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    See alternately it could be: leg owe my egg go or leg go my egg owe. Try and see the meaning when seeing the alien breeding program. They steal eggs to hatch creatures with legs. The egg goes . Other it says leg go egg owe. It owes. Recall awhile back I mentioned they threw me the time I was at this church and there was this girl at the back of the church and she had some pretty nice looking legs.. It seemed she was sort of showing them off. I remember that and anyway later the guide did throw me an image of that . ..the exact scene the way I saw it ..a snapshot image in time sort of recall. That is how the guide throws images. It can even be something I read and the guide will throw an imagoes what I imagined. The picture in my mind at the time. Anyway this is another example of leg /legacy/ and tied into the christian religion/God/church/breeding program. That is what the guide is stressing..the God of the Bible the fallen angels etc..It is in there in the holy book of Enoch has a lot of that ..the book was banned. The watchers is mentioned. So now we can see why that name. They literally watch and obviously interact. What do you think am writing about?

    Ok anyway another odd thing there is this ranch called Zini ranch this is a very old ranch and remote and with chestnuts and old zinfandel grapes. I did pass by it once coming back from,_California and is actually a old Indian trail and the Zini ranch is at the major springs area and Indian camp on the trail. Story goes the whole family got from eating bear meat and four of the kids died out of the family. This was back in early 1900 or perhaps pre 1900 ..anyway the guide kept throwing me that image of when I was there. I actually talked to the guy holding the box of grapes. I recognize him in that pic.

    Ok so anyway I could never figure out why the guide threw that..and later was thrown again a few times off and on and I finally just broke down the word "Trichinosis" and see :trick ah no sis . Ok so I can only get that as suggesting somehow is no sis/girl . Is a trick and the girl is not present. Somehow this ties into the alien breeding program? Like that is all I can figure. What is odd though is that the girl actually did live though but four out of five boys and the dad died. Something like that .The mom lived I think. I need to study it again ..perhaps is on the Facebook page. But so that is how random the guide will throw stuff. There is literally no other way I can make sense of why the guide would throw that. I know exactly if the guide throws something. I have no doubt when the guide throws something..anything. I can distinguish exactly if it is coming from my thought or from the other intelligence/guide/whatever one wants to call it. At times it seems it is a artificial intelligence but also seems a mind that has more ability then that perhaps. Have no idea but could be interpreted as the trichinosis did trick the family and the sis became nomore . but whatever the case. Reason I think it had to do with the alien breeding program is because they always stress that this is whats happening to me and obviously I never have seen a sis or girl. It is all just expressed in these various images. They keep stressing that some girl is involved with me ..but I have never seen her . That is why I sort of figure it is saying "this is you" you have been tricked and don't get to see the sis. Yea I know sounds weird. Is because it is. Like all these people claiming this interbreeding stuff eggs stolen and whatnot. It is not your "normal" marriage of this earth. There is no other person ..except in your mind . You just are told it is a reality is all. One thing about the Zini ranch is that obviously they are still there. Some lived..but some died.
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