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    Quote Originally Posted by Magfrey View Post


    Was wondering why I have to log in every time now. It seems I can't stay permanently logged in to the forum. I am glad that "this site is suspect of phishing " warning is gone

    There is a "time out" feature on the Forum.
    No activity for (approximately) an hour, and you will be logged out.
    Security feature for your benefit, should you walk away from the keyboard.
    It also helps limit how many simultaneous connections the server maintains. Fewer connections, and the forum runs faster.

    The Google "Deceptive Site" warning was simply due to running an older version of the Forum software.
    Never a true threat to members.
    Took awhile to get the update downloaded and installed, but we are current now.
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    Here are a few of the sayings I have had come and a day or so later I actually hear the saying on TV .

    behind the eight ball. when stars align , of mice and men, cinderella story

    The one saying "behind the eight ball " I had come when literally in the where house and was going outside to take a pee and I thought "OK" . like whatever. I did ponder it a bit . What is weird is that about a day later I did hear someone say that saying on TV . It was some like race show of motorcycles or something. Could of been some ultimate fighter interview . Ok so did hear the saying "when stars align " also..and literally could of been 24 hours later did hear that saying on some TV show. I have had the aliens throw me that saying before when some robbers came and rummaged through my old trailers looking for something to steal. They were after pot and anything valuable and they took a couple motorcycles that would of burned up in this massive fire storm a year later anyway so no big loss now... since everything burned anyway..but at the time it pissed me off these robbers were going through my junkyard. It actually was a help to get it together to move my stuff to the mountain. ..since the fire storm would of really burned a lot of old car fenders and stuff I had stored in these trailers. I was afraid the robbers would haul stuff away but the fire was a the real robber in the later stages. Anyway that was the first time I heard the saying "when stars align" and I took that to mean when stars align the bad stuff can happen . ..but so anyway I had heard that before once so metaphorically assumes it was a once in a blue moon type thing . Basically the guide threw me that saying recently and a day later I do hear it on TV.
    Ok so recently I was thinking of the whole thing and how what a just wild and crazy thing to be into..and was thinking of when the night they first came and I sort of disrobed as if to offer my body as a like living sacrifice or a morsel they could have. I recall it was as if I willingly was making myself available to them as if some other entity had taken over. to;bed in in as if a sex slave was willing to be used anyway was they desired. It was odd and was thinking of that and how it seemed it wasn't really me but some sort of mind controll . Then the thought something like "the Queens desire" came after that thought . I mean this was when driving back from getting nitrogen gas for bottling today . Literally was recalling back to 1993 when it happened . A bit later after that thought process and the response the guide gave....I have the thought "Cinderella story" and sort of was pondering that "OK" so what does that mean? Anyway so later tonight was watching the TV show on drag racing and I hear some guy say "it was a real Cinderella story" the way it has all come together " and whatnot...the guy is proud how he won the race . Then I recall that "again" I have this occurrence where some phrase seems to be repeated in the pretty near future..but
    within 12 to 24 hours about. They have done games like this before. using the time clue ridde thing that plays out. They have this ability to see over the horizon of time obviously . Some people attribute that to the term "syncronicity" ..a word coined by Jung I think. I did study him a bit and the aliens were messing with him and weather or not he attributed the syncronicity to that or a bit unsure. I believe either he didn't figure it out or was unwilling to claim it was done by spirit guides sine would be labeled a crackpot.

    Anyway this is getting too long and drawn out but the fact the aliens do these tricks is proof that the synchronistic event can unfold by the target clue that later plays out. One can call call it sheer chance but we know better when see the tricks .

