate and portal and the disk with knowledge etched on it plus the crop circle disk coded etching with that alien face next to it saying we have been deceived etc. Then speaking of other disks prevalent in ancient cultures and and on and on about moving the big rocks and natzi ufo and easter island monoliths and Nazka lines. Am sure everybody has seen it all. Anyway and was some episode of whole groups of people just disappeared . Then when in the shower I did have the thought "beam me up Scotty" You know to be so saturated with it all and then have the guide throw a few jokes is kind of puts me at ease cause actually I at times get this panic attack and feel upset although don't know why. It is more about circumstances in my life actually ..just being anxious about other stuff but is true I used to be real anxious about it all but have grown to accept it and it is other stuff in life that has me a bit upset..although maybe it triggers it. You know I wish they would just do the big landing or something perhaps . Want to see my family or whatever. But yea..perhaps is a bit too much to handle.. Like have no idea who ..and can't put a face on it or them . but figure it will all be recalled? I don't know. That is asking too much perhaps. Perhaps my life would be in shambles. You know if they did the big number and appeared

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    Was up on hill cleaning up stuff and the thought "Jacare silva" or was thought as "shock ah ray ..silva" and a few seconds after that I see a shiny piece of aluminum in the soil that was uncovered after the rain since I had cleaned up all this burned aluminum trailer stuff . What it neat5 is I had just been watching the day before this guy whose nickname was "Jacare" and pronounced "shock ah ray" ..although his last name was Souza I heard it as silva . There are a number of these ultimate fighter guys with the last name "silva" for some by chance reason it seems. Anyway to give an idea as to how the guide is interactive ..this is just another example . They can do a sort of off the wall mix and match thing and with a pre clue "before the event takes place . I mean I hear the thought and a few seconds later I spy the silver reflecting in the sun. Here is the guy am speaking about. You can see there are three other fighters with last name "Silver"

    Also today when cleaning stuff on this bottling machine I have the image of those angels in the town of Mendocino near the coast andI then recalled this small church in this lot a bit down the road there and I once saw a few teenagers hanging out there and seemed to be a like meeting place for these girls and boys. I mean the guide had thrown that scene before..of the time I saw those teenagers hanging out there behind the church. I knew it sort of alluded to the concept of you know where they meet. The idea of the underworld and the coast line is another way to see "where two worlds meet" Reason I can see these themes is because have been tutored over the years and had this drilled into me. the images state"that is you" in effect. Like it is just them chiming in and saying " is not just some figment of your imagination..we are a actual reality. " Like today is my birthday and I assume it is a way of expressing "reborn or rebirth" Lately the guide has sort of been really low key but like the other day I knew it was stepping it up bit with the shock ah ray silva. That reminds me that they a long time ago did a takeoff on the guys name "shock ..vail lay " as in the ufo researcher French guy . Am sure everyone has heard of him. I did meet him and he actually lived right up the road once if you can believe that and that was back in 1993 or 4 . He had a library with tons of books and was into computers and had a observatory in this one building. I was trying to tell him about I was being spoken to and hearing these voices in my head and I think he believed me . That was back when I was sort of skitzafrenic ., I told him the aliens play on words with his name.
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    Check out this link I found on the Vallee skeptic site Actually that skeptic site has a lot of neat stuff on it . Some is sort of wacky . Its kind of like going to a ufo conference and is actually the same people who give study at the conferences. I have gotten these letters to come to these conferences and is sort of costly and you have to rent a hotel and whatnot and pay a big fee. Have never gone to one yet but would like to share my story. Yea right if I had the time to get on stage and even try and seem believable. One thing that is odd is a lot of researchers perhaps don't have direct experience ..but just research others? Could be wrong on that though. It would seem many people in contact wouldn't want to try and seem believable or you know..perhaps they are too burned out to even try or just have some anger at the aliens or whatever.. It would seem a good researcher would have the drive to keep digging and studying ..but a contactee person might not have that desire for a number of reasons . Some might be tired of ridicule or their life is too in shambles from it all or are just mentally unstable to try and be some sort of helper . Some are obviously being helped by the aliens to just live a normal life. ..and so let the researchers do the study and whatnot. A researcher can just read a wacky story from a contactee and put the pieces together of how the aliens connect and express themselves. It is a symbiotic type thing for some it would seem and a bit of mind control. It would seem some subjects are good cannon fodder and some are know it is a combination of amazement and desire to share it with others that drives some people.
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    This guy James Kinect was a person that grew roses in Redwood City Calif and I helped tear down the greenhouses the roses were grown in back in mid or early 1980s and so anyway I have the image of the place and hear the thought "James Kanect" and sounds like literally "connect" . See as how in the name "James is heard "aim" when you make the "J" silent. ..and so is heard : aims..connect . in to shoot an arrow in effect and the ..basically the guide throws me this and I have to break it down>>What the??/ and after a few missed attempts the guide thew it again a long time later and I see the big picture since the idea of Redwood City also comes into the metephore as in "to harvest" . It is some takeoff of the idea of the harvest and the rose and the guys name who owed the greenhouses we tore down. It is the cupid thing obviously and the guide or whoever is insinuation you know something happened. The love triangle they are again suggesting some love or sexual encounter happened it seems. It is this theme theme they suggest in various ways. But yea I know this sounds far fetched but when the guide hammers out this stuff I try and explain it, ..but like hay it is so hard to explain but think I am doing a good job . Keep it simple and be direct and frank as to what the guide is saying. Have some other stuff want to elaborate on later. It is so odd I at time hesitate to even try to explain some of the stuff but know it is what the guide is saying. The guide is using stuff from mu collective unconconsous

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    Ok so another image thrown by the guide goes: first I see in minds eye a brief image of the graveyard of Mount Shasta ..the way I saw it on that road trip to Montana on the way back and knew right then it was a heavy significant scene the guide would of thrown a bit later cause the metaphor was great . Ok so anyway then I have a brief thought image of that small square pillow I won as a kid when we went skiing back in literally mid or late 60's and was Easter and there were easter eggs on the mountain for the kids to find and I found two and on the eggs were numbers and we were told to bring the eggs to the lodge and merchants in the town below would give a small prize . and later in the town of Shasta I got a small can of car polish from this gas station and also a small blue square pillow from a like furniture store or general something store. I was maybe in the 8th grade then.

    When I saw the graveyard at the base of Mt Shasta was just about a year ago though ..but recently a few weeks ago...the guide threw the one image of the graveyard scene first and right after that I see the pillow after sort of seeing the place where I found that one egg near top of mountain ski lift . I almost broke my right thumb when I tried to stop for that one egg since had jammed it really hard and even to this day can not make lower thumb joint perfect straight like my left one.

    So what does that tell you? It says that they can take a image of relatively recent and also from close to 50 years ago and throw them in succession in this way. See as how the square pillow represents the cross and also the concept of when they first came they spoke exclusively in the subconscious while I slept. See the Easter egg found on the mountain had the number on it to receive the prize that was the square pillow. See the concept of "to be dead in" is seen in the first image thrown of the memory of the tomb stones with the massive backdrop of the snow covered mountain in the distance behind it.

    This has been thrown before(easter egg scene)( without that recent graveyard scene at base of mountain) cause the first time they threw the easter eggs scene (was before I had seen the graveyard scene obviously) ...but so see now they can add it in to give the metaphor even more significance. The idea of "the square" pillow also I didn't fully grasp before. I only got as far as thinking "oh wow that is got the mountain and Easter and the egg" that is the prize. I thought that was it...and failed to see the prize was the square pillow also tied into the overall metaphor. In this way one at times doest fully recognize it all. The guide will then throw it again at a later date obviously if you either misinterpret it or not fully get it. They you recall and go h wow I missed that or flubbed it a bit. " They know exactly if you didn't get it correct.