    Ok one other amazing thing is every time I seem to look at this insignia on this box of these labels for wine bottles I have the thought "of mice and men" come. The logo says "MCC" and stands for "multi colored something or other . Am not sure what the other "C" means ..but about three or four times when my eyes glance that label logo on the box(and sometimes even a bit before I actually see it) the telepathic thought: "of mice and men" does come. At first I sort of pondered what the heck it should mean..and recall the John Steinbeck book called that and recall the movie and was this moron guy called Lenny I think and he liked to stroke this fuzzy rabbit or something . It was some pitiful scene. I never read the book. Am not sure what the story was about but was odd and tragic . I forget exactly. Am not sure what the big picture metwephoricaly the guide is getting at. I do know that everything can be tallied up in the end saying "that is you" . Am afraid to find out. Need to wait awhile on that and think about it.
    Wanted to say that this phenomena of reading some lettering on a sign is not new since was a game played early on where you would at times even have a telepathic thought come a brief moment "before" your eyes saw the sign and then when reading the lettering on the sign phrase..the telepathic thought given would only sort of fit the letters in that some of the letters seen would warrant the possibility of it being close..but the actual word phrase on the sign would be something totally different. What is weird is that the pre clue of the word would come a split second or more "before" your eyes read the sign. Like I said...but also can come right when at the "moment" the sign is viewed. It is just another game in their arsenal obviously. is this thing of throwing these cleshays cleyshay (how to spell? ) and you end up hearing it (by chance) later

    Okso again the guide today did throw this brief scene of the time I was at this rest in the searrias you know the California gold country and was this penstock like torch for water that is used for blowing the earth away using water . It is a big water pistol thing used for gold mining. They threw an image of that..and the brief "penstock" thought came with the brief image. I knew the guide was saying "pen" in the gold of the pen..the writing from the spirit . They were suggesting I write again about the stuff..since I was wanting to explain the stuff again. They seem to be saying it is the gold of the Gods in effect. The pen can deliver the gold. I can sense their drift since have been tutored a long time in getting their message. What is hard is trying to make it clear fore someone else to understand. LOL But like whatever. Basically one can see that the guide is intrinsically(that word just came) in sync with your psyche. That reminds me of that commercial that singing group seen on TV called "in Sync" singing " JG Wentworth" ..877 cash now. The guide is so one with you it is a extension your personality. As far as how the other world can do this is obviously open for speculation. It seems it is sort of like a computer override where another intelligence used the motherboard to what have you to .. hay am just giving the evidence is all . Am coming out of the stone age. . Ok so now we might be getting a glimpse of like how they speak to the ancients. Most people might not want to proclaim stuff they heard . But yea is a coo coo world
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    Another thing wanted to mention was that after this big fire that swept over the area and burned down everyones house and a bunch of my old airstream trailers and stuff ..but luckely where I was living survived since was in the big old ranch house. This fire really was a amazing destruction thing and literally obliterated a whole subdivision down the road totally every house and just some much carnage is amazing. Five people died in this area and have heard of a lot others died in other areas . Anyway I have had the spirit guide say a few times "its a real game changer" over the months that have been after the fire and I see all these army core of engineers and people cleaning up all the burned stuff . But is like the concept of fire from heaven in that "it is a real game changer literally for all these religious people but is nothing new really . You read all that stuff and is hard to believe anyway. But yea..the concept of fire is the real transformer for sure. It will never be the same again ever. That show on TV about crash and burn or something says that. It emphasizes "ever" as in never again it will be what it was. That is sort of like what it is what you get visited . It is like you are now dead to what you were before. I believe that is what slain in the spirit could be. Hay whatever. .it could be a really religious experience only some get to have. Am not sure.

    But yea..a lot of my old cars survived but are a bit warped and still good for rat rod material. Aluminum stuff all melted away though and have heard it turns to liquid at 1700 degrees. Cast iron stuff does pretty good but the glaze on bath tubs melts. Have seen some cast iron stuff begin to bend slightly . Old stoves do good unless got really hot they can warp. Every car tire lights up and all fiberglass crap and glass all shatters or becomes globs. Rocks often can crack. But when you think about it the fire is the great transformer . It has formed a lot of stuff to its present form. I actually was given a few dreams very early on about fire burning the mountain near hear when first visited..and also had this odd orange light that skittered across my ceiling on the very first night when they came. I can later try and find that writing. It had to do with the idea of fire obviously and being transformed. See back then I ws very dim witted in deciphering out what the heck it all meant..the way they were speaking in these symbolic forms , but se ..looking back it is then you can connect the dots.
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