    I can try and explain another similar scene that ties into this idea that holds a similar thread . There is a canyon near here that is called "the enchanted canyon" and is in the hills behind our place..and when I was a kid we used to hike into it and is filled with big borders and has a waterfall further up it and we would slide down it since the rock is carved from the fall into a slide somewhat and there are even a few like pockets or bowls that the water has actually carved in the rock of the waterfall near the bottom. and one is small like a bowl someone could actually eat from..and I did decide to take a can of raviolis up there this one day and pour them in the bowl in the rock at the base of the fall and did eat them from it. Basically this was also when I was very young in grade school . Ok so anyway the guide did throw me that scene and I was able to decipher it out as :To eat of the square food at the base of the waterfall in the underworld. This canyon is very deep and as you go further into it it literally becomes deeper and steeper along the sides and the rocks become the stepping stones to travel on. Big old ones ,. this canyon is old and deep. But see as how the guide has taken these two concepts of above and below as the dwelling place of the Gods and the concept of "to eat " of or drink of is a very basic idea also. The "square" is seen again and is also seen as the "right angle" . or cross where the two lines intersect . They also did a serious drilling on the "right angle" concept. .and I tried to explain that in various way before.

    This also reminds me of this other time the guide threw this image of this literally what was a old bed spring way up on this mountain area where a old hunting cabin was ..and there was this old bed someone had left laying in this field up there near the old hunting cabin ..and the mountain was seen in the backdrop of the bed in the field. It took me awhile to recognize the metaphor of that but was able to see the concept of "they came to me in my subconscious as I lay in bed. " Like the graveyard scene at the base of the mountain. This other mountain is a local mountain here called "Skull Mountain" and I hiked way up there when a kid and this cabin was three quarters of the way up somewhat the bed was in a field way the hell op there actually. Basically am recalling all these scenes the guide has thrown since one scene will trigger a thread that ties into other scenes the guide has thrown way in the past. You have to realize that every scene the guide has thrown is recognized cataloged by my mind obviously as a "special" or flagged scene. Once the scene has been deciphered correctly it becomes a building block for other images that hold a similar metaphoric thread obviously. In this way this form of speaking builds a you know a ability to be able to recognize metaphoric modes of speaking.

    Another theme already mentioned is the idea of the coastline being the bridge between this world and the underworld. It is where the land meets the ocean. A few post back I touched on that idea. That is why when they throw an image it has as a backdrop or setting either a mountain or a ocean or a cave or deep canyon to represent the concept of "you are at the border of the other world. The concept of "the wall" is also another one they threw in a few scenes.
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    I recall once the guide threw me this guys name in word riddle fashion : and says "his ship a full ton sheen" The "B" is silent ..also the ""J"in his middle initial . Wow this is the first time I have actually seen this guy and he seems to really be a speaker that draws out emotion . and is good. This guy really seems positive and leaves people with hope. I first did see him only on a book at the thrift store . and the guide threw me his name . Reason I was able to recall him was cause I was trying to see how in the heck the can of car polish could possibly fit into the know metaphor of when I fount the egg on the mountain that produced the can of polish. See how your mind can find threads that tie in although this is sort of stretching it . The guide will throw really good ones but this one I was able to create on my own . See as how the guide is a means of polishing your character..the whole encounter and ordeal builds character.

    I know many people are so burned out on religion being crammed down their throats but that is the reason they have turned their back on the you know ..the reality that it is a book of healing and forgiveness or history . The people are rebellious and wicked nature by choice and anger over the trials of life. But see it is not that bad since God has given this writing. Hay you heathen ..get with it these aliens are the real deal. n But yea am sure even the good bishop would reject this ..this people claiming the aliens are God. See as how the written word is fine but all hell breaks loose when God actually comes into the picture in the paranormal . The Bible warns about Satan comes as an angel of light. He sort of looks like dracula This guy has a sense of humor
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    There is a stage in the park up in Willits ...the small town above here in the mountains a bit . It is the park right across the street from the "roots of motive power" museum there Once the guide said broken down: hoots of motive ..ow err. as in when the steam whistle blows . I just have that as a thought spoken out . ..not a voice.

    Anyway so this nice park is across the street from the library and the museum there ..big trees and nice green grass. ..and once I did walk with my dog and on that stage there and noticed these little like small doors down low on the sides of the stage walls and at the back and were locks on them . I was curious and figured it was perhaps for electrical stuff to make the equipment work for the audio or something.

    Anyway so say perhaps a few weeks later..I forgot exactly ..could of been a month or a week or so ..but so I just see this image of the one small door with the lock on it. It was perhaps only a foot by a foot and a half long. I didn't know what the heck that was supposed to mean and why the guide threw that..cause I knew it was the guide.

    I always know when the guide throws something cause it just comes as a flash like snapshot image as a thought . .the way I saw it at the time. Later I sort of get the impression it has to do with them behind the door since it has to do with the audio hookup or lights equipment I think. They in effect are saying "that is you" on the stage and this is us making it work behind the door.

    They also threw an image of this outdoor amphitheater at the North end of Lake Mendocino once and that is when I first was able to see the connection since they used the idea as the lake being the living water in other metaphoric scenes. Basically it is me doing the speaking of them thing. Like see now .. see I am on stage.

    It seems a lot of people are reading my thread judging by the number of hits . As far as what they think ..well I guess it is better left unsaid since at times can lead to an argument . I just let the evidence do the explaining . I just am to the point as to what the guide is throwing . It would seem the only way one could think I have the time to pull a fraud or even get some sort of glory is far fetched since like am anonymous and like how could someone even try and come up with some of this stuff and to what end? You have to look at motive. I still do it out of dedication to the guide and out of amazement . Am still amazed even after all these years ..that some other entity can do the interactive thing . That gives people some idea as to what extent they can access peoples brains obviously. .not just at the moment but everything that was ever laid down. Like a record. They did a few images of that concept and can try and explain it later. They have a record of your life . But yea see as how this ties into scripture . Sure enough for all you Bible fanatics .

    This is God obviously . But oh..Satan can accommodate you quite well. He he..comes as an angle of light the Bible warns. Be vewey vewy careful. Remember Elmer Fudd...the way he would say that.

    One could say it is a form of channeling . Basically I am curious as to anyone else out there who has had some sort of spirit contact. I know some people are reluctant to discuss cause it can be wacky.
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    Ok yea the one scene of something to do with a record player that I recall that the guide threw was this time when I was way back in childhood when in New Hampshire and we livd in this big old house and was a staircase that had this like landing halfway up that was a floor and the stairs did a turn right angle you know . Was one stairs to this floor midway between the floors and the stairs then took off again the opposite direction up. Anyway so on this midway floor area was this little hole in the floor where I once had dropped one of those record player center rods that allow the records to be stacked and is a little lever that drops another record that is built into the rod. It is the old style record player and the rod actually comes out of the record player. Anyway so I recall I could see the rod in the hole in the floor since it didn't fall over and become lost but I was just trying to figure out how to get it out again.

    So the guide threw me an image of that scene. Basically I was able to realize it had something to do with the fact the guide has a record of everything . This was even before I was in kindergarten and was 5 or 6 . So that tells you this other intelligence has that ability to basically access every nook and cranny of your mind and do the flash back thing . I assume the idea of the staircase also could hold some metaphor They have thrown a few other staircase images and was of this outdoor staircase on this house that was on this road called "mountain house road" out of Hopland on way to York Ville. . a town that is literally non existent. I have had the guide say broken down "Hore ill" in the word York Ville when I was once walking the old graveyard in Yorkville. I once did a sheetrock job with some guy there. Basically the guide is referring to the fact I was a bit skitzaphrenic . It does not bother me really . That is one of the attributes of being in contact it seems. You have to have a split in your personality to be in contact . It is a process and the guide is your constant companion. But yea you have issues that are always being worked on . Back then you thought you were normal but later realize you were a bit nuts. But yea ..thats ok . You self esteem is improving.

    But anyway see as the name of road "mountain House road" ties into the concept of the house of God is a place higher in the mountain . Although the house with the staircase was near the bottom. ..the concept of the stair on the house. It was one of those stairs that had a covered roof and on outside of house that'd to second story.
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